This Multi-Purpose Cutting Board Makes Meal Prep a Breeze

Updated: Aug. 01, 2023

This bamboo meal prep cutting board is the gadget you never knew you needed.

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We all know meal prepping is the best way to plan out your week—at least foodwise. However, finding the right container for all your brilliant meal prep ideas can be tricky. That’s why we found a meal prep cutting board that has everything you need to make those Sunday Scaries less, well, scary.

What is a meal prep cutting board?

You might see the name and think, “How can a cutting board be used to meal prep?” This particular meal prep cutting board is more than a place to chop your fruit, veggies and meat. Its unique design creates a space where you can chop everything on the bamboo top, then push your prepped food into one of three stackable containers underneath.

The three containers each have 1.5 liters of space—a bit over six cups—giving you plenty of room for packing away prepped ingredients. Thanks to the airtight seal on each container, your food will stay fresh in the fridge, and because the containers are stackable, they’re easy to store.

This specialty cutting board has a built-in grater, which is perfect for zesting lemons and shredding cheese. It also has a slot to hold your phone or tablet, so you can reference up meal prep recipes while you prep. (Or place a new order with your favorite meal delivery service if all that prepping leaves you too tired to cook!)

How to Use a Meal Prep Cutting Board

Typically with meal prepping, you have to worry about buying the right sized meal prep containers, along with all the other utensils you need. One of the best things about this meal prep cutting board is that it’s perfect for someone just starting off in their meal prep journey. You’ll already have the space and storage you need to meal prep your week!

You can cut everything from chicken to cucumbers on the bamboo cutting board top. The handles on the side make it easy to hold the board in place or shift around to make the perfect chop.

We also love the cutout where you can push all your food into one of the containers. Instead of lifting your cutting board to dump everything into your plastic or glass containers, you simply move your food across the bamboo board until it drops into place. The “drop zone” also fits the included slicer, garlic mince, julienne and other attachments so you can effortlessly prep nearly any ingredient.

The lid also comes with a handle, which means you can easily tote your prepped meal or ingredients to work or school. All in all, the multi-purpose features of this gadget make it a must-have meal prep product for your kitchen.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

We’re not the only ones who think this functional meal prep cutting board is a great addition to your kitchen! Here’s what 5-star Amazon reviewers have to say.

Verified Amazon user K. Rietmann wrote, “Bought this item for my daughter to give her along with a meal kit membership. It has everything she needs… Excited that it’s an all-in-one solution that will help her stay organized with her limited room.”

Alexa noted the cutting board and meal prep containers together were a big improvement to meal prepping. Alexa wrote, “…makes meal prepping far more efficient and fun! I really like to be able to slide all the waste into one container to be tossed later. The bamboo board also looks great and we leave it out as a permanent kitchen counter item.”

Where to Buy a Meal Prep Cutting Board

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You can find the meal prep cutting board on Amazon for $64. While you’re waiting for it to arrive—which shouldn’t be long thanks to Amazon’s speedy shipping—start developing your meal plan.

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