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These new food trends have us drooling—and you will be, too. Find all your new favorites, from street food trends to food truck trends, here first.

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    This Viral Tortilla Toaster Hack Is the Solution to Your Tex Mex Cravings

    With just a flour tortilla and a toaster, you can make the perfect pocket for all your favorite fixings.

    What Exactly Is in Store-Bought Chicken Stock?

    We know there's a difference between homemade and store-bought chicken broth, but have you ever wondered what companies are using...

    We Made the Viral Lasagna Soup Everyone Is Obsessed With

    Do yourself a favor and try this wonderful one-pot pasta recipe for lasagna soup that the internet is buzzing about.

    Why You Need to Add Instant Pudding to Your Dessert Recipes ASAP

    High-end pastry chefs are finally admitting they use the same instant pudding mix that's been a home baking secret for...

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    We Made the Viral One-Pot French Onion Pasta Recipe That Everyone Loves

    This winter's pasta recipe of the moment is inspired by French onion soup. We're obsessed with how rich and creamy—and...

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    This 2-Ingredient Strawberry Fudge Is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

    Get ready for the sweetest holiday with this perfectly pink, adorable treat!

    These Are the Most Expensive Fast-Food Chains Due to Inflation

    Wendy's and Chick-fil-A are among fast-food chains with the highest price hike this past year. But some favorite items have...

    How to Make a Banana Sandwich Like a True Southerner

    If you've never eaten a banana sandwich, did you even grow up in the South?

    Kimchi Grilled Cheese Is Trending—And We’re Obsessed

    Adding kimchi to grilled cheese will literally change your life. Here's how to do it.

    You Can Snag One of These Super Limited Super Bowl Snack Scented Candles—Here’s How

    Here's how you can win a limited-edition candles scented buffalo wing, ranch dressing, potato chip and french onion dip.

    These Air Fryer Bagel Chips Are the Latest Viral Snack We Can’t Get Enough Of

    Will I be making a million of these for my upcoming Super Bowl plans? I think so!

    We Tried Tom Hanks’ Champagne Diet Coke Cocktail, and It’s The Real Thing

    Run, Forrest, run—straight to the bar, to mix up this cocktail from the acclaimed actor.

    How to Fix Wilted Lettuce

    This shocking trick promises to revive even the droopiest lettuce.

    Mars Just Unveiled Three New Ice Cream Flavors—Here’s What We Thought

    You can now enjoy iconic M&M, Twix and Dove candies in ice cream form.

    What Is Vodka Butter? Plus How to Make This Trendy Spread

    This lush, easy-to-make recipe is a great first bite to serve at parties and gatherings

    What Is a Low-Proof Cocktail and How Do You Make One?

    Want to cut down on booze without giving it up entirely? Try these low proof suggestions for tasty drinks without...

    The Girl Scouts Just Welcomed a Brand-New Cookie for 2023

    The new Girl Scout Cookie we've been waiting for is finally here!

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    These 2-Ingredient Dr. Pepper Cupcakes Are Going Viral (and for Good Reason)

    Soda and cake mix are all you need to make these delicious cupcakes. Don't knock it til you've tried it!

    How to Store Cake in Your Fridge Quickly and Easily

    This genius hack will have your cake ready to serve whenever you want it!

    There’s a National Egg Shortage—Here’s What You Need to Know

    Breaking news: You're going to be shelling out a lot more for eggs in the coming weeks and months due...

    What Is a Baked Salad? Plus Tips for How to Make Your Own

    Salads with baked vegetables are all the rage—especially this super healthy one with cabbage and kale

    What Is Wagyu Beef Tallow and Why Is It So Popular?

    If you're the type of person who loves to save bacon fat or lard to cook with later, we have...

    What Is No Joe January? Why You Should Consider Giving Up Coffee in January

    People are giving up coffee for a host of reasons this month. Here's what you need to know.

    What Is a Kir Royale and How Do You Make It?

    Emily in Paris fans have made this classic sparkling wine cocktail the drink of the moment.

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    What Is a Damascus Chef Knife, and Why Do I Need One?

    A Damascus chef knife will transform your kitchen from everyday to gourmet.

    Caviar Is Becoming the Next Big Snack—And We’re Intrigued

    Once considered a luxury food item, caviar is now casually served on chips for decadent snacking

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    What Is a Ritz Torte? The Appalachian Dessert You’ll Be Obsessed With

    This torte is a delicious and easy-to-bake dessert calling for Ritz crackers, pecans, and Cool Whip.

    The Most Popular Christmas Cookies by State, According to Google

    In 2022, gingerbread and peanut butter blossom cookies are the reigning favorites, followed by international treats like Italian and Mexican...

    This Genius Hack Will Keep Your Holiday Ham from Drying Out

    Slice up the juiciest ham this holiday with this extremely easy trick that'll teach you how to keep ham from...