AeroGarden Review: We’re Obsessed with This High-Tech Gadget for Indoor Gardening

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I’m a little obsessed with growing my own herbs and veggies. Not only is it awesome from a health perspective, but it’s amazing to tend to little sprouts and watch them transform into beautiful bouquets of lettuce, clumps of baby red tomatoes and all kinds of herbs.

But if you don’t have an outdoor space to sow a garden, you can still get in on the fun thanks to the AeroGarden indoor gardening system. We tried the AeroGarden Farm 12, and this high-tech gadget makes it possible for quite literally anyone to grow produce—right from the comfort of home.

What is AeroGarden?

AeroGarden is basically an easy-to-grow houseplant, except it grows multiple herbs and veggies at one time. And you can cook with them! They sell a variety of indoor gardening systems, ranging from compact countertop versions that hold just a few plants to large standalone options that produce enough food for a whole family.

I have the AeroGarden Farm 12, which is one of the brand’s mid-size products. It holds 12 seed pods and has a large height-adjustable LED grow light. The entire unit stands about three feet tall but is slim enough to tuck in a corner.

It’s super easy to put together, and because the garden has a grow light, you can place it anywhere in your home, even if there’s not a whole lot of natural light. This also means you can grow produce year-round! Not only is the AeroGarden easy to control, but it yields amazingly beautiful plants. The brand claims plants grow five times faster than using traditional methods.

The AeroGarden is compatible with a wide variety of seed pods—basically Keurig pods filled with soil and seeds—allowing you to sprout everything from basil, parsley and other fresh herbs to larger plants like cherry tomatoes and lettuce. There are even some flower seed pods if you want to grow beautiful blooms.

AeroGarden Features

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t know how to grow plants, though.” That’s what is so great about AeroGarden—it’s truly beginner-friendly.

Oh, and here’s another great thing about the AeroGarden Farm 12: Once your plants are fully grown, you can transplant them to indoor plant pots and eventually add them to an outdoor garden, if you have one. The brand provides plenty of tips on how to successfully transplant your plants, and once they’re happily rooted elsewhere, you can start over again, sprouting fun new seeds.

How We Tested It

Aero Garden Salad Greensvia merchant

I’ve had my AeroGarden Farm 12 since October 2020. Since I’m a “salad a day” kind of gal, the salad greens seed pot kit made the most sense to grow first.

I actually found a good spot for the AeroGarden in my basement, where the temperature was cooler and ideal for growing lettuce. I synced my AeroGarden to my phone, and every few days, I got a friendly garden tip on how to keep it growing successfully. It even sends helpful alerts when I need to add plant food or more water to the system. Plus, I can adjust the amount of light through the app (there’s a touch-screen control panel on the unit itself, too) or even sync it up to Alexa and give it voice commands. How’s that for smart?

After a few weeks, tiny leaves emerged from each of my pods. Once they reached a good pruning stage, my first harvest yielded enough salad greens for a family of three—and then some. I’ve continued to harvest beautiful, vibrant greens and herbs that are so perfect they should be photographed in our studio! (Truly, any food stylist would be smitten with these greens.) The AeroGarden Farm 12 even features a trellis system to support tall growers like tomatoes and peppers.

I did grow basil and let me tell you, it was beautiful! Darker green in color, tight leaves, intense flavor. Dill and parsley also turned out gorgeous and delicious. When you purchase herb bundles from the grocery store, you always get so many gnarly herbs mixed in with the pretty, fresh-looking ones. And there’s always six times more than you can ever use! When you grow your own in an indoor garden, you get just what you need, and a little extra. Nothing goes to waste.


  • Ability to grow herbs and plants year-round with little maintenance
  • Yields beautiful results that are significantly better looking than store-bought greens
  • Trellis feature makes it easy to grow tall plants and veggies like tomatoes
  • Sprouted plants easily transfer to pots
  • Produces just the right amount of greens without any going to waste
  • Herb, veggie, salad, flower and custom seed pods available


  • Assembly is simple, but it takes some time
  • Consistency with watering plants and adding nutrients is key to their success
  • Some AeroGarden models are on the pricey side


How long do plants last in AeroGarden?

AeroGarden plants typically last for two months. Lettuce and greens sometimes last up to three months. Flowers take about three to four months to grow. After that, they last for up to two months.

Does AeroGarden use a lot of electricity?

AeroGarden prides itself in using low amounts of energy to operate. The amount of electricity used depends on the size of your AeroGarden. Larger models like the Farm 12 use around 126 watts per month whereas smaller models use around 13 watts per month.

Where is the best place to put an AeroGarden?

It’s up to you! The beauty of AeroGarden is it doesn’t require natural light, so you can place it wherever is best for you. Countertop models are ideal for, well, the kitchen counter, but they can also live on a side table or shelf. Large models like the Farm 12 require more countertop space, or they can sit on their own in any area of the house.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

I’m not the only one who’s thrilled with AeroGarden. Here’s what other reviewers had to say:

Kim B., a happy AeroGarden reviewer writes, “We have a plant based lifestyle without the time to garden in our yard. I’m in love with AeroGarden! Right from set up, everything is absolutely simple and great. I have already ordered two more units—a Farm 24 and a bounty because I love this so much. It’s great being able to grow our own greens and herbs.”

Another AeroGarden purchaser adds, “We’re 60 days in and starting to get tomatoes and have had a great harvest of lettuce. Looking forward to fresh produce all winter!”

Final Verdict

I’ve used the AeroGarden Farm 12 for more than two years and have zero complaints. The biggest hurdle was just setting it up when it first arrived. Once it’s assembled and ready to ‘grow,’ it’s low maintenance. Yes, you need to add fresh water and nutrients along the way, but that’s no big deal. It’s so rewarding to grow indoors. I’ve tried two other brands of indoor gardens, and I can confidently say I like AeroGarden the best. (And I know you will, too.)

Where to Buy the AeroGarden

Aero Garden Farm 12via merchant

Ready to grow the indoor garden of your dreams? Find the model that works best for you on the brand’s website. I tested the Farm 12, which goes for $700. (Although you can often find it on significant sale.)

Other AeroGarden models go for $100 to over $1,000, with the countertop versions being the most affordable. It also makes a thoughtful gift for gardeners—especially those who live in cold weather areas.

Once you start growing with AeroGarden, check out our ways to cook with fresh herbs like basil and thyme. Keep in mind you can always store herbs in the fridge to make them last longer. If you’re flush with greens, we recommend whipping up one of these delicious springy salads or trying a few recipes for hearty greens like spinach and kale. The sky is the limit when it comes to these fresh ingredients!

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