14 Meal Prep Containers You Need for the Easiest Lunches Ever

Updated: Mar. 11, 2024

Bring your lunch to work every day? Or, more realistically, do you have the best intentions of doing just that? The right set of meal prep containers will motivate you to actually pack your lunch.

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Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Storage Ecomm Via Amazon
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Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers

You’ll be able to see exactly what’s in your fridge (and easily spot your tub of leftovers at work) with these Rubbermaid Brilliance storage containers. This 18-piece set comes with five different container sizes for storing everything from big-batch meal prep ingredients to salad toppings. Take a peek at these other meal planning products, too.

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Prepnaturals Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Pack
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Compartmentalized Glass Containers

Meal prep containers need to be sturdy enough to handle freezers, long commutes and the dreaded office microwave. We love these compartmentalized glass containers that can withstand just about anything, and prove to be incredibly useful for those of us who are learning how to make healthy meal prep recipes for the first time. Also, did we mention the lid has a cutlery compartment? Because it does, and that’s awesome.

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Caraway Meal Storage Set
Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

Ceramic Container Set

See you later, sad desk salad! While on the pricier side, this stunning ceramic food storage set is worth the splurge. It’s made by Caraway, one of our favorite stylish cookware brands, and includes 14 pieces. Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, tried the set and loves how each piece has a home inside the included storage. “It makes organization so easy,” she says. “Plus, the colors are so pretty. Whether I’m bringing lunch to the office or serving up last night’s leftovers, the pop of color adds joy to a mundane routine.”

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Ball Mason Wide Mouth Jars With Lids
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Mason Jars

There’s a reason mason jars have remained incredibly popular over the years—they work. And they’re ideal for meal prepping, especially for breakfast. That’s right, your meal prep isn’t limited to lunchtime—parfaits, granola, oatmeal and even cereal are ideal for packing and eating in a set of standard mason jars. They work wonders for organizing the pantry, too.

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Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag Bundle 4 Pack
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Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags

If you’re used to packing in zip-top bags, grab a set of these reusable Stasher bags. They’re made from silicone to keep messes at a minimum and are a cinch to wash and dry. Discover more of the best reusable bags on the market. 

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Weesprout Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers Set Of 3
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Stainless Steel Containers

When you’re not planning to microwave anything (because…zap!), these sleek metal containers are the perfect option. Airtight lids make sure food stays put until lunchtime. Check out these other products that make your desk lunch better

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Encheng 7 Oz Clear Glass Jars With Lids 20 Pack
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Yogurt Containers

Love yogurt? You’re not alone—whether you’re bringing it for breakfast, lunch or snack time, you’ll want to look into these small glass yogurt containers. Spoon in your favorite Greek yogurt and enjoy your daily dose of calcium from your desk, and feel confident that Becky from Finance won’t steal your yogurt from the fridge anymore.

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Pyrex Simply Store 18 Pc Glass Food Storage Containers Set
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Pyrex Glass Container Set

Pyrex is the queen of glass storage containers, so it’s no surprise they’ve got an incredible set of glass containers featuring different sizes, all perfect for packing your lunch. This particular set is great for your kid’s lunch, as well, as you can pack fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and deliciously well-deserved desserts in individual containers.

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Keweis Silicone Lunch Box Collapsible Folding Food Storage Container With Lids
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Collapsible Storage Containers

Not only are these silicone, collapsible meal prep containers super lightweight, they’re virtually indestructible. If you suspect you might be in for a wild commute, this is the set for you. You can also opt to keep everything safe and secure in an adult lunch bag

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M Mcirco 5 Pack 36 Oz Glass Meal Prep Containers 2 Compartments
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Two-Compartment Glass Containers

Have a delicious meal that’s meant to go together, but know you can’t pack it in one container without ruining it? This two-compartment dish was made for you. No more worrying that packing your avocado on your lettuce will make the lettuce wilt or that adding granola to your yogurt will leave it squishy before you can even enjoy it.

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Sunshine Mason Co. Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses With Metal Lid
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Salad Dressing Containers

That’s right, we’re back with more mason jars. But this time, they’re adorably tiny, and perfectly suited to that new healthy salad dressing you’ve been meaning to try. This set of six mini jars has a tight seal, ensuring that dressing won’t leak on your way to work. Plus—we cannot stress this enough—they are so amazingly cute.

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Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Bpa Free Food Storage Container Set
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Nesting Containers 

When you want a three-course work lunch—come on, treat yo’self!—reach for these colorful nesting containers. As the name suggests, they nest together, making them a smart addition to any size cupboard.  

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Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers With Lids 24 Piece
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Family-Size Container Set

Sometimes meal prepping can be as easy as storing last night’s leftovers and bringing them to work in the morning. If you can’t ever quite guarantee a standard meal-prep container can properly hold your dish, opt for a multi-sized set of sturdy containers. This set is also great if you like to pack yourself a lot of little things instead of one main dish.

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Crest 10 Pack Glass Meal Prep Containers Food Storage Containers With Lids
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Breakfast and Lunch Containers

Some people meal prep for the week while others prep for the month—if you enjoy a little variety in your meals, this set of 10 glass containers is for you. Unlike other sets, this one comes with two sizes—a 12-ounce set and a 34-ounce one—making it ideal for whichever meal you’ve prepped for this week.

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Additional research contributed by Taste of Home writer, Kate Ellsworth.