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You Can Now Make Cocktails with Smoked Ice—Here’s How

Smoky cocktails are popular, but have you ever tried smoked ice? It's easy and adds zing to your drink.

How to Grow Strawberries from Seed

Have fresh strawberries? You can use seeds from the fruit to grow strawberry plants. Here's what to do!

If You Find a Spotted Lanternfly in Your Yard, This Is What to Do

The spotted lanternfly is invasive—and it's taking over in the U.S. Here's how to get rid of this pest and...

I Tried the Ooni Pizza Oven—And Backyard Pizza Nights Will Never Be the Same

Since I've owned the Ooni pizza oven, we've barely ordered takeout. Homemade pies are just so much better! Here's everything...

10 Best Fire Pits for Every Backyard

These top-rated fire pits instantly turn ordinary yards into neighborhood hot spots.

We Tried a Spark Grill: The Grill That Combines the Best of Charcoal and Gas

Love charcoal but hate the mess? Love the ease of propane but can't stand using gas? A Spark Grill might...

How to Use Wine Bottles to Water Plants While You’re on Vacation

This DIY wine bottle plant waterer is genius!

How to Take Care of Succulents, Inside or Outdoors

Don't stress, but succulents do require a little bit of care. Here's how much to water succulents, and how to...

Bring the Beach to Your Garden with a Rare Dolphin Succulent

Swim right over to this dolphin succulent plant. These dolphin succulents will make a splash with your other favorite houseplants.

Why Are My Hydrangeas Not Blooming?

This can be frustrating for a gardener of any skill level. Here's how to understand the problem—and fix it.

How to Repot a Plant the Right Way, According to a Viral Video

Every plant parent should know how to repot a plant.

How to Pick the Best Blueberries

This quick primer explains how to pick blueberries—plus gardener's tips for washing, storing and freezing blueberries.

How to Pick Raspberries That Are Perfectly Ripe

Raspberries are the delicate princesses of berries. If you learn how to pick ripe raspberries, you'll be rewarded with taste...

15 Toxic Plants You May Already Have at Home

When it comes to houseplants, sometimes the beautiful can be itchy—or deadly.

How to Grow Strawberries Inside and Out

Learning how to grow strawberries is within reach, regardless of space and expertise.

Everything You Need to Know About Pruning Pepper Plants

This simple trick can help pepper plants bear more fruit.

13 Best Mulch Tips and Tricks

From hauling mulch to picking the right type for your garden, this collection of tips and tricks will improve your...

11 Succulents That Will Attract Pollinators

Succulents provide food and nectar for pollinators. Watch a bee, butterfly or bird land on a succulent and witness a...

How to Make Compost at Home to Enrich Your Garden

Here's everything you need to know about how to make compost at home.

Why Are Some Trees Painted White?

This paint has a purpose! It's often used to protect saplings.

How to Use Hot Pepper Spray for Plants in Your Garden

The rabbits love your garden as much as you do! This hot pepper spray for plants is a safe, cheap...

What I Wish I Knew Before Planting My Succulent Garden

The key to a happy succulent garden is thoughtful planning and preparation.

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Growing Kalanchoe Indoors and Out

A popular houseplant, kalanchoe boasts long-lasting flowers and interesting foliage. Get tips for growing kalanchoe indoors and out.

These Color-Changing Peonies Will Light Up Your Garden

You've never seen peonies like this before.

20 Best Grill Accessories You Need at Your Station

It's time to get outside (and get cooking!) with the best grill accessories and gadgets.

This Easy S’mores Board Is Perfect for Summer Nights

Your s'mores board really only needs three ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

32 Flower Meanings, from Aster to Zinnia

Learn these flower meanings before you send a bouquet. (Better safe than sorry!)