10 Genius Ways to Store and Organize Water Bottles

Updated: May 15, 2024

With all of the beautiful water bottles on the market, it's no surprise you need a place to store 'em! We've rounded up the best organizers for bottles big and small.

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Youcopia Upspace Water Bottle And Travel Mug Cabinet OrganizerVIA MERCHANT

Reusable water bottles have never been more popular: they help protect the planet, save you money and can be incredibly cute and trendy. Chances are you probably have a growing water bottle collection in your pantry or kitchen cabinets that could use a little organization. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out how to store your water bottles so they are neat and tidy but still easy to access, give one of these clever water bottle storage ideas a try.

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Altsales Wine And Water Bottle Organizer

Wine and Water Bottle Organizer

This wine and water bottle organizer can be used in your refrigerator or pantry so it's always easy to find what you're looking for.

To add a pop of color to your kitchen, try this wine and water bottle organizer. Its stackable design and size make it a smart solution for storing slimmer water bottles. Although you can stack this organizer in your pantry or cabinets, we think it’d be a great refrigerator drink organizer, too—especially as a place to store chilled wine.

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Wire Basket
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Wire Storage Basket

You can never have too many storage baskets, and this rectangular basket is perfect for keeping your water bottles neat and tidy.

Instead of trying to cram all your favorite water bottles into your kitchen cabinets, line them up neatly in this wire storage bin. This is the easiest and most budget-friendly water bottle storage idea because you can buy these holders one by one as your collection of water bottles and tumblers grows. Speaking of organization, you need to see this genius lid storage solution.

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Youcopia Upspace Water Bottle And Travel Mug Cabinet Organizer

Adjustable Cabinet Organizer

Make the most out of your cabinet space with this efficient, adjustable water bottle organizer.

Water bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why some of the best water bottle storage ideas are adjustable. This water bottle and travel mug organizer is a great organization hack that enables you to place all your water bottles inside your cabinets. There are both two- and three-shelf versions to suit your needs.

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Scoop Wire Basket
via merchant VIA MERCHANT

Scoop Wire Basket

This versatile storage basket is the perfect way to keep your water bottles organized and at the ready.

Here’s another great wire basket option that even has extra room for pot and pan lids, as well as other kitchen tools. This scoop wire basket is tall and deep but still able to fit within your pantry or cabinet. Line up your water bottles by size, and you’re good to go!

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Over The Door Storage Rack
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Over the Door Pantry Organizer

If you have a lot of water bottles, this over the door pantry organizer is a perfect for storing them without taking up any cabinet space.

An over-the-door rack is the perfect pantry organizer for when you’ve run out of shelf space. This six-tier pantry organizer is no exception, and it doubles as a clever way to organize your spices, too.

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Slim Storage Cart
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Slim Storage Cart

Turn the tightest spot in your kitchen into the perfect water bottle storage solution with this slim storage cart.

If you have a gap between your fridge and the rest of the cabinets, why not use that space to solve your water bottle storage issues? This slim storage cart will slide into the thinnest of gaps in your kitchen. We’d recommend the three- or four-tier option.

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Hyacinth Natural Storage Bins
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Storage Bin with Handles

Keep your water bottles out of sight and out of mind, yet organized at the same time with these woven storage bins.

When it comes to organizing everything from spices to cleaning products, baskets are always a good kitchen storage idea. These woven storage bins come in a variety of sizes, so you can use the large size for bottles and the smaller version to store lids, straws and other accessories. Add a label to the bin’s side, and you’ll never lose the top to your favorite Starbucks cup again.

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Lazy Susan Turntable
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Lazy Susan Turntable

This lazy susan turntable makes it easy to find your favorite waterbottle in your cabinet or pantry.

In terms of convenience, this pantry and cabinet staple tops the list. A Lazy Susan eliminates the need to reach to the deepest, darkest part of your cabinet or pantry. With a spin, you’ll have access to all your water bottles and tumblers without knocking everything over and creating a water bottle apocalypse. Find more Lazy Susan ideas.

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Over The Door Hanging Organizer
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24-Pocket Hanging Organizer

This over-the-door organizer isn't just for shoes! It's also a great tool for storing your water bottles.

Sure, these over-the-door organizers are typically meant for your shoes. However, this 24-pocket hanging organizer will fit any Starbucks cold cup or Thermos. Hang this organizer over your pantry or mudroom door, and you’ll have all your to-go cups ready, well, to go!

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Bamboo Drawer Dividers
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Expandable Drawer Divider

Transform your drawers into your perfect water bottle storage solution with these expandable dividers.

You don’t have to rely on your countertops or shelves to organize water bottles. If you have deep drawers, use this expandable bamboo drawer divider. Whether you place your water bottles flat or upright, these dividers will keep things sorted. The dividers also work as a utensil organizer. And we love this expandable cutlery tray from the Pioneer Woman, too.

What to Look For When Shopping for a Water Bottle Organizer

When shopping for water bottle organizers and storage solutions, first consider where you’d like to store your water bottles. If you have space available in your pantry or cabinets, you’ll likely want to opt for a water bottle organizer of a very different style than if you need to create space using an over-the-door hanging rack. Think about how many water bottles you need to store and their sizes, then choose an organizer to accommodate your collection. Most organizers are relatively affordable, but it’s still worthwhile to consider the price before purchasing.

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How We Found the Best Water Bottle Organizers

Water bottles tend to become a major source of disorganization in many kitchens, so choosing a water bottle organizer is important to keep your cabinets and pantry from feeling cluttered. We researched and reviewed a broad assortment of water bottle organizers in search of those most efficient and with the smallest footprint. We considered the size of each storage solution, how many water bottles they can accommodate and the total cost. Ultimately, we found that the best water bottle organizers help maximize your space and make it easy to find the water bottle you need whenever you need it.


How do you store empty water bottles at home?

How you store empty water bottles at home depends on your available space. If you have cabinet or pantry space, you may want to choose a storage solution or organizer designed for those spaces. If space is limited, opt for an over-the-door option to help maximize storage space.

Should I store water bottles open or closed?

When storing water bottles, it’s important to ensure they are completely dry before storing them to prevent the growth of mold, mildew or other bacteria. Once they are dry, you can store them either open or closed, whichever you prefer.

Does washing water bottles in the dishwasher sterilize them?

If you use your dishwasher’s hottest setting followed by a heated drying cycle, your water bottles will be sterilized at the end of the washing and drying cycle.