How to Make Spooky Halloween Treat Bags

Updated: Oct. 26, 2023

Halloween glove treat bags make handing out candy to trick-or-treaters easy and spooky-cute.

Trick or treat! Halloween, the spookiest (and arguably most candy-filled) day of the year, is quickly approaching. While we’re busy carving pumpkins and conjuring up TikTok Halloween recipes, we haven’t forgotten about the sweetest All Hallows’ Eve activity: trick-or-treating!

The history of trick-or-treating has evolved, but the ghostly holiday has remained an estimated 2,000-year-old staple. Today, still full of the lore of ghouls and ghosts, many get as into the Halloween spirit as possible (and for good reason!). We happen to have the perfect way for you to amp up your trick-or-treat goodies this year.

Look no further than hand-shaped Halloween treat bags. Yup, these eerie (yet amazing) bags are undoubtedly Sanderson sister approved. Here’s how you can make them for a festive touch when handing out any Halloween candy.

What are Halloween glove treat bags?

These Halloween treat bags satisfy the best of spooky and sweet tooth worlds. Hauntingly shaped like a hand, these bags (made from disposable gloves) are full of the most popular Halloween candy. They’re incredibly easy to make and to give out as goodie bags at parties or to trick-or-treaters (so there’s no fighting over who gets what candy!) You don’t even need to be an expert DIYer to make these glove bags.

How to Make Halloween Glove Treat Bags

An internet success, the idea behind these bags has over 207,000 likes on Facebook from user Terrica Jackson. These bags are so simple to put together, it’s almost like casting a spell. Here’s how to make them:

What You’ll Need

  • Disposable gloves
  • Rolls of Smarties
  • A handful of Halloween candy
  • Colorful string or ribbon


Step 1: Lay out glove and fill finger compartments with Smarties

First, take a clear, disposable glove and lie it flat or hold it (whichever is easier) to fill each finger compartment with individual Smarties packets. Slide them to the end of each finger until they are securely in place. Do they not already resemble witches fingers!?

Step 2: Fill rest of the glove with Halloween candy

From there, take any of your favorite Halloween candy and fill the remaining space of the glove (aka, the palm of the hand) with it. In our example, we use Starbursts, Snickers, Twix, Hershey’s, Kit Kats and Reese’s; but you can use any candy you prefer.

Step 3: Tie end of glove with ribbon or string

Finally, after your glove is full of candy and resembles a hand, use scissors to cut a piece of short string or festive ribbon. Grab the end of the plastic glove and hold it shut while you tie the ribbon around it to make sure no candy spills out.

Done, it’s that simple! Trick-or-treaters will adore these spooky hands. They’re just the tip of the iceberg of easy (yet effective) DIY Halloween ideas.