How to Use Wine Bottles to Water Plants While You’re on Vacation

This DIY wine bottle plant waterer is genius!

You might know the best time to water plants is before they start to droop. But what do you do when you’re away for a weekend? For plant parents, traveling means finding a way to keep your plants alive!

Turns out, an empty wine bottle can be made into the perfect slow-drip irrigation system to water your houseplants and container gardens. It’s easy and it’ll help to keep your plants hydrated and happy while you’re gone.

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Using a Wine Bottle to Water Plants

Using Wine Bottle to Water PlantsClaire Krieger/Taste of Home

Dominique Charles, the founder of Plots and Plans, recently stopped by the Today show and shared her garden tips for keeping your plants watered with an empty wine bottle.

She says that plants need a slow and steady water source when you’re away. Just one heavy watering before you head out doesn’t do the plant any good, as it just floods the pot and then the soil quickly dries out. Instead, make a DIY wine bottle waterer when you leave for a weekend or mid-week getaway.

This wine bottle hack will provide a water supply for several days that will be slowly absorbed into the soil. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Rinse out an empty wine bottle and fill it with clean water
  • Quickly turn the bottle over and insert the mouth of the bottle into the soil.
  • Give the bottle a second or two to level out and make sure it will stay upright in the soil.

How Does This Work?

The weight distribution of the water in the inverted bottle means the water won’t rush into the soil all at once. Instead, it will slowly trickle out over the next few days. This will let the wine bottle function as an irrigation drip system for the plant. The plant will have a chance to absorb the water at an even pace and have it work its way through the soil to the roots.

This wine bottle waterer will keep your plants evenly hydrated for several days while you’re gone. If you want to return to beautiful blooms, put this plan in place before you pack your bags. Your plants will thank you!

Alice Knisley Matthias
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