This Adorable Crab Spoon Rest Will Save Your Kitchen Countertops from Saucy Splatters

Discover the adorable crab spoon holder that TikTok can't stop talking about.

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After spending hours cooking your favorite recipe, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning up sticky spots on your countertop. Luckily, there’s a cute crustacean who’s here to help prevent the mess.

Now, there are already a ton of fun kitchen tools on the market. From a holiday Scrub Daddy sponge that rubs away grease to the Angry Mama and Chilly Mama that tackle grimy microwaves and fridges, there are plenty of ways to make cleaning fun. And this little crab spoon holder is a lifesaver for your kitchen countertops.

What is a crab spoon holder?

Red The Crab Packaging EditKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

The cute crab spoon rest is BPA-free and made of food-grade silicone. He perches on either the counter or directly on your pots and pans. But Red’s mighty claws are not there to pinch you. Rather, they’re perfectly positioned to hold your utensil or lift the lid of a pot to release steam.

Plus, it’s made by the brand OTOTO, which is known for its line of cute and quirky kitchen gadgets that make cooking and cleaning easy. We’ve already introduced Gracula the garlic crusher and the bat wine opener to your kitchen, but now it’s time for Red the Crab to shine.

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How to Use Red the Crab Spoon Holder

Red The Crab LidKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

The great thing about this crab spoon rest is that it’s not a tool just for looks. We tried Red the Crab, and he truly keeps your countertops from looking like a saucy or soupy disaster when you set down a cooking utensil. That’s right, no more second-guessing where to place your messy spoon or spatula, and no more wasting paper with a bunch of napkins or paper towels.

This little red crab sits on your pots and pans, allowing your spoon or spatula to suspend in the air. It’ll keep your spoon close for when you need to stir your dish again, but away from surfaces where you don’t want to leave a mess behind. Thanks to the non-slip silicone material, you won’t have to worry about Red the Crab slipping off the edge of your pot, either. He’s much sturdier than he looks, and we were impressed that he could balance utensils big and small.

This little crab is also tough enough to handle any steam your dishes bring. With its adjustable design, Red the Crab holds your spoon, and it can lift the lids of pots and pans to help release any extra steam from your soups and stews.

See Red in action thanks to this video from the OTOTO_Design TikTok page:

@ototo_design Red the Crab is red-y to lend a helping claw! Follow for more Ototo! #ototo #cooking #kitchen #amazon #founditonamazon ♬ Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

The Best User Reviews

This helpful little crab made waves on TikTok, but other reviewers are just as happy.

Verified Amazon purchaser Marcia Grau says this gadget is cuteness overload. “Frankly I just like to look at him, but he valiantly holds my wooden spoon up high over the pot. I also put him on the edge of the pot to allow steam to escape. Quality is good, so he would make a nice inexpensive gift for the cook.”

Five-star Amazon reviewer, Robin Hardy, seconds that notion. “Bought this as a gift for a friend that loves to cook and she said it’s absolutely adorable and it really works.”

Taste of Home Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, is also a fan. “Anyone who knows me knows that I love animals,” she shares. “Red the Crab adds a whimsical touch to my kitchen while being incredibly practical. I love that he firmly grips utensils of any size and is so easy to wash.”

Where to Buy Red the Crab Spoon Holder

Ototo Red The Crab Silicone Rest Silo Ecomm Via Amazon.commvia merchant

You can find Red the Crab on Amazon for around $23. While you’re waiting for Red to arrive, start planning all the saucy, messy recipes you’re going to make. Crab soup, anyone?

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