This $16 Amazon Tool Makes Prepping Pasta So. Much. Easier.

Updated: Aug. 29, 2023

No more cleaning out the sink before draining pasta water! Here's why we can't stop using this genius Amazon gadget.

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We Tried Snap N Strain Pot Strainermadi koetting/Taste of Home

Pasta is a go-to weekly dinner in my household (shocking, I know). The one thing about my weekly pasta prep that I absolutely despise is draining the pasta water. I’ve used the same basic colander for years, and despite its ability to get the job done, it grosses me out thinking about how close my freshly cooked pasta gets to touching the sink. What’s more, I have to make sure the sink is empty before draining the water or else the pasta is flowing into a sink filled with dirty dishes. No thanks!

That’s when I finally discovered a useful Amazon product that solves this annoying problem. The solution is this nifty little clip-on strainer. Bonus: It works for meal prepping so much more than just pasta.

What is a clip-on strainer?

Snap N Strain Pot Strainermadi koetting/Taste of Home

A clip-on strainer is exactly what it sounds like. Made of silicone, the durable yet cheap kitchen impulse buy boasts two clips on each side that easily snap onto pots, pans or bowls. It covers about half the pot or pan, depending on their size. Plus, it features a seamless spout and holes throughout for liquid to pour out.

Not only does it solve the problem of having to clear out the dirty sink to fit your colander before straining liquid, the clip-on strainer snaps on to drain everything from meat grease to starchy potato water. I’ve personally tested it on a variety of pot, pan and bowl sizes and it always leaves me pleasantly surprised by its versatility. Bonus: It takes up significantly less space in cabinets compared to traditional colanders and comes in four fun colors (the purple is my fave!).

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How to Use a Clip-On Strainer

Snap N Strain Pot Strainer on a pan of browning beef and another pot with pastadmadi koetting/Taste of Home

Just like the name suggests, simply clip on the strainer to any round vessel and it’s good to go. I’ve found it’s easier to snap it on with one hand at a time versus two. When you’re ready to drain boiling water, be careful not to submerge your fingers in the water when clipping on the strainer. As long as you’re mindful of this step it’s seriously the most user-friendly Amazon prep tool I’ve tested.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Scoring over 33,000 reviews, here’s why shoppers are ditching traditional colanders for this seamless clip-on strainer:

“I love this,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Philip Hinkson. “It fits all my pots from small to large. This allowed me to size down and remove three colanders from the cabinet. It saves so much storage space.”

“I love not having to dirty a hard-to-clean strainer when I can just snap this on a pan,” shares verified Amazon reviewer, Allison Colvin. “Game changer!”

Verified Amazon reviewer, John C., adds: “Pouring a scalding hot pot of pasta into a colander brings back memories of said colander tipping over and pasta spilling all over the sink, or the bottom portion of pasta sitting in a shallow pool of water you just poured into the sink. Not to mention the splash back when the water hits the rim or side of the colander. This product relieved me of having to worry about those catastrophic events. Just snap onto your pot while still having two hands to control the pour.”

Where to Buy

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Ahead of this week’s pasta prep, head on over to Amazon or Walmart to score this clip-on strainer for $16. The kitchen gadget is as easy to use as it sounds (just clip it on and strain!), and it’s endlessly versatile. Trust us, you’ll love not having to worry about cleaning out the sink before draining—or worse, dumping your fresh meal into a sink with dirty dishes.

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