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Learn how to cook with step-by-step guides from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen. Our experts will walk you through the techniques you need to master must-try dishes and desserts.

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    How to Make Lemon Icebox Cake

    As refreshing as it is easy to make, this lemon icebox cake will become a family favorite.

    How to Make Copycat Olive Garden Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara Just Like the Original

    This copycat Olive Garden chicken and shrimp carbonara will bring the tasty goodness of the original straight to your kitchen.

    I Tried Ina Garten’s Pomegranate Spritzer and I’m Drinking It For the Rest ...

    Once again, Ina Garten has impressed us with a simple yet sophisticated recipe.

    The Best Butter Pecan Ice Cream Sandwiches You’ll Ever Make

    These homemade butter pecan ice cream sandwiches are a perfect pairing for the dog days of summer!

    4 Ways to Remove the Silk from Corn

    Love corn but hate those pesky strings? Here's how to remove the silk from corn on the cob.

    How to Decrystallize Honey the Easy Way

    If your honey's gone grainy and thick, don't toss it out! It's easy to restore honey to a smooth, pourable...

    Here’s How to Remove a Peach Pit with Pliers

    Less waste means more peach to enjoy!

    How to Make a Cherry Dump Cake with Only 5 Ingredients

    No mixing bowl? No problem! With this cherry dump cake recipe, you'll still have dessert on the table in no...

    How to Make Copycat Chick-fil-A Sauce

    This simple Chick-fil-A sauce recipe calls for only four ingredients—and tastes exactly like the chain's secret sauce.

    How to Make Baked Chips

    Skip the store-bought potato chips and make these better-for-you baked chips at home!

    You Can Order JFK’s Wedding Cake for Dessert—Here’s How

    Take a bite out of presidential history! Here's how to get JFK's wedding cake shipped straight to your door.

    The Best Cracker Barrel Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Copycat Recipe

    Learn how to make a spot-on copycat version of Cracker Barrel broccoli cheddar chicken with this simple recipe.

    How to Make 2-Ingredient Garlic Confit

    This garlic confit recipe is easy as can be—and you'll look like a star in the kitchen to boot!

    How to Make Dill Pickle Potato Chips

    You won't be able to stop eating these salty, tangy and crunchy homemade dill pickle potato chips.

    I Made 4-Ingredient “Magic Cake” and It’s the Perfect Light and Fluff...

    This popular magic cake has three distinct layers, and it only requires four ingredients to pull it off. Here's how...

    How to Make Copycat Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup

    This quick Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup is best when served with homemade breadsticks!

    People Are Making Ice Cream with Coffee Creamer—Here’s the Simple Recipe

    This coffee creamer ice cream uses only one ingredient!

    This Is the Chicken Katsu Recipe That People Can’t Stop Making

    It's the crispy fried chicken of your dreams.

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    How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds, Step by Step

    Don't throw away those pumpkin seeds! Roasted pumpkin seeds are an easy, healthy snack your family will love. Here's how...

    How to Make Deviled Egg Potato Salad

    This is a simple yet flavorful side dish recipe that will satisfy your taste buds!

    How to Make a Copycat Chipotle Guacamole Recipe

    Holy guacamole! Learn how to make the best copycat Chipotle guac recipe with six simple ingredients.

    I Made Cottage Cheese Biscuits with a Recipe from 1958 (and I’ll Make Them Again ...

    Do these retro cottage cheese biscuits stand the test of time?

    How to Make 3-Ingredient Strawberry Cloud Cake

    Everybody will be asking how you pulled off this clever cloud cake recipe!

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    How to Pick the Best Blueberries

    This quick primer explains how to pick blueberries—plus gardener's tips for washing, storing and freezing blueberries.

    I Made This No-Bake Pudding Cheesecake from 1972 and This Vintage Dessert Is Ready for ...

    This retro no-bake cheesecake stirs a surprising ingredient into the batter: pudding mix! Turns out, the addition is ingenious. Learn...

    How to Make Dill Pickle Pasta Salad

    This pickle pasta salad is creamy and full of tangy flavor!

    How to Hold a Knife the Right Way

    Learn how to hold a knife so you can get the right mince, dice, chop and chiffonade on your ingredients....

    How to Pick Raspberries That Are Perfectly Ripe

    Raspberries are the delicate princesses of berries. If you learn how to pick ripe raspberries, you'll be rewarded with taste...

    How to Make Amish Potato Salad

    This subtly sweet-and-tangy potato salad is a delicious change of pace from the classic.