I Tried an Herb Saver and Will Never Throw Out Basil Again

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Say goodbye to throwing out wilted herbs and hello to fresh basil, mint, dill and parsley for weeks!

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I had an annoying and expensive cooking problem. I kept buying yummy fresh herbs, using a partial amount and then throwing away rotted bunches of basil, mint, dill and parsley a few day later. Ugh! I was wasting food and money. There had to be a solution to this common problem of fresh herbs fresh rotting quickly in the refrigerator.

I turned to Taste of Home and found this handy article on tools to help fresh herbs last longer. The suggested Prepara Herb Saver Pod immediately caught my eye. I liked the size for taller herb stalks and how the shape is designed to be conveniently stored in the refrigerator door.

I added a set of three Herb Savers to my cart and waited for fresh herb season to hit. Here’s how it went.

What Is an Herb Saver?

I’d tried multiple methods for keeping herbs fresh in the past: wrapping stems in moist paper towels, placing them in cups of water in the fridge and even growing my own herbs so I could harvest just what I needed. But the paper towel method usually led to fast rot and the cups of thyme and oregano took up a lot of space in the fridge. I also noticed the exposed herbs absorbed fridge odors—yuck. I still like having potted fresh herbs in the house, but I can’t possibly grow every herb I need for cooking.

The Prepara Herb Saver Pods are a genius food storage solution. The 11-inch tall white pods have a clear window and hard shell that allow herb, scallion and asparagus bunches to be stored upright in a small pool of clean water. The shell keeps delicate leaves and stems from getting crushed while the water keeps herbs hydrated and fresh. A small nozzle at the back of the pod allows for draining and adding clean water as needed.

How I Tested the Herb Saver

The Prepara Herb Saver Pods arrived in a pack of three. I hand washed the components in soapy water, then dried them. For my first test, I bought fresh mint, basil and cilantro from the grocery store. I washed the herbs and patted them dry. Then, I prepared the pods by adding about a quarter-inch of water to the bottom of the container and placed the individual herbs inside. Stems in the water and leaves toward the top.

The Herb Saver fit perfectly in my refrigerator door. I did notice some condensation and fogging on the clear window, but I could still easily see which herbs were stored inside. Over the next few days, I pulled a few cilantro stems for taco night, tore up basil to add to Caprese salad and pulled mint leaves for refreshing iced tea. Some days I didn’t use the herbs at all. About every four days I dumped out the water and added fresh tap water to the pods—no additional cleaning.

Final Verdict on the Herb Saver

I had bunches of fresh basil and mint last for three weeks in the Herb Saver! Hardier leaf varieties like cilantro and scallions last up to a month! I’m now using up entire bunches of fresh herbs without having to throw any away or force myself to eat it before it wilts. I can buy dill for tzatziki and two weeks later use the same flavorful bunch for grilled salmon.

A set of three Herb Savers cost me about $10 each and they’ve already saved me money on my grocery bill. Fresh herbs (especially organic) are pricey!

I also love how nice and organized the Herb Savers look lined up in the refrigerator door. They add a little shot of greenery and remind me to add herbs for flavor and freshness to whatever I’m cooking or meal prepping. Sometimes I do have to trim the stems of taller herbs, like mint and rosemary, to make them fit in the pod, but that’s not a big deal.

I gifted my mom an Herb Saver for her fridge, just in time for my sister-in-law’s outdoor basil and mint bounty to come in.

Where to Buy the Herb Saver

I bought a set of three Prepara Herb Saver Pods on Amazon, where they’re also available as a singular pod. You can also find a set of three Herb Savers on Wayfair.

Pro tip: buying three Herb Savers at once is much cheaper than buying singles and you’ll definitely be glad you have space for fresh parsley, dill and oregano. I might even need three more Herb Savers for my fridge…farmers market fresh herb season is here!

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