This Viral Tortilla Toaster Hack Is the Solution to Your Tex Mex Cravings

Updated: Apr. 29, 2024

With just a flour tortilla and a toaster, you can make the perfect pocket for all your favorite fixings.

While burritos, quesadillas and tacos may all be common Tex-Mex dishes in America, fewer Americans are familiar with gorditas. Gorditas are popular in traditional Mexican cuisine and are made of masa, stuffed with cheese, meat and other fillings. They are then deep-fried or baked and served with a variety of sauces, much like a Salvadoran pupusa or a Venezuelan or Colombian arepa. “Gordita” literally translates to “chubby” in Spanish, as these delightful pockets of deliciousness are typically thick and round, though shapes vary by region.

Now, there are numerous ways to make a traditional gordita—often with chicharron (a poke rind stew) or guisados (a beef stew). But imagine our surprise when TikTok influencer Air (@clean_air) “accidentally discovered” an easy way to “poof” a tortilla to essentially create a shortcut gordita. Are they authentic? No. Are they delicious? Absolutely.

Check out the video for yourself below.

@clean_air Accidentally discovered something not sure if this is a thing already #LetsFaceIt #IAmLost ♬ original sound – mitch flippo

What Is the Tortilla Toaster Hack?

In the video, Air places a flour tortilla in the toaster, where it essentially expands with steam to become something like a pita pocket. She then cuts it open; fills the tortilla pocket with avocado, rice, beans and cheese; and tops it all off with hot sauce. The end result is a tasty, portable and convenient snack in just a couple of minutes.

How Can I Try the Tortilla Toaster Hack?

Easy! Just grab a package of flour tortillas and pop one in your toaster. Note that some of the commenters on the video have claimed that theirs crisped, but didn’t “poof” like the example. In these instances, @clean_air suggests using room-temperature tortillas. Additionally, some toasters have a wire clamp that prohibits the tortilla from expanding, so ensure yours doesn’t before trying. After your tortilla has “poofed,” be sure to cut it while it’s still warm before it can deflate again.

If you want to kick your snack game up another notch, Annie Campbell from All Recipes suggests filling the tortilla with cheese, then toasting the whole thing again to create a sort of quesadilla. Again, this isn’t a traditional preparation by any means, but it’s fast, easy, fun and even dorm-friendly, making it a nice trick for satisfying urgent cravings.

How Can I Enjoy More Tex-Mex Dishes?

If you enjoy this hack—or gorditas—you may also love trying sopes. Additionally, Tex-Mex flavors are well-suited to different dips, such as this classic recipe, this slow cooker variation and this full dip platter. All are delicious any time of year, but with the Super Bowl fast approaching, we can’t help but think they’re a perfect match for next Sunday’s game.

And if all of this talk of gorditas has you interested in trying a more traditional version of the popular lunch item, pick up some yellow corn maseca or masa harina and have at it! Whether you opt for a bean and cheese filling, chicken tinga or carne guisada, you really can’t go wrong.

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