Whether you’re a gardening novice or you have a natural green thumb, there’s always more to learn about growing and harvesting vegetables, herbs, flowers and more.

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    How to Propagate Succulents from a Cutting, Leaf or Pup

    Ready to grow your collection of houseplants? Learn how to propagate succulents to create brand-new plants for free.

    How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter in Two Days

    For a healthy spring landscape, spend a fall weekend preparing your garden for winter. It's easy with our straightforward, how-to...

    How To Close Down Your Vegetable Garden for the Winter

    While fall winds down, there's still some garden winterization to do. Here's how to handle your final harvest, plus tips...

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    7 Perennials You Should Divide in the Fall

    Get more plants for less by dividing perennials at the right time.

    Do Bees Need Water in Winter?

    We're bee-lovers here! Learn how to help thirsty bees in winter so pollinators make it through to spring.

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    10 Perennials You Should Cut Back Every Fall (And 5 to Let Be)

    Winterizing your garden includes trimming back some perennials and leaving others until spring. Our experts tell you what to do...

    Here’s Where to Find Festive Glass Gem Corn

    These seeds aren't just gorgeous—they also make tasty homemade popcorn.

    How to Identify and Fix Common Vegetable Garden Problems and Pests

    You spend all summer tending your garden, waiting for that perfect harvest. But plenty of common vegetable garden problems and...

    Everything You Need to Know About When to Plant Peonies

    This guide explains what you need to know about when to plant peonies—plus, we're sharing the peonies that people can't...

    These Red Double Tulips Are Our No. 1 Pick for Fall Planting

    A fiery cross between a peony and tulip? We're planting it across our whole yard!

    Why Do Tomatoes Split? Here’s Your Answer, Plus How to Prevent It

    No matter how knowledgeable the vegetable gardener, everyone has asked "Why do tomatoes split?" at least once in their gardening...

    This Is Why Some People Put Netting Over Trees

    Have you noticed this around your neighborhood?

    7 Types of Hydrangeas for Multi-Season Interest

    Your garden needs good bones all year long. Use these types of hydrangeas to add interesting shape and colorful structure...

    How to Grow a Chinese Lantern Plant—the Mesmerizing Bloom You Need in Your Garden

    Few plants are as easy to grow as Chinese lantern. They ask for little, but deliver a splash of late-season...

    How to Deadhead Hydrangeas, According to an Expert

    Deadheading hydrangeas is a cinch with these pro tips.

    Myths and Facts About Butterfly Host Plants

    It takes more than nectar to increase the variety of species in your garden. Learn about butterfly host plants and...

    How to Plant a Moon Garden for a Dazzling Midnight Display

    It's easy to plant an out-of-this-world moon garden. Here's what to do!

    Why Is There Mold on My Houseplant Soil and How Do I Fix It?

    White, fuzzy growths can appear at the base of your plant seemingly overnight. Salvage your houseplant and prevent moldy soil...

    6 Plants That Attract Dragonflies

    Some of the most beautiful of garden bugs, skimmer dragonflies eat pest insects, making them great additions to your garden.

    16 Succulent Pots Our Stylists Love

    Show off that aloe and agave! These succulent pots and planters chosen by our very own stylists dress up your...

    What You Need to Know About the White Stuff on Your Mulch

    Don't let the icky appearance deceive you—that white stuff on mulch can be beneficial to your landscape.

    6 Ways You Can Help Save the Bees

    Help the declining pollinator population and become a bee champion.

    If Your Grass is Turning White, This is What it Means

    If it looks like someone sprinkled flour or baby powder over your grass, chances are good that your lawn has...

    How to Read a Seed Packet or Plant Tag to Help Your Garden Grow

    Beyond the pretty photo, do you know what all that plant information really means? Learn how to read a seed...

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    Here’s What Makes Cucumbers Bitter—and How to Fix It

    Here's the science behind that bitter cucumber taste.

    What Are Spider Mites and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

    Often hard to detect, tiny plant-corrosive spider mites are pests you don't want in your garden, window box or home.

    How to Grow Zucchini in Your Backyard Garden

    Zucchini is a fun, fast-growing vegetable to have in the garden! Learn how to grow zucchini with tips from a...

    12 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Tomato Garden

    Having fresh tomatoes at the ready is one of the summer's great joys. But your tomato gardening technique could be...

    How to Care for Hydrangeas: 7 Things You Need to Know

    Here's a closer look at how to care for hydrangeas, including tips on where and how to plant them.

    12 Mistakes You May Be Making with Fresh Basil

    Fresh basil is one of the most beloved herbs for good reason—it's easy to grow and makes an amazing addition...