20 Easy DIY Kitchen Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023

Full kitchen remodels are expensive and take months to complete. But transformation doesn't have to come at such a high price. Check out these DIY kitchen ideas to refresh your space at a fraction of the cost!

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Under cabinet lighting
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Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Give your kitchen a warm glow and improve visibility while cooking by installing DIY under cabinet lighting ($17 for 4 strips). It’s easy to do and really transforms the look of your kitchen, making it feel more modern by giving it an instant upgrade.

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Brushed Brass Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Handle
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Install New Cabinet Hardware

The quickest way to update any kitchen is to change out existing cabinet hardware. Because most hardware uses the same standard screws, swapping it out should take no more than an hour or two, and require nothing but a screwdriver. The options are affordable, so you can take risks, opting for a trendy finish like brushed gold ($25 and up for 25 pieces). Get 12 more kitchen design ideas here.

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Floating Shelf filled with random items
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Install a Floating Shelf

Install your own floating shelves anywhere you have open, blank spaces that wouldn’t fit a regular cabinet. Or, be bold and take down an upper cabinet and install shelves in its place. We love the look of these reclaimed wood shelves ($50 for 2).

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Painted tile backsplash
Courtesy of Create and Find

Paint Your Kitchen Backsplash

If your backsplash tile is in good shape, but isn’t a color that suits your tastes, you can actually give it an update with a coat of paint. You’ll definitely want to prime the tile before you give it a good coat of enamel paint to ensure it lasts for years to come, but this is a great project that can be completed for less than $25.

Create and Find gives all the details of how she DIY’d this in her own kitchen.

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Pendant Lighting
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Install New Pendant Lighting

Making the kitchen feel more bright and cheerful with some updated pendant lighting either over the kitchen sink or the bar area is a simple and affordable way to update the space on a budget. There are endless options that will fit any space, style of home and budget, and we especially love these modern farmhouse pendants ($60).

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Paint pens in various colors
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Touch Up Nicks on Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is probably the most high-traffic room in the house and is subject to a lot of wear and tear. Kitchen cabinets often wear the signs of their use the worse, getting nicked, scratched and dinged over time. Try freshening up those cabinets with a touch-up pen. They’ll look almost good as new! These paint pens ($10) come in a variety of colors.

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New vinyl flooring
Courtesy of The Gold Hive blog

Update Old Flooring With Vinyl Floor Tile

Take on this weekend warrior project and transform your floor with peel and stick vinyl floor tiles, at a fraction of the cost that a complete flooring overhaul would be. Get creative with a pattern and do a black and white checkerboard like this from The Gold Hive blog, or stick with a classic hardwood look.

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Kitchen faucet
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Update Your Kitchen Faucet

Switching out your kitchen faucet to something fresh and new ($162) may sound like a job only a plumber can handle, but rest assured that it’s an easy 2 hours or under fix that will make the most utilized area of your kitchen, the sink, take on a whole new look. If you get stuck, visit our friends at Family Handyman for tips.

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Recessed lighting
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Install Recessed Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference between a dark, outdated space and one that feels bright and cheerful. This DIY is a bit more complicated than your average DIY, but recessed lighting kits ($30) are affordable and is totally achievable for someone with an intermediate skill level. Don’t be intimidated though, as this is a project most could tackle in a weekend!

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Trolley cart
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Add Storage & Prep Space With a Floating Kitchen Island

If your kitchen didn’t come with the prep area of your dreams, no worries! Purchase a simple rolling kitchen island ($108) that you can pull out any time you need more space to chop, and utilize it for additional storage space.

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Rev-A-Shelf - 5PSP-15-CR - 15 in. Blind Corner Cabinet Pull-Out Chrome 2-Tier Wire Basket Organizer
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Make Use of Blind Corner Cabinets With a Corner Pullout

The dreaded corner cabinet, where items disappear into a black hole, can be easily fixed with a corner cabinet pullout ($280). Make your kitchen more functional and add storage space to an area that would otherwise go to waste with these sturdy and functional pull-outs. I have one in my own kitchen and it has been a lifesaver in terms of adding storage and functionality.

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Tiered spice rack
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Use the Cabinet Height With Tiered Organizational Units

Increasing the functionality of your kitchen behind the scenes can be as transformative as making aesthetic changes. One tip we always recommend is to make the most out of the height of your cabinets, by using organizers that allow you to tier and stack items for height, making for better visibility and access, such as this great tiered spice organizer ($19)!

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Food Bins filled with canned soup on the bottom and boxes of tea on top
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Organize Your Pantry Space With Food Bins

Again, we love adding functionality to the kitchen, and one of the best ways to do so is to organize all your pantry dry goods into separate, easy to access bins ($35). For instance, using separate bins for snacks, canned goods, grains and pasta is an easy way to keep track of inventory and find things when you’re trying to get dinner on the table in a hurry.

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Kitchen drawer organizer
Andrea Howe for Taste of Home

Organize Drawers & Cabinets In Cooking Zones

After using my kitchen for seven years, I finally decided to organize it into “zones.” I created a space for all the appliances we primarily use in the morning for breakfast, like our smoothie blender, toaster and waffle maker. Another drawer keeps all our baking accessories tidy and organized. Another drawer holds just our mixing and salad bowls. It has made the way I get around in the kitchen smoother and more efficient. Don’t miss these our 20 best kitchen storage ideas.

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Hang-over organizer
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Use All Your Space With Hanging Cabinet Door Organizers

One of the quickest way to add more space to a cramped kitchen is to pick up a couple of hanging cabinet door organizers, like this one ($16). They make a variety of options to hang and organize a variety of kitchen items, from paper towels, to spices, sponges and cleaning supplies.

Purchase here.

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Pull-out waste container
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Hide Your Trash Cans With a Do-It-Yourself Kit

If you’re tired of trash cans cramping your kitchen style, tuck them away by installing a pull-out trash container ($200) that you can install in just about any standard cabinet with minimal modifications and tools.

Purchase here.

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Chalk-style paint
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Repaint Your Fridge In a Bold Color

We love the recent trend of vintage-inspired or moody and dark colors, but colorful refrigerators can be quite expensive, especially if you have a perfectly good fridge at home already. But add a coat of primer and some chalk paint ($39), and you can transform your own fridge into one that stands out and becomes the highlight of your space!

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Pot holder
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Better Organize Pots, Pans & Lids

Tired of having to dig through a pile of pots, pans and lids to find the ones that fit together? Keep them more organized with a handy lid and pan organizer that keeps them easily visible and accessible. We think this adjustable organizer ($39) to fit your specific needs is brilliant.

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Coffee storage tray

Accessorize Your Countertop

Pick out a rustic tray to gather all your cooking staples like olive oil, salt and pepper, or create a coffee bar to really create a warm and welcoming vibe. Gather coffee mugs, sweeteners and even a fresh plant all in one space to create a cozy feel for you and your guests.

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