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With so many brands and products vying for your attention, it can be tricky to know what’s truly the best. Make shopping a breeze with our expert product recommendations that cover everything from cooking gadgets to pantry ingredients to patio furniture and more.

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      21 Essential Kitchen Tools Every Cook Should Have

      Setting up a new kitchen? Trying to pare down an overload of gadgets? Here are some essential kitchen tools that you'll actually use.

      These Are the Best Wine Glasses for Your Kitchen, According to Our Pros

      Whether you're pouring a rich merlot or a crisp pinot grigio, you'll want to use the best wine glasses.

      20 Products That Will Make You Want to Wash Dishes (Really!)

      These dishwashing gadgets and products will make you actually like doing the dish chores.

      We Tested 11 Brands: These Are the Best Hand Soap Options

      What's the best hand soap for your kitchen? We tested 11 popular brands and found the best antibacterial, moisturizing, natural...

      What Is a Roomba Cover and Why Do You Need One?

      A Roomba cover prevents robot vacuums from scratching baseboards and furniture legs. And some of them are pretty cute, too!

      How to Use a Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker for the Best Breakfast Ever

      Oh boy! Mornings just got a little sweeter. We’ll show you how to use a Mickey Mouse waffle maker to...

      14 Salt and Pepper Shakers We Love

      Salt and pepper shakers are a tabletop essential—read on for our favorite picks.

      19 Plant-Based Meat Brands Every Vegetarian Needs to Know

      If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, it can be tricky to find veggie versions of your favorite foods....

      10 Fall Hand Soap Scents Better Than a Trip to the Orchard

      Scrub your hands clean this season with these fall hand soaps. They'll fill your kitchen with scents of apple cider,...

      The Best Home and Kitchen Sales We’re Shopping This Week

      Don't miss this week's best home and kitchen sales. Save 40% on Le Creuset, 33% on a Taste of Home...

      The Internet Is Obsessed with This Over-the-Sink Drying Rack

      If you're low on kitchen counter space you're going to LOVE this over-the-sink drying rack.

      20+ Kitchen Signs for Any Style

      Every home cook will find a perfect piece of decor in our roundup of the best kitchen signs! Choose from...

      12 Gourd-geous Pumpkin Dishes for Fall

      Bring fall fun to the table with these adorable pumpkin dishes and mugs!

      We’re Obsessed with Seaweed Snacks, So We Found the Best Brands

      My family loves seaweed snacks so much, we decided to do a taste test. Here's a look at our decision-making...

      The 15 Best Frozen Foods You Can Buy at Trader Joe’s

      Just when you thought Trader Joe's couldn't get any better—you walk down the frozen food aisle. Here are the best...

      17 Spooky Halloween Decorations You’ll Want in Your Home

      Turning your home into a haunted house? These eerie items will bring the Halloween spirit without dipping into your candy...

      TikTok Is Obsessed with These Adjustable Measuring Spoons

      Adjustable measuring spoons will clear your kitchen drawers from clutter and help you bake more accurately!

      What’s the Best Soy Sauce? Our Test Kitchen Pros Found Out.

      Looking for the best soy sauce for your go-to recipes? Our Test Kitchen tested nine popular brands to find the...

      29 Kitchen and Home Labor Day Sales You Don’t Want to Miss

      Labor Day weekend is here, and the discounts are huge. Now's the time to save on the kitchen and home...

      10 Things Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kitchen WAY More Organized

      There's nothing more satisfying than a tidy kitchen! Take your kitchen organization to the next level with these affordable products.

      Test Kitchen-Preferred: The Best Products Chosen by Our Experts

      Want to know what products are the best when it comes to your pantry, kitchen and home? Our experts put...

      I Tried the NutriBullet Go Cordless Blender​ for Healthy Breakfasts on-the-Go

      The NutriBullet Go cordless blender makes mornings faster, healthier and easier to clean up after. Dump, blend, sip and go!

      14 Mexican Cooking Tools Every Home Chef Should Own

      Elevate your favorite dishes with beloved Mexican cookware, tools and utensils. We found must-have items straight from Abuela's kitchen.

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      15 Egg Tools Professional Cooks Actually Love

      Learn from the egg-sperts! Our Test Kitchen staff shares their favorite egg tools and equipment just for you.

      Disney’s Storybook Advent Calendars Are BACK for 2021

      Ready to deck the halls? Here's how to preorder a Disney storybook Advent calendar!

      The Best Dish Drying Rack, According to Our Test Kitchen

      Doing dishes by hand? You need the best dish drying rack to keep your dinnerware in order after a good...

      25 Gifts for People Who Love Fall

      Celebrate the season with these delightful fall gifts. They're perfect for gifting to friends and family members—or keeping for yourself!

      The Very Best Butter Brands According to Our Test Kitchen Experts

      Serious bakers, we know you want the very best butter for your recipes. We tested the most popular brands to...

      10 Kitchen Drawer Organizers You Need to Have

      Cluttered drawers got you down? Find a perfect spot for every gadget, utensil and tool with these unique kitchen drawer...