35 Punch Recipes for a Swinging Shindig

Prepare to dazzle your guests with these punch recipes at your next big gathering. We have everything here from fruity punches to champagne bowls. Get ready to sparkle!

You can never go wrong with a great punch! Whether you’re looking for boozy punches for the holidays or something more refreshing like fruity concoctions, we’ve got you covered. From Christmas recipes to spooky Halloween punch recipes to a kid-friendly punch or two, you will be sure to find a crowd-pleaser here.

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Topsy-Turvy Sangria

The perfect balance between sweet and tart, this red wine sangria is sure to please. Swap the peach and strawberries for apples and pears when fall rolls around.
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Quick White Sangria

Using white wine makes this version of sangria a little lighter, yet it still has the same wonderful sweetness. It tastes best with fresh fruit, but you can still use frozen peaches and strawberries to enjoy year round.
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Salty Dog Sangria

Grapefruit vodka, ginger ale, grapefruit juice, a little wine and simple syrup make this recipe a real winner. It turns out to be a perfectly refreshing and beautiful punch recipe fit for any holiday or special gathering.

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Citrus & White Grape Juice Party Punch

White grape juice and lemonade makes this punch perfect for a party! If you want to spend even less time in the kitchen, you can mix the first four ingredients ahead of time, refrigerate and add the soda right before serving.
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Minty Tea Punch

This refreshing homemade punch will knock it out of the park every time. Plus, the tea will give everyone an extra pep in their step.
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Rainbow Spritzer

Layers of colorful fruit submerged in a fizzy, sweet beverage make this a kid-friendly sipper that gets two thumbs-up.
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Sparkling Punch

What’s better than regular punch? Sparkling punch! This colorful beverage is beautiful as it is delicious.
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Blood Orange Punch

This tangy punch is festive, refreshing and so easy to make. We recommend using frozen orange juice ice cubes instead of instead of plain ice cubes.
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Banana Brunch Punch

This banana punch is ideal for brunch to give you an extra pep in your step. It’s nice to serve a crisp beverage like this that’s way more fun than plain juice. With bananas, orange juice and lemonade, it can add tropical flair to cold and dreary day.
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Strawberry Cooler

This sparkling punch will quench your thirst on hot summer days. It’s great to bring to a party or potluck when there’s a need for a fun and refreshing drink.
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Rhubarb Citrus Punch

This tropical tasting punch will add a summer breeze to every gathering you bring it. The combo of rhubarb and citrus make this a real winner.
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Cranberry Fizz

With just five basic ingredients, this punch couldn’t be easier to make. Plus, everyone will love the sparkling aspect of this recipe!
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Celebration Punch

This pretty fruit punch has just the right amount of sweetness and zing to it. Plus, the ice ring keeps it cool for hours without diluting the flavor.
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Orange-Apricot Mimosa Punch

You truly can’t ever go wrong with mimosas. But this recipe really knocks it out of the park. With apricot flavors, this mimosa has a tropical flair to it.
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Pretty Pink Punch

This refreshing punch is convenient because you can make it ahead of time and just add the ginger ale just before serving.
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Peach Champagne

This is the ultimate punch recipe of summer. It’s fruity and sweet thanks to the peaches and the champagne adds a nice sparkle to it.
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Chilean Monkey Tail Punch

Coffee and spirits make up this sweet chilled drink that will be sure to get you energized and excited for the holidays. Cheers!
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Champagne Party Punch

You can’t have a party without champagne! To make this punch even more festive, float an ice ring in the punch.
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Raspberry Refresher

This recipe explodes with raspberry flavor! It’s a wonderful summertime treat and berry lovers will be coming back for more.
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Fruited Punch

This fruit punch may seem simple, but it tastes delectable. Thanks to the pineapple juice, tea and fresh strawberries, it’s sweet and pleasing on the eyes too.
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Holiday Wassail Punch

This festive and fruity punch is made with five kinds of juices plus cinnamon and allspice for a beautifully well-balanced flavor.
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Citrus Punch

This zesty punch is a refreshing addition to any gathering. You can easily double the recipe if you’re bringing this to a potluck or gathering.
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Pirate Punch

The nice tang to this punch, crowned by foamy topping, makes it a very refreshing drink. Children love it too!
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Rhubarb Punch

Thanks to the tartness of the rhubarb, this punch is perfectly sippable. Plus, it’s a stunning color that will excite anyone who sees it.
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Bubbly Champagne Punch

This champagne punch is a elegant drink that’s perfect for special events like weddings or anniversaries.
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Spiced Cider Punch

Say goodbye to regular cider and hello to this chai-inspired twist on basic spiced cider punch. This punch is great cold or hot!
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Cranberry Fruit Punch

This punch is perfect for people who don’t want to consume anything too sweet. The cranberry adds a wonderful tartness to the beverage.
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Witches’ Brew

Witch’s brew will satisfy all the parents after a day of trick-or-treating with the kids. Plus, you can’t resist that green spooky color.
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Pineapple Rum Punch

This lovely punch is a great way to wind down after a hard day of work. The pineapple adds just the right amount of sweetness. Feel free to serve without the rum for delicious mock-tails.
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Mixed Berry Sangria

This punch is light and berrylicious! Everyone will gulp this lovely beverage up. Plus, it’s shockingly easy to whip up in minutes.
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Slow-Cooker Christmas Punch

Why not indulge in a warm ruby red punch for winter parties? The cinnamon and Red Hots give it that cozy spiced flavor perfect for cooler days or nights.
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Strawberry Cooler

This strawberry cooler drink is a crowd winner because it’s sparkling and refreshing. It’s ideal for the summertime when you need something more special than just a juice.
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Picnic Fruit Punch

This pink cooler is deliciously thirst-quenching on a hot and humid day. Discover the bubbly blend that includes cranberry, pineapple, orange and lemon juices.
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Brandy Slush

This slush with a hint of citrus keeps you cool on hot summer days. Even if you’re not a tea lover, you’ll likely find the mix of flavors pleasing.
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Mulled Wine

This mulled wine is soothing and satisfying with a delightful blend of spices warmed to perfection. Refrigerating the wine mixture overnight allows the flavors to blend, so don’t omit this essential step.

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