Farm Fresh Herbs Right in Your Kitchen—AeroGarden Smart Gardens Are More Than 50% Off

Updated: May 12, 2023

"Water" you waiting for? Now's the perfect time to start an indoor hydroponic garden to save on groceries. They also make one of the best Father's Day gifts.

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Aerogarden Sprout KitVIA MERCHANT

Calling mixologists, home chefs and anyone who loves a little flavor in their life: this AeroGarden sale from Amazon has indoor smart gardens for over 50% off! AeroGarden’s selection of compact indoor gardens makes it so simple for anyone to grow fresh herbs and veggies year-round with the use of seed pods. We’re already fans of these hydroponic gardens—just check out our review of the AeroGarden Farm 12.

As someone who has the opposite of a green thumb, these water-only gardens are extremely tempting. I plan on scooping one up before the sale ends. AeroGarden’s website has even more products, including their larger indoor farms that are ideal for big families. Secure one of these easy-to-use indoor gardens today during the Amazon AeroGarden sale to save on groceries and reduce food waste for good.

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Aerogarden Harvest
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The Best AeroGarden Sales

AeroGarden Harvest

The AeroGarden Harvest is a total steal at a staggering 52% off during Amazon’s AeroGarden sale. Each kit comes with a starter pack of six seed pods containing Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and fragrant mint. Harvest and save herbs easily thanks to a control panel that reminds gardeners to add plant food and water. It also automatically turns on the included grow lights, meaning these plants thrive even in sun-free conditions.

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Aerogarden Bounty Elite
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AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Those who crave a larger harvest benefit from the bigger size of the Bounty Elite. Use voice-enabled Alexa controls and a touchscreen display to automatically monitor and control the care of up to nine different herbs, veggies or house plant varieties. There’s even a built-in vacation mode that keeps plants cared for during extended time away. Reduced grocery costs are well worth the upfront investment, especially at a generous savings of $131.

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Aerogarden Harvest Elite
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AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Like the original Harvest, the AeroGarden Harvest Elite grows up to six plants at a time. It’s also inexpensive at a whopping 38% off. An LED display lets growers keep an eye on their plant stats, like the number of growing days and when to water the pods. Because it’s stainless steel, the Harvest Elite is easy to clean and looks sleek on the counter, so it’s the perfect gift for gardeners.

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Aerogarden Sprout
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AeroGarden Sprout

The AeroGarden Sprout is a smaller grower that tackles three plants at once. While it doesn’t boast the bells and whistles of pricier models, a smaller footprint makes it the best choice for apartments or small kitchens. This high-tech alternative to indoor herb garden planters even grows plants up to five times faster than soil. Snag one today and save a generous $50 thanks to the Amazon AeroGarden sale, bringing this hydroponic grower to only $81.

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Is an indoor garden worth it?

For home cooks, budding mixologists or anyone who appreciates high-quality flavor in their food, indoor gardens are a solid investment. They’re easy to use (even for beginners), satisfying to care for and give you an excuse to break out those fancy herb scissors. Know exactly what goes into your food when you grow veggies in your own home—and that means zero pesticides or toxins.

Growing herbs inside doesn’t require a strenuous setup—especially with the assistance of hydroponic systems like those from AeroGarden.

How do you garden indoors?

There are a few methods for indoor gardening, including mushroom logs and hydroponic gardens like AeroGarden kits. Hydroponic gardens are the best avenue for beginner plant parents to explore since they streamline plant care and require little maintenance.

There are a few alternatives to smart gardens—including using milk jug planters—though they require extra upkeep when compared to systems like AeroGarden.

How do I start an indoor garden for beginners?

Indoor herb planters have exploded in popularity in recent years. While they’re convenient and good for reducing food waste, indoor herb gardens can be tricky for new plant parents to maintain. AeroGarden makes it easy for beginners to grow herbs and veggies, so it’s worth securing one of their smart gardens—especially while they’re more than 50% off during the Amazon AeroGarden sale.

That said, new plant parents can benefit from subscribing to beginner-friendly plant subscription boxes. While they require extra work when compared to hydroponic gardens, gardening subscription boxes usually come with detailed instructions on caring for new plants. They’re also a fantastic way to explore different plant varieties.