The Charcuterie Ice Platter Every Outdoor Celebration Needs

Updated: Jan. 16, 2024

Because no one likes warm meats and cheeses that have been sitting out all day. Here's why we love this versatile ice platter for every gathering.

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Charcuterie Ice PlatterMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

If there’s one thing most Taste of Home editors have in common, it’s our love for charcuterie boards. I mean, our culinary experts and editors even created a book all about Boards, Platters & More—that’s how deep our love goes.

But despite our love for all things cheese boards, there’s one hiccup that’s hard to avoid: How do you keep a charcuterie board chilled during the entire party? After spending precious money on artisan meats and cheeses to craft your board, the last thing you want is for the gouda to be too warm to serve.

The answer to this common problem? A charcuterie ice platter with a separate compartment for ice so meats, cheeses and baked goods never go past their prime.

What is a charcuterie ice platter?

Charcuterie Ice Platter before and after fillingMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

A charcuterie ice platter is a two-piece enclosed tray complete with an interior compartment for serving cheese board accoutrements over ice. Plus, it comes with three tongs for guests to pick their goodies without getting their fingers all over your beautiful creation. The enclosed tray is clear and BPA-free, while a rectangular interior tray, which sits directly over ice, is easily removable to prep your appetizer before transporting it to the party.

When it’s time to serve, simply pour ice in the bottom, place the rectangular serving tray on top and close the platter lid to keep it away from the elements until guests are ready to dive in. Pro tip: Reviewers note that small ice cubes are ideal to ensure the rectangular tray fits on top.

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Why I Love It

Charcuterie Ice PlatterMadi Koetting/Taste of Home

It’s official: You simply can’t have a summer charcuterie board without this ice platter that keeps food concealed from bugs, heat and beyond. Even if you prefer to order your cheese board, it still needs protection from the summer heat whether you’re hosting a barbecue or simply relaxing outside on the patio.

What I especially love about this ice platter is its versatility. At-home sushi platter night? Serving cake or baked goods at an outdoor birthday party? Every food creation needs an easy-to-transport ice platter to keep treats perfectly chilled all day long. After all, who likes warm meats and cheeses that have been sitting out for too long?

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

Five-star reviewer, Rosemary Hartnett, says, “I like that you can put ice in the bottom and fill the tray with cold food and it will stay cold longer. It is great for a party outside because you can close the lid to keep bugs out and people can see what is inside. After purchasing the first one and using it, I bought three more. Love it!”
“Great quality,” shares verified Amazon reviewer, Lexi H. “If you put the ice in the bottom, they have to be very small cubes. Otherwise, it works great. I used this for meats and cheeses and it kept them chilled and covered at the same time during a hot summer party outside. I had many people ask me about it.”

Where to Buy a Charcuterie Ice Platter

Charcuterie Ice Plattervia merchant

Score this genius charcuterie ice platter (or two) on Amazon for $40 before your next outdoor party. With ample room for keeping entire charcuterie creations, baked goods or appetizers chilled for hours, it’s one of the best finds for hosting an outdoor baby shower, bridal shower or tailgate. What will you serve on it first?

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