Skip the Cutting Board: Snip Herbs Directly Onto Your Dish with These $16 Scissors

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Shoppers cut their dinner prep time in half with these herb scissors, and right now they're on sale!

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While I love my coveted Misen knife, my cutting skills aren’t all that sharp. This doubly applies to smaller botanicals that easily bruise—I’m looking at you, herbs. Fellow impatient home chefs who hate hauling out the cutting board, I have found the perfect solution to poorly chopped rosemary: herb scissors.

What are herb scissors?

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As a home cook, I’m no stranger to prep tools like kitchen shears. Herb scissors have a similar look and application but with one key difference. Instead of just one blade, these cutting tools sport several blades that slice through small stalks simultaneously. Having at least five blades doesn’t just make these kitchen tools look way cooler—it multiplies productivity for faster meal prep.

Cutting herbs directly into a recipe also eliminates the need for extra dishes, like cutting boards and blades. Those who struggle with holding or operating knives also benefit from the ease of use. Evenly-spaced blades make uniform cuts with zero effort. Most shears are also dishwasher safe, so cleaning them doesn’t take much effort.

How To Use Herb Scissors

Chopping fresh herbs from the indoor herb garden is as easy as rinsing the herbs, then simply snipping them over pizza, salad, casseroles and soup. Because herb scissors are stainless steel, they resist rust and weathering. Most are also interchangeable between the right and left hand, so there’s no need to seek out a special pair for lefties.

Once cut, pop any leftover herbs into an airtight container (we’re partial to the Prepara herb savor pod) to make the fresh herbs last longer. A good pair of herb shears include a comb to easily clean between blades. Once sparkling and dry, pop on the safety cover to prevent accidents and tuck them into a cutlery drawer between uses.

What Reviewers Say

Verified reviewer Ashtonzmom writes, “I love going out to the garden and snipping just the herbs I need. This tool makes preparing them a breeze. It’s easy to clean if you use the cover it came with to clear out the slots. Everyone who comes into my kitchen and cooks with me falls in love with these.”

Similarly, reviewer Ronny Acosta enjoys how they hold up over time. “Very sharp scissors, so be very careful when you use these. Love that these do come with a cover so they don’t come undone while in our drawer. The scraper tool that came with it really makes it easy to get food that gets caught in between the blades out a lot easier. So far, we’ve used these scissors on green onions, cilantro, basil, parsley and other fresh herbs from our garden.

These scissors really do make it easier, especially the smaller herbs. Don’t have to worry about cutting the tips of your fingers or slicing them while trying to cut them. When it comes to cleaning these, I use the scraper tool first, then swish them in soapy water and then rinse them clean. I do make sure they’re completely dry before putting the cover on. So far, no rusting and these are still sharp.”

Where can I find herb scissors?

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Herb scissors are found at most major retailers. Right now, the best pair of herb scissors on Amazon are on deep discount. Head over there to scoop up this cool Amazon product at a savings of 33%. These shears normally retail for $24, but the discount brings the price down to only $16—a total steal! Snag some before they sell out and start snipping spearmint in no time.

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