The 42 Best Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Kitchens can collect a lot of clutter. Save space (and a little sanity) with these storage and organization ideas.

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Though it’s often associated with power tools and garages, a pegboard is one of the most useful kitchen organization ideas—especially for kitchens with limited cabinet space. Use this white pegboard to show off your prettiest kitchen tools—including cutting boards, pans and bakeware.

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Pegboard Hooks 50 Pack 1inch And 2inch L Hooksvia merchant

Pegboard Hooks

Hang just about any kitchen utensil from your pegboard with these stainless steel hooks. They can be easily removed and arranged to fit your kitchen organization needs.

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Psst! Don’t forget the rest of your house! Take a look at these Amazon organization items that’ll get the job done.

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Pegboard Basket used for kitchen organizationTMB Studio

Pegboard Baskets

These wire baskets are designed to hang on any pegboard, offering ample kitchen storage and organization for produce, pantry items and even books (lightweight ones, that is).

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Threebythree Seattle Matte Black Round Magnetic Tinsvia merchant

Magnetic Tins

These magnetic tins are an ideal kitchen organization idea for storing small supplies while maximizing your refrigerator door. Store chip clips, safety pins and paper clips in these handy tins. (Pro tip: If you have extra spices that need a home, consider these tins).

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The Home Edit By Idesign Clear Rolling Kitchen Cartvia merchant

The Home Edit Rolling Kitchen Cart

If you’re short on cabinet or counter space, this rolling kitchen cart is a must-have (and doubles as a beverage cart when entertaining guests). Store canned goods, baking supplies or non-refrigerated sauces and condiments on this rollable kitchen organizer. Maximize the storage space by pairing the cart with The Home Edit’s clear bin organizers.

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Under-the-Sink Sliding OrganizerTMB Studio

Under-the-Sink Sliding Organizer

Take advantage of unused space under the sink with this two-tier sliding kitchen organizer that holds cleaning supplies. We love how it screws right into a cabinet base, making it much more stable than similar sliding storage units.

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Spice Drawer Organizer shown in open kitchen drawerTMB Studio

Spice Drawer Organizer

Get the convenience of a spice rack without cluttering your shelves with this tiered spice drawer organizer. Spices lay flat, so you can grab that garlic powder without toppling the rest of your seasonings—here’s a guide on how to organize spices. Check out these genius spice storage ideas, too.

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Spaceaid Bamboo Drawer Dividers With Inserts And Labelsvia merchant

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Maximize kitchen drawer space with these adjustable dividers. Whether you’re organizing cooking utensils, measuring cups or random kitchen gadgets, these dividers are adjustable so items stay in their own place. (Bonus: These dividers are a miracle worker for organizing clothing drawers).

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Marafansie Hanging Kitchen Baskets Wire Storage Basketvia merchant

Adhesive Wire Baskets

Clear up kitchen counter space with these adhesive wire baskets that stick on cabinet doors or a backsplash. They’re wide enough to store produce, oil or even cleaning supplies.

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Sliding Pan And Lid Organizer inside a lower kitchen cabinetTMB Studio

Sliding Pan And Lid Organizer

If you’re frustrated with the way you’re currently storing cookware lids, this sliding lid holder is the answer. Vertical dividers prop lids on their sides, freeing up extra space in cabinets. Plus, this kitchen organizer extends forward so you won’t find yourself digging in the back. It’s one of the best pots and pans organizers money can buy.

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Lynk Professional Pull Out Under Cabinet Organizer Sliding Shelfvia merchant

Sliding Shelf

This sturdy sliding shelf is ideal for organizing pots, pans and large kitchen appliances in a way that’s still accessible. Choose from a variety of widths and dimensions based on the size of your cabinets.

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Ecrocy Adhesive Cup Holder Under Cabinetvia merchant

Adhesive Coffee Mug Rack

If you suffer from overflowing mugs in cabinets, this adhesive cup holder is for you. It slides right onto the bottom of tall cabinets, freeing up space for other kitchen goods.

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Pantry Door Organizervia merchant

Pantry Door Utility Rack

Over-the-door organizers are one of the most convenient ways to free up space. We love this over-the-door rack for pantries because it includes small and large baskets for holding canned goods, cardboard food boxes or beverage bottles. Plus, the baskets can be rearranged without taking items out of their holders.

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Shelf Risersvia merchant

Shelf Risers

One of the hardest parts of organizing kitchen cabinets is making sure you’re getting the most use out of their space. And if they’re tall or deep cabinets (or an awkward mix of the two) it’s an even bigger feat—until now. These editor-approved stackable shelf risers instantly add more vertical space to kitchen cabinets and countertops, making them ideal for storing serving ware or food. Plus, they happen to be unbelievably stylish.

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Water Bottle Organizervia merchant

Water Bottle Holder

This free-standing water bottle holder not only works wonders for keeping copious amounts of water bottles organized—it doubles as a wine rack. Stack the two tiers in the fridge or cabinet, or keep them separate for dual use.

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Beverage Can Dispenservia merchant

Beverage Can Dispenser

Say goodbye to cardboard with this beverage can dispenser that easily slides into the refrigerator. It’s designed to hold a 12-pack of cans, and you can see when you’re low on stock without digging through any cardboard beverage boxes.

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Grocery Bag Dispenservia merchant

Grocery Bag Dispenser

Plastic bags finally have a home thanks to this mounted grocery bag dispenser. It holds up to 30 plastic bags, and it comes with screws and adhesive tape for easy mounting on cabinet or pantry doors, shelf or any clear wall space.

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Two-Tiered Lazy Susan inside a kitchen cabinetTMB Studio

Two-Tiered Lazy Susan

We’re not sure why it’s dubbed “lazy,” because this rotating organizer is one of the hardest workers in our pantry. Give it a twirl and the items once pushed to the back of your cabinet are front and center. We love this two-tier turntable that doubles the space.

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Magnetic Knife Barvia merchant

Magnetic Knife Holder

Big bulky knife blocks should be a thing of the past. Not only do they take up valuable counter space, but they can also collect some pretty icky bacteria, too. (Read all about it.) Opt for a magnetic holder instead. This stainless steel magnetic knife bar  installs right into your wall and has a powerful magnet that keeps knives securely in place.

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Clear Food Containers for dry foods pantry kitchen organizationTMB Studio

Clear Containers

Ditch the flimsy packaging and save space with a set of our Test Kitchen’s favorite food storage containers. Each container is built with an airtight seal ensuring your dry goods don’t go stale. Get a five-piece starter set that’s great for sugar, spices, pasta and more.

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Stackable Fridge Binsvia merchant

Stackable Fridge Bins

Keep produce fresh and organized with this set of eight refrigerator bins. We love that they maximize vertical space by stacking on top of each other.

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Stackable Pantry Binsvia merchant

The Home Edit Stackable Pantry Bins

Not only are these clear pantry bins large enough to store a variety of goods, they’re stackable too. Use these bins to organize pantry goods by category for professional-level kitchen organization.

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Kitchan Cabinet Organizervia merchant

Mudeela Pots and Pans Organizer

Not only does this kitchen cabinet organizer safely store pots, pans and even their lids, it’s adjustable to your space. Assemble one of three ways depending on the size of cabinet: horizontal with pan handles sticking up (best for organizing baking pans, frying pans and cutting boards); vertical on one side; or vertical on both sides (this takes up the most cabinet space, but it’s best for fitting both pots and pans). Plus, the racks are adjustable, so pots and pans of all sizes can fit. You’ll be thanking yourself for installing the best-selling Mudeela pots and pans organizer every time you go to grab cookware.

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Hanging Fruit Storagevia merchant

Hanging Produce Basket

A hanging fruit basket is the space-saving kitchen item you didn’t know you needed. This hanging fruit basket doubles as a produce and plant holder. Though we recommend it for storing fruit, the options are endless—and beautiful—with this three-tiered kitchen organizer.

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Under Shelf Hanging Basketvia merchant

Under-the-Shelf Basket

Tall cabinet shelving can leave extra empty space ripe for the taking. Install an under-the-shelf basket to hold items like plates, mugs, linens or ramekins.

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Adhesive Paper Towel Holdervia merchant

Adhesive Paper Towel Holder

Conceal paper towel rolls with this adhesive holder that sticks under cabinets or horizontally on lower cabinet doors. You’ll be happy with the extra kitchen counter space every time you cook a meal.

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Over The Door Cabinet Storagevia merchant

Cabinet Door Storage

The inside of a cabinet door is the perfect place to store small slender items. This over-the-cabinet door organizer is ideal for holding foil, plastic food bags and cutting boards.

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Tea Carouselvia merchant

Tea Bag Carousel

Tea lovers, listen up! Flimsy cardboard tea packaging can take up a ton of space. Instead, organize your chamomiles, Earl Greys, herbals and more in this nifty tea carousel. The organizer fits almost 60 tea bags and makes a neat caddy when hosting, too.

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Utility Sink Rackvia merchant

Sink Rack

Keep kitchen cleaning tools organized with this sink utility rack that holds sponges, used cutlery and even a towel.

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Roll Up Over The Sink Drying Rackvia merchant

Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

This roll-up dish drying rack may not seem like a kitchen organizer. But once you free up your kitchen counter from drying dishes, you’ll instantly notice how much of a space-saver this rack is. Available in three sizes, this rack also doubles as extra counter space for chopping produce.

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Clear Bin Organizersvia merchant

The Home Edit Clear Bins

Keep the stackable bins coming! This set of eight clear bin organizers are long enough to store multiple items, yet compact to keep smaller items (like peanut butter jars and chip bags) neat.

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Wooden Drawer Organizersvia merchant

Cutlery Organizer

This bamboo cutlery organizer is a number-one best seller on Amazon for multiple reasons. It expands to fit almost any drawer size and has plenty of compartments for organizing knives, forks, spoons and random kitchen gadgets.

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Stackable Junk Drawer Organizersvia merchant

Junk Drawer Organizers

Every kitchen has a dedicated junk drawer. And sometimes that junk drawer is so disorganized to the point where it’s not functional. Turn your junk drawer into a home for random kitchen and office supplies with this 25-piece plastic organizer set that includes a variety of bin sizes for optimal storage.

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Space Aid Food Wrap Organizersvia merchant

Foil Organizer

Keep plastic wrap and foil organized with this bamboo wrap dispenser that easily slides in a drawer or cabinet. Plus, it contains a sliding wrap cutter for clean cuts every time.

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Marie Condo Birch Turntablevia merchant

Marie Kondo Decorative Turntable

This birch turntable is pretty enough to leave on the kitchen counter. Keep those bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar organized—and accessible—with this decorative lazy susan.

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Hanging Wine Glass Rackvia merchant

Hanging Wine Glass Rack

This hanging wineglass holder attaches underneath your cabinet, storing your glasses stem-side-up. You’ll have easy access when you uncork that next bottle of Chardonnay.

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Refrigerator Pull Out Storage Binsvia merchant

Pull-Out Fridge Bins

Tired of produce piling up in the fridge? This pull-out storage bin makes chaotic, disorganized fridges a thing of the past. Simply snap the railing system onto a shelf for easy organizing.

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Clear Egg Storage Containervia merchant

Clear Egg Container

Not only is a clear egg container ideal for seeing how many eggs you have on stock, but the hard outer surface and lid also make it sturdy enough to stack other refrigerator goods on top. Thus, freeing up vertical space.

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Stackable Wire Basketsvia merchant

Stackable Wire Baskets

Don’t forget about floor storage! These stackable wire baskets are optimal for storing onions, potatoes and non-refrigerated veggies on the pantry—or kitchen—floor.

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Keurig K Cup Storage Drawervia merchant

K-Cup Drawer

The Keurig is one of our favorite appliances, but K-cups can quickly turn into an unsightly mess. The solution? This K-Cup drawer. It’s sturdy enough to support your Keurig on top, freeing up essential kitchen counter space.

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Lazy Susan Turntable with condiments in the refridgeratorFamily Handyman

Lazy Susan Turntable

Lazy Susans aren’t just great for pantry organization—they work wonders in your fridge, too. Add one to any shelf to corral jams, mustards, pickles and sauces. We like the non-skid grip on this turntable that prevents jars from flying off. (Psst! Check out this list of must-have kitchen organization tools under $10 for more ideas.)

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YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizervia merchant

Lid Organizer

No matter how you stack ’em, plastic lids for storage containers can become a real mess. When we’re looking for kitchen organization ides to save our sanity, we reach for this handy lid organizer. It has adjustable dividers that help keep square or circular lids snug. How’s that for tidying up?

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