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11 Small Kitchen Appliances You Can Buy for $20 or Less

Looking for something fun and affordable to brighten up your cooking routine? Priced at $20 or less, these cheap small kitchen appliances are the perfect little luxuries.

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Milk Frother cheap small kitchen appliancesvia

Milk Frother

A $15 milk frother lets you get your coffee shop fix without leaving your kitchen. In fact, it’s the reason one of our contributors stopped going to Starbucks! This frother whips hot beverages into smooth, foamy luxury. Follow our guide to make your own lattes at home.

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Personal Blender cheap small kitchen appliancesvia

Personal Blender

Tired of pulling out an enormous appliance every time you want a smoothie? This personal-sized blender not only yields a smaller, 14-ounce mixture, but also doubles as your cup. Use it to make healthy smoothies in a flash.

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Coffee Grinder cheap small kitchen appliancesvia

Coffee Grinder

Every coffee geek knows that the best brews start with freshly ground beans. For only $20, you can grind enough for 12 cups of coffee any time you like. You can even freeze ground coffee leftovers with this coffee grinder.

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Egg Cooker cheap small kitchen appliancesvia

Egg Cooker

What’s great about an egg cooker is how quickly and easily it whips up your choice of eggs: individual omelets, hard-boiled, soft-boiled or poached. Press the button and have breakfast ready in minutes.

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cheap small kitchen appliances Mini Waffle Maker Copyvia

Mini Waffle Maker

Think your kitchen’s too small to fit a giant waffle maker? This compact 4-inch version takes up little space, so it’s perfect for a dorm, RV or apartment. Put it to work with our best waffle recipes!

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cheap small kitchen appliances Oster 2 Slice Toaster Blackvia


Today, toast is more than a breakfast accessory. Picking up a sleek $20 toaster gives you a foundation for all kinds of quick, creative meals. Find inspiration with our favorite ways to use toast.

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cheap small kitchen appliances Kitchen Knife Sharpener Sharpening Cut Resistant 1 Copyvia

Knife Sharpener

There’s a good reason professional chefs keep their knives sharpened: It’s actually safer! This $20 knife sharpener restores your knives so you can cook with confidence. The set comes with a cut-resistant glove for safety, too.

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cheap small kitchen appliances Popcorn Measuring Portion Poppingvia

Air Popcorn Popper

Looking for a faster, healthier way to make popcorn at home? This convenient air popper yields 16 cups of popcorn in minutes, no oil required. Learn how to make air-popped popcorn.

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cheap small kitchen appliances Electric Machine Organic Flavored Healthyvia

Compact Ice Cream Maker

You can churn single servings of ice cream, with total control over ingredients and flavors. This handy ice cream maker creates nearly 2 cups of frozen dessert in less than 30 minutes.

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cheap small kitchen appliances Kid Friendly Breakfast Non Stick Doughnutsvia

Mini Doughnut Maker

Is there anything cuter than mini doughnuts? You can make yours any day of the week with this mini appliance, which cooks seven doughnuts at a time. Browse our best doughnut recipes.

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cheap small kitchen appliances Bodum Brazil French Press Coffeevia

French Press

A French press makes coffee without any need for capsules, paper filters or waste. The method is simple and easy, and will brew up the best-ever homemade coffee! Learn how to use a French press.

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