Our Shopping Editor Loves This Cute Rhino That Keeps Kitchen Blades Sharp for Under $20

Updated: Aug. 11, 2023

This little fella is more than just a kitschy kitchen gadget—here's why our Shopping Editor loves it.

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As an avid fan of viral TikTok home gadgets like the Gracula and crab spoon rest, I’ve seen my fair share of cool kitchen products on Amazon. Some are useful, some are just fun, but very few become must-haves in my personal kitchen. That is until I found this Blade knife sharpener.

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, my philosophy is “the smaller, the better.” Relocating to a new city and downsizing from a three-bedroom home to an itty-bitty apartment taught me to be selective about what’s in my cupboards. With limited kitchen space, I’m extra careful not to abuse my knives since I have so few.

Among my favorite knives are the damascus knife from HexClad and my coveted Misen knife, which is easily the most-used utensil in my kitchen. Out of the box, both knives are incredibly sharp. But just like any knife, over time the blade dulls and doesn’t offer the slicing power expected from the best kitchen knives. While the best knife sharpeners offer optimal performance, very few of them easily tuck away into a drawer.

What Is the Blade Knife Sharpener?

The Blade knife sharpener is more than just a rhino knife sharpener. It’s a convenient way to keep cutlery ready to slay any recipe. Plus, the cute rhino shape sparks joy whenever shoppers use it. Chores don’t have to be boring—finding little ways to enhance the cooking experience is a good way to spark creativity in the kitchen.

Why I Love It

Ototo Rhino Blade Knife Sharpener Ecomm Via Amazon 2via merchant

As I mentioned, my two favorite knives are from high-quality brands—they weren’t exactly cheap. Opting for any old knife sharpener just won’t do if I want to preserve the integrity of my chef knives. Sharpening knives isn’t as easy as running a knife along a knife-sharpening stone in any direction—it’s important to use the right equipment.

The Blade knife sharpener makes it easy to properly sharpen blades without the risk of damaging them. A convenient notch carved into the rhino’s horn cradles the knife as it sharpens, which is safer and more intuitive than using a knife-sharpening stone. There’s plenty of room for fingers to rest without being in harm’s way. Not only does it outperform sharpeners that are four times the price, but this little fella fits right on top of my knife holder for easy storage.

This knife sharpener is crafted from food-safe materials that are dishwasher-safe. No more scrubbing sharpeners by hand—just pop him into the dish rack for a squeaky-clean sharpener that’s ready for action.

But Don’t Take My Word for It!

Amazon reviewer Madi writes, “This was a Christmas gift for my husband. This is perfect for sharpening knives. It is quite small, so can fit just about anywhere. It is super easy to use and did a great job sharpening our knives!”

Other shoppers, like Ash Mek, note that the Blade knife sharpener is a useful gift. She wrote, “I bought this and an Angry Mama microwave cleaner as a white elephant bundle. Everyone fought over its handiness and cuteness! My friends who won it in the end say it works like a charm and isn’t an eyesore in their kitchen!”

Where to Buy the Blade Knife Sharpener

The Blade knife sharpener is available on Amazon for a modest $18. It also makes a cute gift for chefs.

Ototo Rhino Blade Knife Sharpener via merchant

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