10 Wine Tasting Party Game Ideas to Play as You Sip

Serve up endless laughs with these fun wine tasting party game ideas.

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Hosting a wine tasting party is a great way to bring all your friends together. It’s the perfect excuse to kick back and crack open a few bottles of your favorite wines—plus, who could ever say no to a beautiful cheese platter or chocolate pairing? To keep everyone entertained, try planning one (or more) of these wine night activities, all of which are guaranteed to keep your guests laughing. New to wine tasting? Check out the best tips, according to a sommelier.

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Draw the Wine Label

You can see who’s the most artistic in the group by playing an easy drawing game at your party—no skills necessary. Don’t let anyone see the labels on the wine bottles, and after each tasting, have everyone draw what they think would be an appropriate label. The wilder, the better! Couldn’t finish every bottle? Use ’em up in these tasty recipes.

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Wine Bingo

Discover who has the most discerning taste buds with a little game of wine Bingo—or Wine-o, if you will. Create a bingo card by putting one type of wine—Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, etc.—in each square. To play, conduct a blind taste test and place a token on the square that you think matches each sample of wine. When someone gets bingo, check to see if their tastes were on-point. You can make it extra fun by having a prize for the winner. One of these gifts for wine lovers would be perfect.

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Describe This Wine

People often use flowery language to describe wines, but you can make it a little more lively with some silly prompts. Make up cards that say things like, “If this wine was a celebrity, who would it be?” or “Use a word that begins with R to describe this wine.” These fun tasks are sure to deliver endless laughs. Prefer trivia? Here are 5 facts about rosé wine you probably didn’t know.

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Follow House Rules

The great thing about hosting any party at your home is you get to create the house rules. Spice up your gathering by implementing a silly mandate for everyone to follow. For instance, your rule might be, “if you sip your wine using your right hand, you’re out” or “if you say the word ‘fruity,’ you’re out.” Keep track of who is still in the game throughout the party. P.S. These entertaining must-haves are SO worth the splurge.

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Categories—with a Boozy Twist

The game “Categories” is a classic, as it’s fun to play and easy to learn. Basically, you choose a category, then go around the table naming items in it. If someone hesitates or repeats an item, they’re out! For your gathering, give the game a fun twist by only using alcohol-themed categories, such as red wines, rum cocktails, vodka brands, etc. Study up for your turn with our best beverage tips and recipes.

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How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

If you have a group of couples coming over, you can play a version of the “Newlywed Game” to see how well the partners know one another. Have two small white boards handy, and take turns asking each couple questions like, “does your partner prefer red or white wine?” and “what’s your partner’s go-to drink at the bar?” Hosting real newlyweds? Pass along this list of classic dinner recipes great for new couples.

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The Price Is Right!

Some people swear they can taste the difference between cheap and expensive wine, so why not turn this bold claim into a little competition? Give everyone a piece of paper, and serve them a few glasses of wine at different price points. Have them guess the price of each bottle, and see who comes the closest. Want a budget-friendly option? We the most popular boxed wines and found a winner.

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How Many Corks?

Have you ever has to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar? You can do the same thing with wine corks! Save up corks for a month or so before the party, then put them all in a jar and have guests guess how many there are. While you’re at it, ever wonder if corked wine is better than screw-top bottles? Here’s the 411 on this common question.

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Wine Trivia

Discover which of your friends is a sommelier in the making with a few rounds of wine trivia. There are plenty of fun facts online, and you can play individually or break up into teams, depending on how many people you have.

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Wine Bottle Ring Toss

Don’t send your guests home empty-handed! Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine, and set them all up in a triangular formation. As people leave, have them toss a ring at the bottle from a few feet away, and whichever bottle they hook is the one they get to take home. Little ones in attendance? Make edible party favors for the kids, too!

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