Misen Just Launched the Strongest Set of Kitchen Shears

The new Misen kitchen shears cut through all your kitchen chores — and they're shockingly strong and affordable.

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Calling all home chefs! No kitchen is complete without a quality set of kitchen shears (it’s one of our essential kitchen tools.) Check out these newly-released Misen kitchen shears, some of the strongest and most affordable on the market. They cut straight through any kitchen job, from snipping fresh chives to slicing through chicken bones and shrimp tails. We won’t judge if you also use them to clip coupons! Here’s everything you need to know about this powerful and versatile kitchen tool—including where to buy it.

What are Misen Kitchen Shears?

The recently launched Misen kitchen shears are among the best kitchen gadgets you’ll ever own thanks to their stainless steel blades with micro-serrated blades for steady, sharp cutting. They also detach when and where you want them to, which means cleanup is a breeze every single time—even if you use them for messy projects like cleaning shrimp.

Misen kitchen shears slice through tough poultry bones without hurting your hands. You can thank the ergonomic, ambidextrous-friendly handles for that. They crack open crab shells, cut pizza better than some traditional pizza cutters and even mince fresh herbs for your favorite salad without bruising the tender leaves.

You can actually use these shears for just about any chore that requires a blade — including cutting through hard plastic packaging, breaking down recyclables and the kitchen prep you usually leave to knives. The Misen kitchen shears even clear clutter in overcrowded kitchen drawers because you simply won’t need multiple sets of scissors.

Where to Buy Misen Kitchen Shears

If you want to buy the new Misen kitchen shears, hurry over to the Misen website. They’re only available in limited supply and they’re going fast for $15. Misen products are backed by a risk-free guarantee that allows you to try them for a full 60 days and return them for free if you decide you don’t want them in your existing arsenal of made-in-the-USA kitchen tools. We’re confident you’ll want to keep them and probably order a bonus pair as a kitchen gift for a friend.

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