Whether you’re a jetsetter or an armchair traveler, you need to know about the best places to eat in America and beyond. Get our road trip tips here, too.

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    Here’s Why You Always Crave Ginger Ale on Airplanes

    It’s strange that you always ask for ginger ale when on an airplane, but never when you’re on the ground. Don't worry, there's a reason behind your craving.

    Can You Bring Food on a Plane? TSA Rules You Need to Know

    Whether you want to bring snacks on your flight or take home edible souvenirs, knowing these TSA food rules will...

    The Craziest New Year’s Eve Food Drops Across the Country

    Sure, New York has the ball drop in Times Square, but you've probably never heard of these food drops across...

    20 Disney World Secrets You’ll Want to Know

    We're spilling the tea on Disney secrets that make its Orlando parks the Most Magical Place on Earth.

    What Hotel Buffets Look Like Now, Since the Beginning of the Pandemic

    Plated meals, increased reliance on waitstaff and higher costs may become the new normal for this popular hotel staple.

    This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World

    Have you noticed that Disney World, despite being in Florida, seems to be virtually mosquito-free?

    The Best Deli in Every State

    We found the best deli in every state, based on reviews and hat tips from our Community Cooks. Here's...

    The Best Place to Go Apple Picking in Every State

    Consider this your (apple) bucket list. From family-fun farms to orchards growing the juiciest heirloom apples, these are the best...

    How to Set Up Your House Before Leaving for Summer Vacation

    Securing your home while you're away doesn't just mean locking your doors and windows. Make sure you take these steps...

    Here’s Why You Should Always Turn Off Your Bathroom Fan Before You Leave for Vaca...

    Leaving the fan on for an extended period of time can cause dangerous wear to the motor, experts say.

    12 Disney Parks Copycat Recipes

    The happiest place on earth... is in your kitchen.

    Here’s How the Disney Parks Are Celebrating Walt Disney World’s 50th Annive...

    Disney World's anniversary is going to be magical, of course!

    Disneyland Just Canceled Its Annual Pass Program—Here’s What We Know

    Disney might be the most magical place on earth, but for some fans, that magic is on hold right now.

    14 Travel Gifts for Anyone That Has Major Wanderlust

    You don't have to tour the world to gift them something they'll love! These travel gifts are must-haves for any...

    This Map Shows the BEST Coffee Cities Across America

    Here's where to find happy coffee lovers across the country.

    Starbucks at Disney Is Selling a Caramel Apple Delight—and It’s Perfect for Fall

    The only Starbucks making a Caramel Apple Delight is at Disney!

    The Best Local Ice Cream Shop In Every State

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice the best local ice cream shops across the country!

    The Best Mexican Restaurant in Every State

    Holy guacamole! From authentic taquerias to quirky cantinas, here's where to find the best Mexican restaurant in all 50 states...

    20 Frozen Treats from Around the World

    From gelato in Italy to halo-halo in the Philippines, here's the scoop on the most refreshing frozen treats from around...

    14 Best Socially Distanced Weekend Trips for Fall

    Looking for the perfect getaway? Enjoy all that America has to offer at these stunning spots where you can avoid...

    The Best Cheese Shop in Every State

    Have your cheese graters, slicers and spades at the ready—we've rounded up the best cheese shop in every state.

    You Can Watch All These Disney Performances from Your Couch

    Wish you could spend time at the happiest place on Earth? Here are eight prerecorded Disney performances you can watch...

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    Disney Has a Peter Pan-Inspired Dole Whip Float, Complete with a Chocolate Feather

    This is no ordinary Dole whip! Find out what goes into Disney's Peter Pan Dole whip float.

    The Brand-New White Limozeen Rooftop Bar in Nashville Is Inspired By Dolly Parton

    The White Limozeen Rooftop Bar in Nashville is pretty in pink and inspired by Dolly Parton—here's your personal tour!

    Cinderella’s Castle Is Getting a Royal Makeover, and the Magical Work Is Nearly C...

    The Disney landmark will sparkle in the sunlight, thanks to sapphire dusting and gold accents. It sounds magical!

    Why You Should Take a Picture of Your Stove Before Vacation

    This will help put your anxieties to rest.

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    7 Ways to Keep Your Plants Alive When You’re Away

    Going on vacation and worried about your home garden? Here are 7 simple tips to make sure your plants stay...

    7 Foods You Should Avoid Before Flying

    Keep stomach issues at bay when you're in the air by avoiding these potentially troublesome foods.