10 Nifty Ways to Reuse Bottles and Jars

Rethink garbage day and turn your old bottles and jars into charming home decor and gifts.

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Save your recyclables from the recycling bin with these five ways to reuse bottles and jars. Repurpose them into adorable home decor and thoughtful gifts for friends and family. (Here’s what going plastic-free looks like!)

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Baby playing with rattles

Create Rattles for Your Little Ones

Vitamins not only boost your immune system, the bottles can be reused for musical instruments for the kiddos when filled with rice, marbles, water and coins. Mom blogger @thehomesihavemade reused her colorful vitamin bottles to create her own baby toys for her son. Make sure the bottles have safety caps to ensure the contents remain in the bottles and not in your tot’s mouth.

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Soda bottle turtles

Get Crafty with the Kiddos

Save your Sprite bottles for the next rainy day you’re looking to do a craft with the kiddos. These cute turtles created by @bam_crafts just require the bottle, construction paper, scissors, glue and markers. Simply cut the bottom off from your bottle and use as your shell.

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Taste of Home

Gift Your Favorite Cookie Mixes

Give cookie mixes to your sweeties in the various jars and bottles you have around your house. Layer the ingredients neatly in the jar for a polished look, include a recipe card, and finish up with a ribbon so it’s ready to gift.

You can also use jars like this one to pack up a lunch! Try one of our best jar salads.

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Keep Your Countertops Tidy

Organize those messy countertops by corralling kitchen utensils in used bottles and jars. (It’s one of our favorite ways to gain more counter space!)

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Create a One of a Kind Soap Dispenser

Once you’ve finished off your favorite pint of gelato, you may be tempted to toss it in the trash, but hold off. Cut a hole in the top and secure a soap pump to it. Now, you’re left with an adorable soap dispenser that’ll add some flair to any kitchen (or bathroom).

By the way, here are our favorite ice cream treats you can make in your own home! No parlor needed.

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Sip on Something Sweet

If you have some spare mason jars, jelly jars or sauce jars lying around, why not use them as drinking glasses? It’s super fun and simple to do. Plus it makes guests feels special and trendy. Just be sure to wash them first!

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Craft a Candle

Take a wine bottle from a special occasion you can’t bear to part with, and turn it into a personalized candle. Fill it with any scented wax you’d like and you can preserve the memories forever. If you do decide to try this DIY, be careful cutting glass.

Although, if you find yourself wishing your home smelled like a vineyard, we definitely recommend this candle.

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Fresh Organic Ripe Strawberries with Powdered Sugar on Black Plate.
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No Need to Buy a Sugar Duster

Have you finally gotten to the bottom of a spice bottle? Rinse it out and fill it with sugar! It creates the perfect sugar duster to finish off your beautiful (and delicious) desserts. These ones taste just as good as they look. 

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Make an Artsy Tissue Box

You’ll want to make one of these before allergy season kicks in. Decorate a mason jar however you’d like, stuff it with tissues and leave an opening at the top. They’re sweet, functional and oh so fun!

If you’re too busy to embark on a craft project, check out this Etsy shop that will make them for you.

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Craft a Beautiful Set of Wind Chimes

Spruce up your porch or patio with a gorgeous set of bottled wind chimes. There are endless ways to design them, so you’re sure to love whatever you craft. Take inspiration from this Etsy store or this Pinterest board.

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