Grocery Store News: Aldi, Costco, Trader Joe's, Target & More

Is the grocery store is your home away from home? Check out the latest from your favorite supermarket and all the grocery store news you need to know.

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Yes, There’s a Sugar Shortage—Here’s What You Need to Know

Because of the sugar shortage, expect to see empty shelves (or higher prices) in the baking aisle.

This Is What Costco Receipt Checkers Are Really Looking For

Can Costco employees really check everything in your cart against a receipt that fast? Nope—here's what they're doing.

You Can Make a Costco Return Without a Receipt—Here’s How

Costco is making our lives easier once again.

There’s Only One Way to Use Coupons at Trader Joe’s—Here’s How

Trader Joe's never fails to surprise us—or help us save some cash—but can you use coupons at Trader Joe's too?

Dynamic Pricing: Which Stores Use It and How Does It Work?

You pay more for things based on when (and how) you buy them, thanks to a practice known as dynamic...

This Is Why You Should Buy Gift Cards from Costco

Are we surprised Costco is helping us save even more?

This Is Why Some People Get Free Flowers at Trader Joe’s

A fresh bouquet at no cost can be a refreshing surprise. Just don't expect one at every Trader Joe's.

Costco Is Selling a Whole Thanksgiving Dinner for $200, and It Will Feed 8 People

Costco Thanksgiving dinner sells out long before Turkey Day.

Aldi Advent Calendars Will Be Back in Stores on November 1

Aldi Advent calendars drop on November 1—and we expect the wine, beer and cheese calendars to sell out ASAP!

The Dangerous Reason You Shouldn’t Eat from a Dented Can

To stay on the safe side, don't ignore that dent. Here's what to know before you open a dented can.

This Mini Waffle Maker Is Flying Off the Shelf at Costco

Surprise your family on the holidays with the cutest themed breakfast from this Costco mini waffle maker.

If You See a Smiley Face on Your Costco Receipt, Here’s Why

It's a Costco tradition—but not at every store.

Trader Joe’s Just Brought Back a Beloved Fall Dessert and People Are Freaking Out

If you have never tried the Trader Joe's pumpkin kringle, now is the time! Hurry, because this limited seasonal offering...

Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Is Bringing Back ’90s Nostalgia

Is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza fit for a Ninja Turtle?

18 Best Snacks at Trader Joe’s Right Now

This Trader Joe's aficionado knows what snacks are the best of the best. It's time to stock up!

Can You Really Shop at Costco with a Gift Card But No Membership?

I tested the viral Costco gift card hack to see if it's too good to be true. But it worked...

I Tried Costco Sushi, and I’m Ready to Roll with It Again

Costco now sells sushi and sashimi it made right in the store. Is it worth battling crowds and long lines...

The 10 Best Things to Buy at Costco Right Now

There's nothing that brightens our day more than going for a well-deserved Costco run. Here's what to shop for!

Costco Is Cracking Down on Membership Card Sharing—and You Could Be Banned

Costco is verifying membership cards at self-checkout to prevent card sharing. Here's what we know.

Our Guide to Buying Groceries Online: 10 Places to Shop

If a busy schedule makes it hard for you to get to the store, it might be time to start...

These Are the Top 10 Most Wasted Foods

Nearly a third of Americans admit they’re likely to forget about leftovers. The most wasted foods may surprise you.

Target Joins Walmart in Charging for Bags and Customers Are Furious

It takes decades (sometimes centuries) for a single-use plastic bag to decompose, so Target decided to take a stand.

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Is It OK to Eat Groceries Before Paying?

There's a difference between sampling trail mix and opening a bag of chips.

The Real Reason Veggie Bags Have Green Stripes

Ever wonder why vegetable bags have green stripes? It's actually for a pretty interesting reason.

The Best Trader Joe’s Macarons, According to a Professional Baker

Trader Joe's macarons are perfect for everyday snacking or as a dinner-party dessert. We sampled eight flavors to find the...

Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards Results Are In!

Did your favorite goods win the gold in Trader Joe's Customer Choice Awards?

There’s a National Egg Shortage—Here’s What You Need to Know

Breaking news: You're going to be shelling out a lot more for eggs in the coming weeks and months due...

Here’s a List of Stores Open on Christmas Day 2023

If Santa finished your last carton of milk, have no fear—some stores are open Christmas Day 2023.