14 Small Luxury Kitchen Appliances That Are Worth Every Penny

Life's little moments feel even more deluxe thanks to these luxury kitchen appliances. Discover a smart oven, automatic coffee machine, retro-looking mini fridge and other genius kitchen additions.

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Kitchenaid Blossom Mixer
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Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Though every KitchenAid is eye-catching, we’re convinced the Blossom stand mixer is the prettiest of them all. Look at that hammered copper bowl and soft thyme green color! The KitchenAid Blossom stand mixer boasts all the features we love about the brand’s luxury kitchen appliances, and this pick includes 10 speeds and four accessories for perfecting any cookie, cake or bread recipe. KitchenAid makes one of the best stand mixers you’ll ever own, so this botanical-inspired beauty will grace your countertops for decades.

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We tried it Ninja Creami
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Ice Cream Maker

If you’ve ever tried to make homemade ice cream, you understand it’s quite difficult to perfect the consistency of your favorite parlor shop pints—until now. The Ninja Creami is all anyone can talk about this summer, including our Shopping Editor whose Ninja Creami review confirms the kitchen gadget is totally worth it. Though it’s not a blender, the machine’s supersonic power churns up luxuriously thick ice cream concoctions in just a few simple steps. The best part? You control every ingredient, from the base to the mix-ins. Seriously, it turns a whole can of pineapples into sorbet without any elbow grease on your end—it’s that simple. Um, yum!

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We Tried Nugget Ice Maker
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Nugget Ice Maker

Before you ask, “Is a luxury ice maker really worth it?” you’re going to want to read our GE Profile Opal nugget ice maker review. Spoiler alert: we’re in love. Not only does this nugget ice maker keep plenty of nuggets at the ready (aka the best ice in the world), the speed at which it pumps out ice is incredible. It’s certainly an investment, but we’re positive it’s the only ice maker you’ll ever need. Consider it a little treat for the bar area.

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Tkp Vitamix Blender Ud
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Professional-Grade Blender

Not only does Vitamix make one of the best blenders, their blenders are made to last, saving you from buying a new one every few years. The Professional Series blender is the most luxurious Vitamix of them all. It boasts pre-programmed speeds for whipping up delectably smooth smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts and so. much. more. Not to mention the large 64-ounce capacity—it’s ideal for bigger batches. File it under luxury kitchen appliances to add to your Christmas list.

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Template For Placing The Taste Of Home We Tried Logo Onto A 1200x1200 Image.
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Touchscreen Toaster

We didn’t know a toaster could be luxurious until we met the Revolution touchscreen toaster. It proves the need for technology that knows exactly how to toast baked goods to perfection, whether it’s a bagel, slice of bread, toaster pastry or waffle. The touchscreen interface is where the toaster really shines. Just tap the item you’re toasting and select if it’s frozen, fresh or needs to be reheated. Then, select the toast level you wish to achieve, based on seven crisp levels. It’s the most customizable toaster ever. Oh, and if it looks familiar? You’ve likely seen it on TikTok.

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We Tried Jura Automatic Coffee Machine
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Automatic Coffee Machine

Here’s a small kitchen appliance that makes life’s little luxuries feel even more deluxe. The Jura automatic coffee machine has all the bells and whistles, like built-in bean storage, a grinder, a powder chute for ground coffee, a detachable water tank and height adjustable coffee spout, to name a few. Our Test Kitchen’s Culinary Assistant, Mark Neufang, tested this luxury coffee maker and loves that it doubles as a brewer for a regular cup of Joe and espresso.

Plus, it doesn’t require extra accessories like coffee filters. The final verdict? “This one is for the die-hard coffee aficionado,” says Mark. “It’s worth it if you want a slick machine.” It’s one of those coffee products to be your own barista—just pair it with your favorite beans and cute coffee mugs!

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Larq Pitcher
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Advanced Water Filter Pitcher

Yes, a water filter pitcher is worth the investment, especially if you live in a home with old pipes or funky-smelling water. The Larq pitcher takes it to the next level with its two-step filtering process. It eliminates contaminants better than traditional pitchers, ridding drinking water of unwanted stuff like lead, mercury, PFAS/PFOS and VOCs. If you’re particular about clean, fresh water (who isn’t?), Larq is 100% worth it.

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We Tried Ooni Pizza Oven
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Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are always a good idea. Even if you’ve mastered your at-home pie-making technique, it’s hard to make it like the pros in a standard oven. The Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven makes it possible to create restaurant-worthy pies at home. And it cooks so much more than pizza. We tried the Ooni pizza oven and appreciate its portability for transporting it to tailgates or camping adventures. It’s one of those fun luxury kitchen appliances the whole family will enjoy when Friday pizza night rolls around.

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We Tried Almond Cow Milk Maker
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Nut Milk Maker

Sure, there are plenty of nut milk options at the grocery store, but many contain preservatives and additives that can irritate the gut. That’s why making homemade nut milk is ideal—especially if you have a sensitive tummy. Though blending nuts with water and filtering the milk out is an option, an Almond Cow simplifies the process.

All it requires is your plant-based ingredients of choice, water and the click of a button to whip up milk. No filtering or blending on your end. Our Home Editor, Bryce Gruber, tried the Almond Cow and swears by the taste. Trust us, it’ll change the way you eat and shop.

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Smeg Mini Fridge
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Retro-Inspired Mini Fridge

This Smeg appliance is no ordinary mini fridge. Statement-worthy and built to last, the retro appeal of this beauty is ideal for outfitting your bar area or garage—or adding extra fridge space to your kitchen. It’s the prettiest fridge you’ll ever own, and trust us, the compliments will flow when guests get a peek.

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Brava Smart Oven
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Smart Oven

Remember Easy Bake Ovens? Well, the Brava oven is basically that, but for adults. The Brava smart oven cooks meals in mere minutes, which is ideal for nights when all you want to do is kick back with a frozen pizza. It roasts, toasts, reheats, slow cooks and air fries. And it’s compact enough to sit on the counter (about the size of a large air fryer). It also connects to WiFi and the Brava smartphone app, making it one of the best luxury small kitchen appliances for tech-obsessed foodies.

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We Tried Bartesian Cocktail Machine
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Cocktail Maker

The Keurig of cocktail machines, the Bartesian cocktail maker is like having a bartender on demand. With reservoirs for four different liquors, this cocktail machine is superior when it comes to customizations. The ability to choose the drink’s strength sets it apart (there’s even a mocktail option), and it’s the easiest way to hone your mixology skills without needing to buy all the individual ingredients when you want to try something new. Margaritaville awaits!

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Vitamix Foodcycler
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What’s that? A composter? Nope! It’s the Vitamix FoodCycler. Combining the powerful force of Vitamix blenders, it turns food scraps into fertilizer in just four to eight hours. As a compact luxury kitchen appliance, it sits pretty on the counter, in the garage or in the mudroom.

What really sets it apart is the way it cuts down on food waste. Once food scraps are turned into fine grounds, they double as fertilizer for house plants or outdoor gardens. If your New Year’s resolution is to become more sustainable in the kitchen, a FoodCycler is your new best friend.

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Tkp Ninja Foodi
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Multi-Use Pressure Cooker

An air fryer, steamer, broiler, dehydrator and slow cooker all in one? That’s exactly what you’ll enjoy with the Ninja Foodi (aka the best multi-use pressure cooker). And even though it’s a luxury kitchen appliance, you’ll actually save money by not needing an air fryer or slow cooker—the Ninja Foodi does it all! The hardest part is deciding what recipe you’ll cook first.

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