This $17 Milk Frother Is the Reason I Stopped Going to Starbucks

You don't need a fancy coffee machine to make foamy, creamy drinks. We found the secret ingredient (er, product)—and it's available on Amazon!

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News flash: You don’t need an expensive espresso machine or monthly coffee budget to get café-quality drinks every morning. Ever since ordering this affordable handheld milk frother, my morning routine has been transformed. It’s wallet-friendly and takes up less space than most coffee appliances.

What is a milk frother?

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A milk frother is essentially a small, handheld electric whisk. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t have to put in the elbow grease to froth milk for different types of coffee drinks. It allows you to whip up coffee shop-level lattes, cappuccinos and more. Nearly 34,000 Amazon shoppers (even baristas) find them more effective than a hand whisk, rating the device five out of five stars. Besides saving you from wrist strain, the milk frother creates foam that comes out perfectly. It makes all the difference with your home brew of choice—whether you’re sipping drip coffee with a little cream or a fancy macchiato.

The cleanup is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is turn on the frother briefly under hot water and presto! It’s ready for tomorrow’s coffee drink. This gadget is endlessly versatile. When you order matcha at the neighborhood coffee shop, you get a well-blended cup of green goodness. When you attempt a powder-based drink, like matcha or hot cocoa at home, it’s often a different story. With a frother, you can make perfectly smooth drinks. There’s no need to use a fork to loosen the matcha or hot chocolate mixture, or deal with clumps while sipping. What you’re left with is a smooth, dreamy treat.

Bonus: It’s small enough to hide away in a drawer with the rest of your Amazon kitchen gadgets.

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Product Features

  • Battery-operated (batteries not included)
  • Versatile use
  • Multiple colors available
  • Affordable price point
  • Stand not included

How to Use

If you’re a plain Jane when it comes to your first cup of coffee, a milk frother is about to be the best thing to happen to your mornings. Simply pour your milk of choice in an empty cup, like this adorable glass carton, and whisk with the milk frother until it’s foamy. This coffee product is electric and features a large top button to turn it on and off. All it takes is pressing the button to whisk milk to perfection.

Warm milk froths better than cold milk, so simmering your creamer helps the bubbles stay in place. Use the foamy goodness to top your morning cup of joe and enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to serve it in a cute coffee mug! You might want to try your hand at making the copycat Starbucks cold foam cold brew.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

With nearly 34,000 five-star ratings, it’s clear the Zulay milk frother is no ordinary coffee gadget. Here’s just a taste as to why shoppers can’t stop talking about it:

“I love London Fog lattes, but not the price tag that comes with them at coffee shops,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Emily. “I got this frother to make my own, and it works great! No fuss–just an on/off button and a couple of batteries.”

Five-star reviewer, Katie Kaye, says it’s the best milk frother she’s ever tried. “Very easy to use and amazing froth power! I’ve had several other frothers in the past and none have worked as well as this one,” she shares.

“I have stepped up my coffee game!” adds Kelly Marcano, another five-star reviewer. “I can make my own sweet cream cold foam for my ice coffee. I have been using this nonstop and the best part it’s so easy to use and clean. Best purchase I’ve made.”

Where to Buy a Milk Frother

Zulay Milk Frothervia merchant

Ready for foamy, coffee shop-worthy drinks? Find this milk frother on Amazon and Walmart, where it goes for $17 to $21. It’s a thoughtful coffee gift for at-home baristas, too, right next to these coffee subscription boxes. You’ll be experimenting with all sorts of copycat Starbucks recipes like a pro barista soon!

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