The Revolution Toaster Is a Game-Changer for the Most Important Meal of the Day

Updated: May 03, 2024

Say hello to the Revolution Toaster. With customized settings for evenly toasting everything from bagels to frozen waffles, our Test Kitchen and shopping experts can't get enough of this luxe gadget.

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If you’ve been on social media even a little bit, you’ve likely come across a handful of luxe kitchen gadgets vying for your attention. A Nugget ice maker? It’s a significant breakthrough for cold drinks. The Ninja Creami ice cream machine? It’s on everyone’s wish list right now.

One kitchen gadget in particular that consistently catches the internet’s attention is the Revolution Toaster. It’s the Tesla of toasters, boasting a sleek exterior, digital touchscreen and smart technology that evenly heats, browns and crisps in two minutes.

The steep price tag, however, has everyone wondering if it’s really worth the big bucks. After all, don’t all toasters, well, just toast? Our Executive Culinary Director and shopping experts dug deep to see what this toaster is all about. Spoiler alert: It’s a breakfast game-changer.

What is the Revolution Toaster?

Named one of the best toasters by our Test Kitchen pros, the Revolution Toaster isn’t messing around. Its sleek aesthetic sets it apart from the toasters you grew up with, while the touchscreen makes it easy to customize the toastiness of bagels, frozen waffles, English muffins, plain ‘ole toast and pastries. Bonus: It toasts bread straight from the freezer—no defrosting necessary.

According to Executive Culinary Director, Sarah Farmer‘s tests, “The toaster cycles from ‘heating’ (just over a minute long) to ‘browning’ (about 50 seconds) to ‘crisping’ (10 seconds).” By selecting what you’re toasting via the touchscreen, the gadget knows exactly how long to toast for a perfect finish. And if you like your bagels extra crispy, the Revolution Toaster heats, browns and crisps in record time—no need to toast it a second time.

When you’re ready to toast bread for breakfast or a bagel for an afternoon snack, “Select the icon of the food you want to toast (bread, bagel, frozen waffle, pastry, etc.) and tap on any of the seven brownness settings, ranging from lightly toasted to extra brown and crispy,” Sarah adds. “Picking your exact toast level is a cakewalk! The iPad-like screen even reminds you when it’s time to empty the crumb tray. I pretty much expected this toaster to greet me in the morning when I walked into the kitchen.”

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Product Features

  • Heats, browns and crisps bread in record time
  • Customized heating programs for six bread types (including frozen waffles!)
  • Seven brownness levels
  • Heats fresh or frozen bread
  • Easy to remove crumb tray that alerts you when it’s time to clean
  • Smart, digital touchscreen doubles as an analog or digital clock
  • Sleek appearance
  • Two finishes available: chrome and stainless steel

Why We Love It

Toh Revolution Toaster Before And After Sarah Farmer JveditSarah Farmer/Taste of Home

Let’s be real—some toasters take a long time to heat and crisp bread. What’s worse, it’s difficult to clean the crumbs out of standard toasters, which isn’t something you want to neglect since it can lead to kitchen hazards.

The Revolution Toaster‘s thoughtful details include a removable crumb tray that signals when it’s time to clean and smart toasting technology that perfectly heats, browns and crisps every bread type imaginable. These features are worth every single penny, especially if your household cycles through toasting bread at bakery-like speed in the mornings. Plus, who doesn’t like sleek touchscreen appliances?

Aside from aesthetics, its star qualities really come down to its overall performance. “From waffles to small baguette slices, everything I toast comes out terrific,” says Sarah. “The toaster achieves even browning overall with a nice and crispy exterior and still ‘tender’ inside. The wider slots are roomy enough for thicker items like bagels and Texas Toast bread. I’m also grateful I didn’t have to pre-smash the bagel halves to get them to fit.” Now that’s a win-win.

As someone who has tested a lot of toasters, Sarah’s overall impression of the Revolution Toaster affirms it’s worth the investment: “I experimented with many different brands of toasters for our Test Kitchen Preferred test,” says Sarah. “Surprisingly, some high-end brands took over eight minutes to achieve the right level of toasty-ness. The Revolution is very efficient and the smart technology senses the height of your item and automatically adjusts, raising short slices of bread higher, eliminating the need to go bread-fishing in the toaster with a knife or chopsticks. Thank goodness for that!”

Pro tip: “If you’re using homemade bread in the toaster (fresh or frozen), beware it will take longer to get to that nice, golden-brown color, due to the higher moisture content over store-bought bread,” says Sarah.

But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Our Executive Culinary Director isn’t the only one who trusts this luxury kitchen gadget for fast, accurate toasting. Here’s why shoppers can’t resist the smart toaster:

“Really love this toaster,” adds five-star reviewer Emily Allen. “Actually did a comparison between my normal toaster and the Revolution Toaster on frozen waffles and the Revolution Toaster was far better.”

“I have to say, this toaster was well worth the investment,” writes verified Amazon reviewer Rob. “This one beat my old toaster by a mile in terms of how fast it toasts, and it adjusts easily to waffles and bagels. The toaster has a fantastic digital display too. I love the 10-second countdown feature so I can get my butter in place and slather it on while the toast is hot. The design is sleek and elegant, and my favorite surprise is the analog clock display. This makes my old toaster obsolete and is now collecting dust in the bottom cupboard.”

Where to Buy the Revolution Toaster

Toh Ecomm Revolutionairy Toaster Via Amazon.comvia merchant

It’s time to break up with old, cheap toasters that don’t last for more than a few years. Find the Revolution Toaster on Amazon, Walmart, Williams Sonoma and the brand’s website for $350.

Yes, it’s certainly a kitchen investment, but Sarah affirms, “This toaster is big bucks for a small kitchen appliance. But it’s not a gimmick. It performs well, it does more than any other toaster I’ve ever used, and the aesthetic appeal is awesome. I’m sure folks who are all about high-tech, smart appliances will love this.” You’ll thank yourself later for your new and improved breakfast routine with the Revolution Toaster.

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