The Best Cheese Shop in Every State

Updated: Feb. 23, 2024

Have your cheese graters, slicers and spades at the ready—we've rounded up the best cheese shop in every state.

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Say CHEESE! Here’s a state-by-state guide to America’s best cheese shops, including delis, dairy farms, markets and even a cheesy place to rest your head in Kentucky. (It’s a brie & brie.) In some places, the competition to be the “best” is hotter than a habanero Havarti.

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Belle Chevre, Elkmont


Belle Chevre, Elkmont

Bagel lovers should get to know Belle Chevre, a creamery that whips up spreads in flavors like fig, honey and coffee—all made from goat milk. Stop by the shop, housed in a reimagined century-old cotton warehouse, for a tasting and tour.

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Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese, Anchorage

Build your cheese vocabulary—far beyond “cheddar” and “Swiss”—at Fromagio’s Artisan Cheese, a shop that also offers classes. Learn history and flavors in Cheese 101, or take your taste buds on a spin around the globe (well, at least to Spain, Italy and France) in Taste of Place.

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Milk n’ More, Tempe

Sink your teeth into fresh curds and simultaneously support local farmers. Milk n’ More is on the campus of the United Dairymen of Arizona and stocks the cooperative’s full line of cheeses. Grab spicy supplies and make double jack mac and Tex-Mex cheesesteaks at home.

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Sweet Freedom Cheese
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Sweet Freedom Cheese, Bentonville

Let freedom ring! Especially when it’s the sound of the cash register tallying up your purchase at Sweet Freedom Cheese, a cut-to-order spot inside the South Market Food Hall. Satisfy your dairy desires, plus ask the expert on duty for a perfect beer or wine pairing.

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Petaluma Creamery, Petaluma


Petaluma Creamery, Petaluma

America has wine trails, a pizza trail and even a Buffalo chicken wing trail, but gouda gourmands will be most impressed by Sonoma County’s cheese trail. There you’ll find Petaluma Creamery, a go-to shop for Asiago, Monterey and three-year aged cheddar to match the area’s award-winning wine. Bonus: the creamery also serves ice cream.

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Truffle Cheese Shop
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Truffle Cheese Shop, Denver

Journey to Europe without picking up your passport. Truffle Cheese Shop has served small-batch artisan cheese and charcuterie from across the Atlantic for the past 20 years. You’ll also find fresh baguettes, French butter, olive oils and vinegars at this outpost with global goods.

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Gooey grilled cheese sandwich
via Bleu Squid Breakfast & Bakery Cafe/Facebook


Bleu Squid, Mystic

Cheese and wine shops go hand in hand, but a bakery combo is less common. That’s what makes Bleu Squid, a cafe where you can match your queso with a cupcake, so special. Peruse the grilled cheese menu, then use the Squid’s mix of sweet and savory as inspiration to prepare an apple-white cheddar grilled cheese at home.

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Cheese Chalet, Wilmington


Cheese Chalet, Wilmington

Spanish Manchego, English Stilton and Danish blue—Cheese Chalet has it all. This shop and restaurant also dishes up plenty of entrees smothered in gooey goodness, like chicken enchiladas and meat lasagna. Can’t get enough? Order a cheese and fruit tray to go.

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La Femme du Fromage, Orlando


La Femme du Fromage, Orlando

Naturally a city that’s known for a certain mouse would have exceptional cheese. La Femme du Fromage is essentially an amusement park for your taste buds. Order cheese and charcuterie boards or feast on Le Grand Fromage, a grilled cheese sandwich with prosciutto on garlic bread that’s been hailed the best in Orlando.

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Cheeses & Mary, Milton


Cheeses & Mary, Milton

Devout dairy lovers in Georgia flock to Cheeses & Mary, where sampling the shop’s artisanal eats—sourced from local purveyors—is somewhat of a sacred experience. Order a party platter for your last, er, next supper, or gather supplies from the store and build your own cheese board.

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Naked Cow Dairy Farm & Creamery, Waianae


Naked Cow Dairy Farm & Creamery, Waianae

Say “aloha” to cheese the Hawaiian way. Naked Cow, the only dairy farm on Oahu, depends solely on feed grown in the state, such as grass, pineapple and macadamia nut by-products. The flavors here have plenty of island influence, too. Kona Buzz, for example, is made with local honey, Hanapepe pink salt from Kauai and Kona coffee.

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Ballard Cheese
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Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese, Gooding

Fetching some feta comes with an animal meet ‘n greet at Ballard Family Dairy & Cheese, where you can take a tour and get up close to the property’s cows. In addition to feta, grab some award-winning truffle cheddar and Danish pearl gouda. Buy a surplus and you can bake apple-gouda pigs in a blanket when you get home.

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Caputo Cheese
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Caputo Cheese Market, Melrose Park

Caputo Cheese Market has been making Italian-style wheels and slices since 1978. And while the shop has an old-school appreciation for formaggio (psst… that’s cheese in Italian), they’re also rolling with the times. Their latest? Elevated Cow—a fresh mozzarella that’s infused with CBD.

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Oh Mamma's
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Oh Mama’s On the Avenue, South Bend

A cheese shop that doubles as a deli means you don’t have to wait until you get home to sink your teeth into cave-aged blues. At Oh Mama’s On The Avenue, order a cheesemonger’s plate to eat onsite. If you’re still hungry, try a triple-cheese pressed sandwich and follow that up with a cheese tower for dessert.

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The Cheese Shop of Des Moines, Des Moines
via The Cheese Shop of Des Moines/Facebook


The Cheese Shop of Des Moines, Des Moines

Here’s a club for the culturally curious—dairy cultures, that is. The Cheese Shop of Des Moines offers seasonal selects sent to your doorstep each month. But stop in the shop and there’s plenty to tempt your palate in person. The sandwich menu will inspire you to get creative—with, say, tuna artichoke melts—at home.

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Alma Creamery
via Alma Creamery/Facebook


Alma Creamery, Alma

If you were to road trip from coast to coast in search of the most irresistible curds across the country, Alma Creamery, which has been around since 1946, would be a must-stop spot. The curds here are so satisfyingly squeaky, they should be declared a national treasure. (Not from the Midwest? Here’s why cheese curds are squeaky.)

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Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Austin


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, Austin

The nibbles at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese are so un-brie-lievable (sorry), you’ll never want to leave. And you don’t have to… at least for a day or two. This 350-acre dairy farm has Airbnb apartments, so you can get a real feel for the cheesemonger’s life. Visit with cows, enjoy the countryside and, yes, eat loads of cheese.

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St. James Cheese Company - Uptown
via St. James Cheese Company - Uptown/Facebook


St. James Cheese Company, New Orleans

Forget Bourbon Street. The real action in the Big Easy is on Tchoupitoulas and Prytania Streets—that’s where you’ll find the two locations for St. James Cheese Company. Buy hunks of Taleggio, sign up for a cheese-of-the-month club or grab ingredients for a cheese-centric recipe, such as baked spaghetti.

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The Cheese Iron, Scarborough

Like watching a flower bloom or catching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, visitors to The Cheese Iron can peep the cheese maturation process in the shop’s onsite cave. Is there anything more stunning than mozzarella metamorphosis? Also pleasing: the selection of over 200 domestic and international kinds of queso here.

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Cheese Galore and More
via Cheese Galore and More/Facebook


Cheese Galore & More, Baltimore

Buttermilk, cranberry, mango ginger—those are just a few of the blues you’ll find at Cheese Galore & More, a Cross Street Market shop that really takes the “galore” part to heart. As for the “more,” take your pick of homemade crostinis and French baguettes baked daily.

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Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge


Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge

How do you like them Alpines? This Boston-area shop—with two sister spots nearby, plus one in NYC—has truly delectable Gruyere Reserve Aged Swiss Alpine Cheese. Formaggio Kitchen also has over 40 years of experience, plus owners that have covered thousands of miles visiting cheese makers across the US and Europe to source the very best artisanal eats.

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Frankenmuth Cheese Haus
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Frankenmuth Cheese Haus, Frankenmuth

There’s no missing Frankenmuth Cheese Haus, with its chalet-style building and oversized wedge with a cartoon mouse out front. This entire Bavarian-themed town is a road tripper’s dream and the Haus is a haven for anyone hankering for Havarti, Swiss, cheddar and even chocolate cheese.

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St. Paul Cheese Shop, St. Paul


St. Paul Cheese Shop, St. Paul

Let a pilgrimage to St. Paul Cheese Shop inspire your next culinary adventure. There, you’ll find cut-to-order cheese, meats and gourmet grocery products, plus ooey-gooey-gotta-lick-your-fingers melts. Afterward, you may even dive grater-first into the cheese recipes we crave the most.

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MAFES Sales Store
via MAFES Sales Store/Facebook


MAFES Sales Store, Starkville

Walk across Mississippi State University’s campus and you’ll find more than school spirit. The agricultural department churns out cheese, a tradition that dates back to the 1930s. You can buy a “cannon ball” of MSU’s beloved Edam cheese at the MAFES (Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station) Sales Store in the Herzer Food Science Building.

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The Better Cheddar
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The Better Cheddar, Kansas City

Learn to pair with purpose at The Better Cheddar, a shop that’s been around since 1983 and has expanded to two locations. Here, you can take classes in mixing cheese with chocolate, wine, beer and even French holidays (as in Bastille Day). Keep your eye on the calendar and your belly filled with cheddar.

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Flathead Lake Cheese, Polson


Flathead Lake Cheese, Polson

Gaga for gouda? You’ll be in good company at Flathead Lake Cheese, a bright-yellow creamery just a couple blocks off Main Street. Pick from seven different kinds of housemade gouda, including Buckshot (flavored with black peppercorns) and Galiki (loaded with garlic). Buy extra and work your way through our favorite gouda cheese recipes.

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Osceola Cheese, Co.
via Osceola Cheese, Co./Facebook


Osceola Cheese, Osceola

Aged to perfection, Osceola Cheese has been around since 1944. And as many years as they have in the biz, they have even more varieties of cheese on their chilled-out shelves—over 275 total. Of course they’ve got the fancy stuff (we’re looking at you, Gruyere), but the string cheese here gets rave reviews, too.

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Valley Cheese and Wine
via Valley Cheese and Wine/Facebook


Valley Cheese and Wine, Henderson

Even Sin City gets a slice of dairy heaven. Valley Cheese and Wine in Henderson is the area’s go-to spot for cheese and charcuterie boards. Plus, the owners moved to Nevada from Paris, so they certainly know their way around wedges of Roquefort, Beaufort and other French selections.

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Harman's Cheese & Country Store
via Harman's Cheese & Country Store/Facebook

New Hampshire

Harman’s Cheese & Country Store, Sugar Hill

Are you on a cheese diet? We’re only partly kidding. First, zip over to Harman’s Cheese & Country Store, who claims to have “the best cheddar in the world” (hard to argue with a place that’s been cheese wheeling and dealing since 1955). Then, use your haul on a handful of these recipes that don’t skimp on cheese.

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The Cheese Cave, Red Bank

New Jersey

The Cheese Cave, Red Bank

Make like you’re a superhero and escape to The Cheese Cave! Your superpower will be sussing out a deal, as each Friday tastings here are only $5. Your kryptonite? Not getting extras to take home with you, but fear not—you’ll save 15% when you purchase any of Friday’s featured cheeses.

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Tully's Italian Deli
via Tully's Italian Deli/Facebook

New Mexico

Tully’s Italian Deli & Meats, Albuquerque

Meat may be in the name, but make no mistake, this spot has plenty of cheese as well. At Tully’s Italian Deli & Meats, the Parmigiano Reggiano, Locatelli Romano and Fontinella are all imported right from Italy. And don’t “fuhgettaboutit” when it comes to adding cheese-and-wine sausage to your order, too.

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Murray's Cheese
via Murray's Cheese/Facebook

New York

Murray’s Cheese, New York City

If there were a cheese hall of fame, Murray’s Cheese would deserve a wing, or at the very least, a few busts carved out of Brie. This iconic emporium got its start with a Jewish veteran of the Spanish Civil War back in 1940 in NYC’s Greenwich Village. Today, Murray’s products can be found in shops across the country.

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Orrman's Cheese Shop
via Orrman's Cheese Shop/Facebook

North Carolina

Orrman’s Cheese Shop, Charlotte

Ever feasted on raclette—the old-world dish from the Alps that involves melting cheeses on stones by the fire? You can get it at Orrman’s Cheese Shop, an outpost at the 7th Street Public Market with over 100 varieties to satiate the modern-day monger. In the meantime, brush up on even more dairy history with these amazing facts about cheese.

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Pinch & Pour
via Pinch & Pour/Facebook

North Dakota

Pinch & Pour, Fargo

Pinch & Pour will also give you plenty of reasons to slice and nibble, as they’ve got an impressive selection of cheese, in addition to olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Checkout their “Cheese 101” class for a primer or a refresher on everybody’s favorite subject.

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Grandpa's Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolates
via Grandpa's Cheesebarn & Sweeties Chocolates/Facebook


Grandpa’s Cheesebarn, Ashland

Grandpa’s Cheesebarn is precisely the name needed to sum up the joy this place brings. Who wouldn’t get giddy at the sight of wheels of maple bacon cheddar and tubs of roasted homemade pineapple habanero spread? Psst… they have homemade chocolate pizza, too.

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Swan Bros. Dairy, Claremore


Swan Bros. Dairy, Claremore

You could call Swan Bros. Dairy a farm-to-cheese-board operation. Buy your japaleño curds in the store on the same property as the cows milked to make them. This is also a great place to stock up for all your Colby cheese recipes. That’s the first fromage that turned Swan Bros. from simply a milk purveyor to a cheesemonger, too.

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Cheese Bar
via Cheese Bar/Facebook


Cheese Bar, Portland

Imagine a world where the most notable vice is excessive cheese consumption. “Hey barkeep, slice me another Manchego. It’s been a long day.” It seems somewhat plausible at Cheese Bar in Portland, a city where a dairy dreamland is suitably quirky. You’ll also find craft beer, wine and cider here, but imbibing in the hard stuff (as in cheese) is where it’s at.

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Di Bruno Brothers, Philadelphia

Taking the trophy for largest selection we’ve seen yet, Di Bruno Brothers packs more than 500 cheese varieties into each of its Philadelphia-area stores. The brand got its start in 1939 when three brothers emigrated to the US from Italy, eventually setting the groundwork for what’s now an empire of cheese, cured meats, olives, oils and pasta.

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Edgewood Cheese Shop and Eatery
via Edgewood Cheese Shop and Eatery/Facebook

Rhode Island

Edgewood Cheese Shop and Eatery, Cranston

Edgewood Cheese Shop and Eatery reminds us that one of the most delicious things you can do with cheese is combine it with fig jam. But be forewarned of a likely flavor explosion. Taste for yourself with the shop’s roast beef and brie with fig jam sandwich. Or, whip up some fig jam of your own and experiment at home.

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via goat.sheep.cow./Facebook

South Carolina

Goat. Sheep. Cow., Charleston

Like clubgoers eagerly awaiting the latest hot spot in town, Goat. Sheep. Cow. draws a crowd. But the dairy devotees here line up around noon, not midnight. That’s because the cheese shop, with two Charleston locations, releases a daily lunchtime sandwich, with the flavors of the day breaking on social media.

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South Dakota

Cheese World, Sioux Falls

Add another planet to the solar system. The creamy offerings at Cheese World are so enticing, the place practically has a gravitational pull of its own. If you’re not too busy updating NASA on the latest astronomical findings, enroll in online M&C University, which is a database of drool-inducing macaroni and cheese recipes.

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Bleu Fox Cheese Shop, Chattanooga


Bleu Fox Cheese Shop, Chattanooga

Hop on the Chattanooga choo choo with a one-way ticket to cheddar town, aka Bleu Fox Cheese Shop. This family-owned grocery store will satisfy your sweet, savory and salty tooth with its off-the-rind offerings. Load up on olives, jams, honey and crackers, too, for an “All a-cheese-board!”

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Antonelli's Cheese Shop
via Antonelli's Cheese Shop/Facebook


Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Austin

Keep Austin weird, but keep the wide selection of dairy delights at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop an ordinary occurrence. In keeping with the city’s creative spirit, however, the husband-wife duo behind Antonelli’s do make an effort to present their nibbles in new ways. For example, to celebrate the release of buttery Black Betty, the shop hosted a black-light silent disco party.

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Beehive Cheese
via Beehive Cheese/Facebook


Beehive Cheese, Uintah

We’ve already mentioned a hypothetical cheese hall of fame, but now we’re imagining a cheese olympics—oh wait, that does exist and Beehive Cheese came home with some medals. At the 2016 World Cheese Awards in London, Beehive won for its Barely Buzzed (a hard cheese rubbed with lavender and espresso), Apple Walnut Smoked and Promontory Cheddar.

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Cabot Farmers’ Store, Waterbury Center

Vermont is a small but mighty state when it comes to dairy production. Here you’ll find the home of Cabot, a cheese brand that’s now gobbled up across the country. The Cabot Farmers’ Store, about a five-minute drive from the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, stocks all the label’s artisanal cheese, plus Vermont microbrews and hard ciders.

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Cheesetique Del Ray
via Cheesetique Del Ray/Facebook


Cheesetique, Alexandria

Head to a boutique to stock your closet, hop over to Cheesetique to fill your cupboard. This shop/restaurant/wine cellar has hundreds of cheeses, as well as accompaniments and tools to help you get creative at home. Let their cheesemongers be your cheese mentors as you dive into recipes for cheese spreads, dips, balls and more.

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Twin Sisters Creamery, Ferndale


Twin Sisters Creamery, Ferndale

The Pacific Northwest has a rep for being moody, in both its weather and music. Might we suggest taking out your blues in your cheese? Fortunately, Ferndale’s Twin Sisters Creamery—created by a husband-and-wife team and inspired by their daughters, specializes in making blues. But you’ll find additional varieties, as well as meats, jams and other fixings, at their shop.

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West Virginia

Fleur de Lis Cheese Shop, Berkeley Springs

Experience pairing to perfection at Fleur de Lis Cheese Shop, which specializes in custom-made cheese and charcuterie plates, plus boutique wines. Order a combo, such as the French Kiss (brie with dried fruits, bonbons and petit toast). Then, practice the art of mixing yourself in a wine-and-cheese class at the shop.

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Fromagination, Madison


Fromagination, Madison

Woo-wee! Declaring a “best” in Wisconsin, a state where the citizens refer to themselves as “cheeseheads” and don wedges on their heads to sporting events, is incredibly tough. There truly are no losers in America’s Dairyland, but we’re going to tip our Swiss top hat to Fromagination. Here, the shop’s owner, Ken Monteleone, refers to himself as a creative director and remains committed to carrying on Wisconsin’s tasty heritage.

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Jackson Hole Grocer & Cafe, Jackson


Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe, Jackson

This boutique market has a wide variety of both domestic and international cheeses, plus staff that knows their way around a creamy or crumbly wedge. Swing by Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe for a nutty alpine variety, paired with a local bottle of pinot. That may be just what you need after a day on the slopes or an afternoon hike.