The 7 Best Onion Storage Containers of 2023

An onion storage container goes a long way in decluttering your kitchen counter while preserving produce for several weeks. We found the best options for every type of kitchen and pantry.

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The Pioneer Woman Stoneware Onion Keeper Ecomm Via
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The Pioneer Woman Onion Storage Container

If there’s one onion storage container you’ll be proud to display on your kitchen counter, it’s this gorgeous Pioneer Woman onion keeper. It delivers on the most important element of storing onions—ventilation. The sturdy stoneware is accented by floral designs, and three evenly-distributed ventilation holes keep onions (and garlic) fresh for long periods of time. Bonus: It complements The Pioneer Woman potato storage container.

“It’s a beautiful high-quality ceramic typical of the Pioneer Woman line,” shares Beth, a five-star Walmart reviewer. “She has beautiful classic designs that remind me of a country kitchen with timeless style that hearkens back to an era of simplicity.”

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Jute Hanging Onion Wall Basket Ecomm Via
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Jute Hanging Onion Basket

Short on space? Try this jute hanging onion basket. It maximizes vertical space while adding a pop of modern farmhouse flair to any kitchen or pantry. The eco-friendly jute basket hangs comfortably from hooks and is such an adorable, space-saving kitchen storage idea. You’ll want to pick up a few more to store fruit and veggies. Pro tip: We recommend the large size for sturdy onion storage.

“They’re great quality and very sturdy,” shares one Etsy reviewer. “I ordered a large and it fits five tangerines, one apple and one orange.”

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Kitchen Counter Basket With Bamboo Top
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Stackable Wire Baskets

Here’s a pantry organization tip: Opt for stackable pantry storage containers, like these farmhouse-like stackable wire baskets that are ideal for produce. The metallic black wire is durable enough to withstand several pounds of root veggies at a time while keeping them sprout-free for weeks without worry. Amazon shoppers love the bamboo lid that makes them stackable. Not to mention the label tag for easy organizing. Set them side by side, on top of each other or in separate areas of the kitchen—they’re oh-so-versatile.

“I used this in my pantry for fruit and the other for potatoes, and onions,” writes Sarkai, a verified Amazon reviewer. “It’s nice to be able to grab into the side rather than digging for things in the bottom from the top. I was also able to stack cans on top of it, making more room for other things in the pantry. Looks cute too.”

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Ga Homefavor Potato Kitchen Cainster Ecomm Via Walmart
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Vintage-Inspired Onion Storage Container

These vintage-like, cream onion canisters make a timeless addition to any kitchen aesthetic. They’re made of durable, powder-coated sheet steel, providing a dark, temperature-controlled environment. This set of three canisters acts as an onion, potato and garlic keeper all in one, offering plenty of space to stash produce in style. Until it’s time to make a crock of French onion soup, of course!

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Natural Elements Onion Bag
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Onion Storage Bag

When onions are exposed to light, they aren’t kept at optimal freshness. That’s where this functional, farmhouse-style onion bag comes in handy. It boasts a blackout lining to prevent natural light from poking in, thus keeping onions fresher for longer. The drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close and stores in any area—even the kitchen island cart. This onion storage holder is ideal for keeping five to eight pounds of onions at a time. Speaking of genius produce keepers, this avocado keeper is a must-have.

Matt, a verified Amazon reviewer, writes, “These bags are fantastic. Wish I bought them years ago. I grabbed the onion and the potato bags and both are easily lasting 3-4 weeks longer with no smells, getting soft or growing eyes. Love them!”

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Golden Nature Bamboo Fruit Basket Ecomm Via Amazon
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Two-Tier Bamboo Baskets

Declutter your produce collection in style with this two-tier bamboo basket. It offers ventilation from three different angles and enough capacity to store up to seven pounds of fruit, veggies, onions and potatoes on the kitchen counter or pantry shelf. You’ll feel like you’re shopping at a farmers market every time you go to grab produce.

“I purchased this to store my onions and potatoes,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, cathyscat. “It looks like furniture for your fruits and veggies. It was very simple to put together even with my arthritic hands and only took a few minutes. All screws and tools came nicely packaged and ready to use.”

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Hutzler Classic Food Savers Ecomm Via
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Onion Saver

For times when you need to store cut veggies, this onion saver has your back. This unique kitchen gadget doubles as a product that reduces food waste by locking in freshness and keeping onion odor from spreading through the entire fridge. No more wrapping half-used onions in plastic wrap, this onion storage container is the perfect little home for partially used produce.

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How do you prepare onions for storage?

If harvesting your own onions, you’ll want to cure (aka dry) them before putting in storage. Simply move them to a dry, dark area under layers of newspaper. Otherwise, onions can go straight from the grocery store into onion storage containers. No need to wash them before storage!

How long can onions last in storage?

If kept in a cool, dry place, like inside onion storage containers in the pantry or cabinet, onions can last up to two to three months.

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