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    This Recipe for 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins Only Calls for Canned Pumpkin and Cake Mix

    This 2-ingredient recipe makes the best pumpkin muffins, and it's so simple!

    How to Peel Butternut Squash Using the Microwave Trick

    The secret: You have to microwave your squash.

    McDonald’s Is Saying Goodbye to Its Iconic McFlurry Spoon

    The hotly-debated McFlurry spoons will be phased out.

    If Your Halloween Candy Is More Expensive This Year, Here’s Why

    The price of Halloween candy is looking downright…scary.

    Beef Prices Keep Going Up—Here’s Why

    Here's why beef is so expensive right now, plus tips for coping with rising beef prices at the store.

    How to Make Spooky Halloween Treat Bags

    Halloween glove treat bags make handing out candy to trick-or-treaters easy and spooky-cute.

    Ice Wine: The Ultimate Explainer Guide

    Heard about ice wine and are curious to know more? A sommelier explains everything you need to know.

    Visit Stars Hollow with Luke’s Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe from Gilmore Girls

    You need to make Luke's pumpkin pancakes for your next Gilmore Girls marathon.

    How to Make Shakshuka Breakfast Soup with Toast and Eggs

    This dish can look very different from one table to the next. Here's our take on breakfast soup, inspired by...

    Costco Is Selling a Whole Thanksgiving Dinner for $200, and It Will Feed 8 People

    Costco Thanksgiving dinner sells out long before Turkey Day.

    How to Make Easy DIY Pumpkin Candleholders

    This fall simple craft is budget-friendly, too.

    We Need This Fall Twist On an Aperol Spritz Right Now

    The classic orange-hued summer cocktail is getting a viral makeover for fall.

    Aldi Advent Calendars Will Be Back in Stores on November 1

    Aldi Advent calendars drop on November 1—and we expect the wine, beer and cheese calendars to sell out ASAP!

    4 Cinnabon Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

    Is that an Oreo crumble we spy? You're not going to get over these lavish Cinnabon Secret Menu items.

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    We Made Ina Garten’s Easy Risotto, and It’s Really As Simple As She Says

    Leave it to Ina Garten to find a way to make easy risotto.

    How to Make Pie Crust Cookies

    Calling all bakers! Here's how to make pie crust cookies for a light, flaky treat. (Yes, you can use dough...

    We Ordered All 8 McDonald’s Sauces to Find the Best One

    I used to be overwhelmed by the number McDonald's sauces on the menu. Then I ordered every single one so...

    What Is Fermented Garlic Honey and Can It Help During Flu Season?

    Fermented garlic honey is a health remedy that happens to be delicious. Learn how to use it and store it...

    How to Make a Maple Old-Fashioned, the Only Drink You Need Right Now

    This maple old-fashioned is the perfect fireside cocktail.

    Mama Kelce’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Is All We Need for Game Day

    It's me, hi, I'm the Mama Kelce cookie recipe, it's me.

    7 Pumpkin Carving Hacks You Need to Know

    These hacks come from everyone's favorite grandmother, Babs Costello, so you know they're genius.

    Super Sparkly ‘Monster Mash Mimosas’ Are Perfect for Halloween

    This recipe is bound to be a graveyard smash!

    Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies Have Been Discontinued for 2024

    Fans rallied for Raspberry Rally, but that wasn't enough to save this Girl Scout Cookie.