Over 9,000 Amazon Shoppers Use This Affordable Ice Shaver to Enjoy Snow Cones All Summer Long

Updated: Aug. 21, 2023

Use this clever machine to make frappes, snow cones and shaved ice in minutes—no motors or electricity required.

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There’s something about snow cones that feels like magic when you’re a kid, especially when summer starts showing signs of its arrival. That’s probably why ice cream makers are trending on TikTok ahead of the warm weather. Don’t stress about the rising temperature or wait in long lines for frozen treats—this easy-to-use Amazon shaved ice machine makes recipe-ready ice shavings in just a few short cranks.

What is the Amazon shaved ice machine?

Ice Shaver with Ice Cubes and Ice TrayEmily Way/Taste of Home

The Amazon shaved ice machine from Manba is the perfect start to any summer snow cone party. Three stainless steel blades are the secret behind this cloud-like, finely shaved ice. These rust-free blades cut up ice faster and with more precision than traditional snow cone makers, resulting in evenly shaved ice that resembles snowflakes.

Because the Manba Amazon shaved ice machine uses a person-powered crank to churn out ice shavings, it’s completely electricity-free. That means no tangled cords or outlets, making the machine completely portable. Take it camping to the beach or use it at work and top it with homemade raspberry syrup for a refreshing and low-calorie midday snack.

Because it’s not electronic, it’s easy to pack up for camping trips and tailgating, too. Add the shaved ice to a pretty cup (I prefer my Brumate MargTini tumbler), toss on some sparkling seltzer and a slice of lime, and enjoy the summer heat with a tasty treat.

Not only does this hand-powered machine boast over 9,000 positive user reviews, but it’s starting to gain steam on TikTok thanks to reviews from users like @kee_ah_la. See how she used it to make fuss-free shaved ice below!


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Product Features

  • Easy to use
  • Hand-powered for portability
  • Compact size
  • Spare blades available
  • Ice tray included

How to Use the Amazon Shaved Ice Machine

Ice Shaver with Ice Cubes on topEmily Way/Taste of Home

Convinced? Us, too. Using the included ice cube tray, shoppers can crank out cups and cups of cool, freshly shaven ice. Just load ice cubes in the top, push down the lid and start cranking. Inside, a system of sharp blades slices through the ice cubes, resulting in a satisfying mound of fluffy ice shavings. Once ready, the shavings are ready for recipes like Halo Halo. Or enjoy the ice as-is if you’re an ice fiend.


Ice ShaverEmily Way/Taste of Home

How do you make shaved ice?

The Amazon Shaved Ice Machine is the easiest way to crank out large quantities of finely shaven ice fast. However, it’s also possible for folks to make it using a food processor or blender. Some mixers, like the KitchenAid mixer, have an attachment that makes shaved ice automatically. Manual ice shavers are another option, though the ice shavings aren’t as fine as the ones that result from using an ice-shaving machine.

What’s the difference between snow cones and shaved ice?

Snow cones and shaved ice are similar, with a few slight differences. While both taste great topped with Margarita snow cone syrup, shavings from snow cone machines are generally larger, more crunchy and less fluffy than those from shaved ice machines.

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Where to Buy the Amazon Shaved Ice Machine

Manba Ice Shavervia merchant

The Amazon shaved ice machine is available on Amazon for $31. Right now Amazon is running a special promotion on the machine, putting the price at only $19 after a generous 39% discount. Pick one up today and start whipping up delicious frozen desserts just in time for summer.

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