I Reorganized My Kitchen Using TikTok’s Favorite Pantry Labels—Here’s How It Went

Updated: Jul. 31, 2023

These trendy pantry labels let me take charge of a cluttered dry goods closet—and they're SO cute!

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I’m always looking for easy pantry organizing tips that streamline my larger-than-life, monthly bulk purchases of pasta, rice, flour and nuts. With five kids to feed, our kitchen cabinets are nearly overflowing with snacks and pantry staples, which is why I had to try the TikTik-famous pantry labels. They’re a chic kitchen storage idea, not to mention they make life easier thanks to keeping dry goods in sight and in order. With over 900 Etsy reviews, households of all sizes are clearly fans of these genius labels.

What are pantry labels?

Pantry labels are essentially fancy stickers. They’re typically water-resistant and adhere to plastic, glass and stainless steel for years without worry. They’re a clever pantry organization idea because they ensure every item has a home, whether it’s nuts, chocolate chips, flour or pasta. Mixing up ingredients is one of the worst pantry organizing mistakes and something that’s avoided with a labeling system. Clearly-worded pantry labels relieve confusion while putting essential ingredients front and center.

These modern jar labels come in multiple set and size options. The standard sets include staples like flour, sugar, nuts and oats, while the customized label options allow for more specific ingredients and even non-pantry items.

Once they’re applied to a clean, hard surface like glass or plastic pantry storage containers, they withstand mild kitchen spills. A few saucy splashes of water and oil won’t damage them, though they shouldn’t be fully submerged in water or run through a dishwasher. They’re easy to wipe down with a dab of soapy water on a sponge or cloth.

Etsy reviewers say these labels make ordinary kitchen cabinets look like “fancy coffee shops or hotel lobby bars.” These labels also make thoughtful, budget-friendly hostess gifts. See for yourself in this satisfying TikTok video from @lifeofnicks that makes us all want to organize our cabinets immediately.


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How We Tested Them

a variety sheet of TikTok Food Pantry LabelsBryce gruber for Taste of Home

My pantry labels arrived in a sleek white envelope with instructions to only use them on smooth surfaces like glass, plastic or metal. The instructions advised cleaning containers with soapy water first. I’m heavily committed to good pantry organizing ideas, so I got to work rinsing my favorite Rubbermaid Brilliance containers, mason jars and glass storage containers.

Then, I chose which labels I wanted to use. I decided on almonds, almond flour, nuts, snacks and chia seeds as the first contenders because my kids constantly scream, ‘what’s this stuff again?,’ when they see these ingredients.

The labels peeled off quick and easy, neatly adhering to my durable pantry organization bins. The 1.8-inch square size was perfect for identifying each container’s ingredients without taking away from their minimalist, transparent aesthetic.

I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d fall in love with them until I saw them in action against a few spills. Believe it or not, they do wipe down with a damp dishcloth and minimal effort. I found this out the hard way when my coffee cup went flying out of my hand one fateful morning. And boy, was I surprised to see completely unstained paper labels gloriously holding up on my tallest containers.

Pantry Label Features

TikTok Pantry label on a tall plastic storage container filled with nutsBryce gruber for Taste of Home

These pantry labels are available in standard sets or customizable options. The labels are printed on white, water-resistant polyester paper. They feature a modern, minimalist design that honors all kitchen aesthetics. Order as few as five custom labels or as many as 50 standard labels at a time.


  • They make pantry organization a breeze thanks to clear, concise labeling
  • Minimalist, modern design
  • Water-resistant polyester paper
  • Strong adhesive works with most smooth, hard surfaces
  • Available in standard or custom label options
  • Square, rectangle and circle shapes are available


  • Though moderately priced, buying 50 at a time may feel like a splurge
  • Not dishwasher-safe or intended to submerge in water


What types of labels do the standard sets include?

A standard set of 20 labels includes basics like all-purpose flour, almond flour, almonds, baking powder, baking soda and beans. The set of 50 offers bonus items like coconut flour, collagen and cookies.

Can these labels be peeled off and reused?

No, they’re not reusable.

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

“Perfect for my needs,” shares verified Etsy purchaser, Candis. “There were so many half-used bags of duplicate items in our pantry. I had enough of the pantry looking like makeshift storage for junk items. I bought jars and baskets, then popped these labels on. My pantry is finally organized, clean, and accessible again. Highly recommend these labels for an easy update to your kitchen area.”

Hannah, another Etsy purchaser, marveled at the customer service. “I ordered custom labels, and they came out beautifully! She even included extra. Will definitely be ordering again for future projects. Amazing quality and timely shipping. Very impressed!”

Final Verdict

If you like neat, clutter-free cabinets (who doesn’t?), pantry labels are the minimalist addition you’ve been waiting for. They’re easy to use, fun to look at and keep everything in perfect order. They’re also easily customized for specialty ingredients like chia seeds and garam masala, which is a rare treat in a world full of ho-hum salt, sugar and flour labels.

Where to Buy the Pantry Labels

Toh Ecomm Tiktok Pantry Lables Via Realandvibrant Etsy.comvia merchant

Get your own pack of pantry labels from Etsy shop RealAndVibrant. Prices start at just $10, but you’ll want to act fast. Every time they go viral on TikTok, they tend to temporarily sell out.

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