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    The Best Glass Storage Containers You Need ASAP

    It's time to make the switch from plastic to glass food storage containers. A professional chef explains why.

    How to Put on a Duvet Cover

    Once you learn how to put on a duvet cover with this simple trick, you'll never look back again!

    What You Need to Know About the Discoloration of Stainless Steel Due to Heat

    While it won't have any effect on your food, it can be unsightly and bothersome.

    Here’s Why You Always Crave Ginger Ale on Airplanes

    It’s strange that you always ask for ginger ale when on an airplane, but never when you’re on the ground....

    5 Things You Never Knew About ‘Fixer Upper’—Until Today

    The Fixer Upper show has all kinds of secrets!

    How to Throw a Super Bowl Party

    You can throw a legendary Super Bowl party—even when you're only watching for the commercials. Here's what to do!

    This Nifty Trick Will Humidify Your Home—Without a Humidifier

    No humidifier? No problem! Here's an easy fix.

    This Mop and Bucket Set Has Over 87,000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

    Amazon shoppers are OBSESSED with how easy it makes cleaning floors.

    10 Surprising Ways You Can Use Olive Oil Around the House

    When it comes to tackling your chores, olive oil really comes in handy.

    If You See White Film on Glassware, This Is What It Means

    Here's the simple science behind your cloudy glassware.

    Can I Put Aluminum Foil Balls in the Dryer to Reduce Static?

    Use aluminum foil for more than wrapping up leftovers. Put crumpled aluminum foil in the dryer to eliminate static!

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    5 Heating Myths You Should Probably Avoid

    We debunk some pretty common myths about what does and doesn't heat a house efficiently.

    25+ Wedding Registry Ideas for Engaged Couples

    These wedding registry ideas are gifts you will love long after you say "I do."

    Does Hanging Pennies in a Bag of Water Really Keep Flies Away?

    Not a fan of loose change? In the South, some people swear by using change in a bag of water...

    12 Pretty (and Practical!) Bathroom Organizing Products

    Refresh your space with these handy bathroom organization ideas. We found products for over the toilet, under the sink, in...

    People Are Obsessed With This Genius $12 KitchenAid Attachments Organizer

    It clears clutter and keeps your best KitchenAid attachments within reach at all times.

    This Is When to Replace Your Microwave’s Charcoal Filter

    You probably don't even know about this hidden microwave part! But if your kitchen often smells like yesterday's dinner, it...

    If You See Black Residue on Your Cast-Iron Skillet, This Is What It Means

    The black residue on a cast-iron pan isn't harmful, but it's not appealing either. Here's how to clean it up.

    Can You Bring Food on a Plane? TSA Rules You Need to Know

    Whether you want to bring snacks on your flight or take home edible souvenirs, knowing these TSA food rules will...

    4 Painting Tips You Need to Know, According to the Property Brothers

    Drew and Jonathan Scott have four simple painting tips to make DIY projects less messy.

    How to Clean an Air Fryer

    Ready to learn how to clean an air fryer? It's a lot easier than you might think! Just follow this...

    How to Get Rid of Pink Mold in the Shower

    Noticing strange pink steaks on your shower walls and floor? This pink mold is common and preventable—tackle it with our...

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    This Is Why You Should Put Aluminum Foil in Your Dishwasher

    Say goodbye to dull silverware with this TikTok hack!

    How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean One Minute at a Time

    Can you spare a minute if it means a clean kitchen?

    Where Does Candle Wax Go When You Burn a Candle?

    It looks like magic, but science can explain the disappearing act. Here's where candle wax goes after it melts.

    Here’s How to Clean Stainless Steel with Olive Oil

    You'll need a clean microfiber cloth, a fresh bottle of olive oil and some elbow grease!

    How to Fix Your Stinky Kitchen Trash Can with Baking Soda

    Use baking soda to absorb stinky odors and a touch of air freshener to keep the trash can fresh.

    This Is What Kids Leave for Santa on Christmas Eve Around the World

    Santa Claus receives lots of gifts of his own on Christmas Eve!