If You See This Symbol on a Costco Price Tag, Stock up ASAP

Updated: Jun. 29, 2021

Keep an eye out for it on your next Costco shopping trip.

If you haven’t been graced by the ­­amazingness that is Costco and their prices, let me be the first to welcome you. Costco is known for providing the best bulk deals, especially with its Kirkland items. However, if there’s one thing you love to snag at Costco, you need to know about a symbol on the club’s price tags: an asterisk.

The symbol may be small, but unfortunately, it’s a sign of retail doom. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, the asterisk at Costco is a sign that the particular item won’t be restocked. Which means you need to stock up because it’s not going to come back for who knows how long!

Don’t Panic… Yet!

Although this item is soon to leave shelves, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Costco often keeps items on a rotating schedule, bringing back items that make sense for different seasons. The reasoning has to do with Costco’s low prices. By keeping their stock on rotation, they are able to keep prices lower for customers throughout the year. They only buy a limited amount of those rotating items and will warn customers that restocking won’t occur via a small asterisk on the price tag.

So if you see that sign, there’s always a sliver of hope that the item will be back on the shelf next year. However, it could also mean the last of this item ever seeing the light of day at Costco. If that’s the case, time to stock up!

By the way, if you ever see an asterisk on our best-value things to buy at Costco, go ahead and shop in bulk. They’re some of the best bargains we’ve found to date.

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