Punch Recipes

What’s a celebration without some punch recipes? Serve your guests one of these party punch recipes including nonalcoholic and alcoholic recipes.

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    Simple Punch Recipes for Your Next Party

    Everyone will be clinking glasses when you serve these simple punch recipes at your next party, holiday or family gathering. From bubbly champagne punch to a cool raspberry refresher to tangy cranberry fizz, there’s a flavor to please everyone.

    Ocean Punch

    2 reviews

    This berry ocean water punch is refreshing and not overly sweet. Use your favorite Kool-Aid mix to switch up the...

    Mixed Berry Punch

    Kids love this Kool-Aid tropical punch! It's a tasty way for them to quench their thirst after playing outside at...

    Yoda Soda

    It takes only three ingredients to create this jazzed-up Yoda soda punch. Instead of vanilla ice cream, try it with...

    Citrus & White Grape Juice Party Punch

    I was looking for a drink that wouldn't stain expensive prom dresses and tuxedos. Everyone loved this white grape juice...

    25 Fun Punch Recipes for Kids

    You'll be the life of the party when you ladle up these fruity and fizzy punch recipes for kids.

    Chilean Monkey Tail Punch

    1 review

    Stories vary surrounding the origins of this punch's unique name. Some say it was initially served in a bottle depicting...

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    21 Baby Shower Punch Recipes That Will Wow Expecting Parents

    When planning a menu for your baby shower, punch is a must-have. Enjoy these fruity, fizzy and alcohol-free options.

    Scarlet Sipper

    1 review

    This sweet, tart and slightly fizzy drink is a favorite for gatherings at our church. The bright color sets a...

    Bourbon Punch

    Orange and cranberry form the base of this incredibly smooth holiday punch, hitting just the right seasonal note. Feel free...

    Festive Cranberry Colada

    I had to do a lot of coaxing to get this recipe from a chef I knew, but my persistence...

    Elf Party Punch

    When friends of mine got married, I absolutely loved the punch they served—but they wouldn’t give out the recipe! We...

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    Get Vacation in a Glass with This Pineapple Rum Punch Recipe

    Pineapple rum drinks are musts for hot days and amazing pool parties. We'll show you our favorite pineapple rum punch...

    Summertime Watermelon Punch for a Crowd

    I attended a patio party years ago where the hostess had a clever watermelon “bowl” with a scalloped edge and...

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    How to Make Our Easy Vodka Punch

    Looking for vodka punch recipes for your next party? Look no further! This easy punch is fresh, fruity and refreshing....

    20 Pretty Easter Punch Recipes

    Fill that vintage punch bowl with one of our pretty Easter punches that's sure to send dinner over the top.

    25 Christmas Punch Recipes Perfect for the Holidays

    These punch recipes bring good, old-fashioned fun to any Christmas party. Whether your shindig is all-ages or just for grown-ups,...

    Pink Champagne Sangria

    Pink champagne mixed with grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice and mint simple syrup makes the perfect drink for any party. —Becky...

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    Salty Dog Sangria

    Mix up grapefruit vodka, ginger ale, grapefruit juice, a little wine and simple syrup and what do you get? A...

    Lemony Fruit Cooler

    This punch looks so pretty with all the colorful fruit floating in the bowl. It has a refreshing taste and...

    Citrus Cooler

    —Carol Hemker, Phenix City, Alabama

    Warm Spiced Cider Punch

    3 reviews

    This is a nice warm-up punch. I like to serve it when there is a nip in the air. The...

    Sparkling Citrus Punch

    1 review

    People always come back for seconds of this refreshing punch. It has added the crowning touch to many of our...

    Cider Wassail Punch

    2 reviews

    Cinnamon, cloves, apple cider and cranberry juice blend together to create a wonderful drink with an aroma to match. If...

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    New Year’s Punch

    Our family toasts to the New Year with this sparkling beverage. I've also prepared it for spring luncheons and bridal...

    Warm Christmas Punch

    10 reviews

    Red Hot candies add rich color and spiciness to this festive punch, and the cranberry juice gives it a little...

    Cappuccino Punch

    5 reviews

    When I tried this punch at a friend's wedding shower, I had to have the recipe. Guests will eagerly gather...

    Grape Punch

    2 reviews

    With its beautiful purple color, fruity flavor and fun fizz, this punch always prompts requests for refills. I serve it...

    Holiday Wassail

    2 reviews

    Nothing tastes like Christmas quite like a cup of this warm wassail. —Lucy Meyring, Walden, Colorado

    Banana Brunch Punch

    4 reviews

    <b>A cold glass of refreshing punch really brightens a brunch. It's</B> nice to serve a crisp beverage like this that's...