14 Halloween Punch Recipes to Share with Your Ghouls

Updated: Nov. 16, 2023

It's time to break out the cauldron for these Halloween punch recipes.

Witches brew punch with pick your poison sign; Halloween partyTMB Studio

Looking to scare up a good cocktail or mocktail to share? These Halloween punch recipes are just right for serving at your costume party. Made with fall ingredients and occasionally spiked with some devilish spirits, these batch drinks will slake any witch’s thirst.

For best results, serve up a cauldron of your favorite punch with Halloween-themed snacks and scary good sweet treats.

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Blood Orange Punch

Want to scare up a good time at your Halloween party? This vibrant punch uses cranberry juice and blood orange soda to get its signature color. If you’re hosting adults only at your haunted mansion, add a splash of vodka to this mix.
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Ghoul Punch

This punch is easy to conjure up in your kitchen. Combine fruit punch, lemon-lime soda and raspberry sherbet together in your go-to cauldron.
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Mad Scientist Punch

This elixir is one of our favorite Halloween punch recipes. It’s filled with fruit flavor thanks to pineapple juice, orange juice and sherbet.
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Yoda Soda

It takes only three ingredients to create this Star Wars-inspired punch. Instead of vanilla ice cream, try it with lime sherbet for a tropical twist.
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Butterscotch Mulled Cider

Break out your slow cooker for this simple punch! It combines the warm seasonal flavors of butterscotch, apple cider and cinnamon.
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Warm Cider Cranberry Punch

After raking leaves, picking pumpkins and scaring up a good time outside, come in and enjoy this warm punch. It’s made with cranberry juice, cider and lemonade all spiced with cinnamon, cloves and allspice. It’s just the cup you want to cozy up to after being out in the chill.
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Wormy Orange Punch

We checked our grimoire—gummy worms are totally necessary when making this fun and festive punch.
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Witches’ Brew

This is one of our most bewitching Halloween punch recipes. This sharable sipper combines kiwi, mint, ginger ale and vodka to create a wonderful potion your guests will love.
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Apple Cider Smash

Looking for a punch to serve up at your monster mash? Try this cider smash made with apples, brandy, sparkling cider and a splash of bourbon.
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We’re taking a hint from the witches and wizards of the Harry Potter universe for this drink. Our butterbeer recipe makes enough to share (four 6-ounce servings) and can be easily doubled or tripled to serve your entire house—be it Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

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Halloween Punch

Looking for Halloween punch recipes that will serve your whole pumpkin patch? This is it! This vibrant orange sipper makes 24 servings—perfect for quenching the thirst of all your little goblins after trick-or-treat.
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Chilean Monkey Tail Punch

This batch cocktail has a bit of an unusual name—one that’s perfect for this strange time of year. This Chilean sipper is creamy and spicy—with the kick of pisco (or brandy if you prefer). It’s great for adults coming in from the cold and looking to warm up with a spooky tale on Netflix.
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Cranberry Cherry Punch

We looked into our crystal ball and saw that you’ll be making this easy punch in the near future. With cherry, lemon and cranberry flavors, it’s wonderfully tart.
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Pumpkin Sangria

What screams Halloween more than pumpkin? This sangria gets a gourd-eous makeover thanks to a can of pumpkin and plenty of warm, fall spices.