We Tried Almond Cow, the Plant-Based Milk Machine, and Here’s Our Honest Review

Updated: May 03, 2024

We tested this clever gadget for making plant-based milks in our own kitchens and were so excited with the results. (Plus, we even snagged an exclusive discount for Taste of Home readers!)

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As more people go dairy-free, nut-centric coffee creamer, vegan cheese and plant-based milk is more popular than ever. I’ve been cutting back on my own dairy intake for health reasons, and I was so excited to discover the Almond Cow. It’s a plant-based milk machine that makes homemade vegan milk in just 60 seconds—no added sugar or sweetener necessary.

I spend way too much money on store-bought milk alternatives and was eager to see if this nifty, kettle-looking gadget lived up to its hype. I gave this luxury kitchen appliance a thorough test, and spoiler alert—it’s even better than I imagined. (It’s so good, I got Taste of Home readers an exclusive discount code—read on for all the details!)

What Is the Almond Cow?

The Almond Cow is a plant-based milk machine that looks like an electric hot water kettle, except the inside is equipped with a blending, mashing and filtration system that makes fresh, non-dairy milk in 60 seconds. It’s a compact kitchen appliance that sits nicely on a countertop, kitchen island cart or pantry shelf. It won’t take up more kitchen real estate than a few cartons of store-bought almond milk (although you won’t need that anymore, anyway), and works in the touch of a button.

A variety of nuts, grains and seeds are compatible with the Almond Cow—no milk bag or strainer necessary. The Almond Cow does all the heavy lifting for you.

How We Tested It

almond cow plant based milk kitBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

The Almond Cow arrived in a large box containing the kettle-like device, an electric cord, a glass jug, a user booklet and two large starter bags (I ordered the Ultimate Starter Set, which came with a few extra goodies). After taking each component out of the box, it was time to get the plant-based milk party started. Raw cashews and finely-shredded coconut were also included, so I decided to give each a try on its own before moving on to more advanced concoctions.

Much to my surprise, assembling the Almond Cow was a breeze. After rinsing each component with warm water, I filled it with water (paying extra close attention to the measurement markings), added nuts to the filter basket and pressed the Almond Cow button. Instantly, I could hear the ingredients blending. In less than one minute, my milk was ready for a taste test—and it was mixed to perfection.

After getting the hang of the machine, I tried the brand’s mocha creamer recipe which uses raw cashews, cocoa powder and maple syrup. My family couldn’t stop talking about it, which inspired me to try another advanced dairy milk alternative: pecan pie milk. Pecan pie milk is made with—you guessed it—raw pecans, cinnamon, sea salt and maple syrup and tastes just like the real deal. It’s officially my new favorite coffee creamer!

Playing around with the ratios, I discovered the machine is equipped at making just one glass or a full jug of milk at a time, making it an essential kitchen tool for households of all sizes.

For the cherry on top, what really got me excited was how to clean this kitchen appliance. The main kettle portion requires nothing more than warm, soapy water and a pass or two of a sponge. Don’t be surprised by the layer of pulp after each use. While I prefer scooping out the pulp into a glass storage container for later use, the pulp can also be rinsed or thrown out. Sometimes little bits get stuck, so you’ll want to use a scrub brush for easy cleaning.

Almond Cow Product Features

almond cowBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

The machine consists of a lid, filter basket, stainless-steel collector cup, power cord and base. Fun add-ons like a cleaning scrub brush, booklet and glass jug for showing off your homemade dairy-free milk can also be purchased.


What we liked about the Almond Cow:

  • Compatible with dozens of nuts, seeds and grains
  • Creates milk in 60 seconds or less (no nut straining bags necessary!)
  • Works in the click of a button
  • Works cold or hot
  • No added sweeteners are required
  • Easy to assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design


Consider these factors before you purchase:

  • Some plant-based milk ingredients, like oats, require soaking before adding it to the machine
  • The machine is on the pricier side


almond cowBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

Does not having to purchase store-bought alternative milks justify the Almond Cow’s price?

The Almond Cow Essentials Kit costs $255, which certainly seems like a lot of dough for making your own faux milk, but yes—it pays off. I found that buying a two-pound bag of almonds for about $9 at my local Sam’s Club was enough to make nearly 20 large jugs of almond milk. Those 20 large jugs would cost me about $4 each at my local supermarket, so one $9 bag saved me approximately $71 in store-bought almond milk. There’s also the benefit of knowing you’re not consuming additives or extra preservatives.

Is the Almond Cow truly zero-waste?

It is if you want it to be! While the machine is designed for making milk, the pulp leftovers are so delicious and fun to use that it can be zero-waste if you find a use for it (which is what I prefer). After dozens of milk-making rounds, I have yet to waste or throw anything out. I even used my coconut-almond milk pulp in a variation of classic fig and almond cookies.

Is there any kind of plant milk an Almond Cow can’t make?

You can easily make plant-based milks from just about any nut or shelled seed you can think of. Almonds, pecans, cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts and even hemp seeds are all fair game. Other types, like oats, soy beans and rice are easy to make in the Almond Cow as well, but they require soaking before running through the machine.

Is Almond Cow Worth it?

almond cowBryce Gruber for Taste of Home

Can you tell I’m obsessed with the Almond Cow? This machine genuinely changed the way I eat and shop, and the unique plant-based milk concoctions I whipped up at home are so yummy not even store-bought options can tempt me. The brand advertises it takes a full 60 seconds or less to make mouth-watering dairy-free milk, but mine took less than 45 seconds. My Almond Cow experience felt like a magical trip to a vegan-friendly future where the plant-based milk of your dreams can be whipped up in seconds—literally.

Each milk recipe can also be modified to make thick creamers. And if you’re wondering if homemade plant milks and creamers froth just like the real stuff, the answer is yes. Somehow fresh, nut-based milks are far richer and frothier than their packaged counterparts, and my coffee hasn’t been the same since.

For those who are particularly sensitive to sugars and added ingredients that are common in most store-bought dairy milk alternatives, I highly recommend the Almond Cow. It’s one of the best kitchen products money can buy, saving you money and time from learning how to make nut milk on your own. I’m such a fan of this easy-to-use device that I’ve become our cul-de-sac almond milk dealer since whipping up fresh batches for my neighbors.

Where to Buy the Almond Cow

The Almond Cow is available on the brand’s website where the original model sells for $245. Add on the Essentials Bundle for just $10 more. I opted for the Ultimate Starter Set with more bells, whistles and included nuts—but the basic packages work just as fine and even make thoughtful kitchen wedding gifts.

Since I loved the Almond Cow so much, I grabbed an exclusive discount code for Taste of Home readers so you can try it yourself for less. Now through July 8, enter code TASTEOFHOME25 at checkout to receive $25 off a purchase of $200 or more. The $25 discount, combined with all the moolah you’ll save on store-bought milk, means the Almond Cow will basically pay for itself in no time. Happy milking!

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