15 Fridge Organization Ideas You Haven’t Thought of—Yet

Have you seen these fridge organization ideas? Here are some starting points for creating—and maintaining—an organized fridge.

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Secret Fridge Drawer

Wishing for more drawer space? This fridge drawer insert is one of the smartest TikTok fridge organization ideas. I tried it and love that the drawer organizer creates space out of thin air. It neatly stores dairy products or loose ingredients without taking up precious shelf space. Just make sure to check the size and construction of your fridge shelves before ordering.

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Drink Dispenser

It doesn’t get more fun than this drink dispenser. As one of the best drink organizers, it contains three rows that hold four drinks each. I tried it in my fridge and love that it pushes drinks straight to the front every time one is removed. Plus, it feels like a custom fridge addition—minus the price tag. No more fumbling around to find that one soda in the back! You’ll also love this automatic drink dispenser for milk and juice.

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Herb Saver Pods

Free up space in the crisper drawer with these herb saver pods. Not only do they fit neatly inside the fridge door, they keep herbs fresher for way longer. Like, weeks longer according to one editor’s herb saver review.

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Fridge Shelf Liners
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Shelf Liners

Here’s one of the easiest fridge organization ideas that helps create zones for everything from produce to leftovers. Shelf liners protect fridge shelves from spills and help combat bacteria and odors. This set of refrigerator mats boasts over 6,000 five-star reviews. We love that they’re wipeable, you can cut them to size and they’re cushioned so they’re gentle on fruits and veggies. Plus, they add colorful pizazz to the inside of the fridge. Looking for another cute fridge accessory? The chilly mama is our go-to for beating weird fridge odors.

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Stackable Fridge Bins Ecomm Via Amazon

Two-Tier Organizer

Here’s an Amazon organization product that works just about anywhere in the home: Under the sink, in the pantry and of course, inside the fridge. The two-tier organizer is ideal for bulkier items like extra condiments or refrigerated flour and seed bags. It easily slides in and out for extra handy organizing.

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Mason Jars

We love mason jars just as much as anyone else, but these wide mouth, 16-ounce Ball jars are superior for fridge organization. In fact, they’re one of our editor’s favorite Amazon kitchen gadgets thanks to their easy-to-fill wide mouth. Storing pickled onions? Done. What about fresh herbs? You betcha. Their uniform design keeps them clutter-free whether they sit in the fridge door or top shelf.

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Narrow Fridge Bins Ecomm Via Amazon
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Narrow Fridge Bins

When it comes to the best fridge organization ideas, not just any fridge bins will do. Take stock of what items need extra care and attention in your fridge and go from there. More often than not, narrow fridge bins are essential. They corral everything from snack packs to random ingredients like a leftover avocado half.

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Vegetable storage.
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Glass Storage Containers

Though it sounds generic, this is one of the best fridge organization ideas that pays off in the long run. Invest in uniform food storage containers for organizing leftovers, pre-made salads or lunches and everything under the sun. These Rubbermaid glass containers neatly stack in the fridge, which is ideal for maximizing vertical space. Glass is ideal for reheating food and lasts for years. These glass storage containers go straight from the fridge and into the microwave or oven when dinner time calls.

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Beeswax Wrap

Instead of throwing small items like half of an apple or block of cheese into a corner of the fridge, first wrap it in beeswax wrap. Then, find a home for it inside a fridge drawer or narrow bin. Beeswax wrap is an eco-friendly solution for keeping food fresh without keeping it in a large food container that’s best left for leftovers.

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Kitchen Lazy Susan Ecomm Via Amazon
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Lazy Susans

You may have a lazy Susan in your pantry or cabinet, but putting one in the fridge is a game changer! We love these non-skid turntables for wrangling condiments. It comes in a pack of two just in case your fridge is overflowing with condiments (like mine). If not, throw the extra one in the pantry or cleaning cabinet! No more constantly shuffling items around, searching for something in the back.

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Fridge Organization 2
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Stackable Fridge Drawers

Fridge drawer space is priceless when organizing, but not all refrigerators are blessed with it. Luckily, these stackable drawers solve those organizing woes. We love that they contain an exterior shell that mimic a crisper drawer. Plus, the six-piece set comes with three interior cubes for holding berries, loose Brussels sprouts—you name it.

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Frigde Organization Storage Boxes Via Amazon
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Produce Keepers

Yes, produce and lettuce keepers are an essential fridge organizer. These stackable savers are one of our favorite produce keepers on Amazon. It comes with six keepers ideal for berries, greens, citrus and veggies. The interior drain tray keeps ingredients from becoming soggy while the lid’s vent hole maintains proper air flow. They give fruits and veggies a longer life by keeping them separate. Produce lovers, consider investing in a Guac Lock and Bluapple produce preservers, too.

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Deep Fridge Bins For Fridge Organization
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Deep Fridge Bins

Deep, stackable bins like these fridge organizers are ideal for two reasons: They round up loose baggies or ingredients and they stack. Trust me, these bins were my go-to when organizing my fridge for $100.

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Food Storage Bags
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Reusable Storage Bags

Let’s be honest. It’s real easy to throw just about anything into a freezer container. But, when that’s the case, the fridge tends to overflow with storage containers when ingredients can easily be consolidated. We love reusable storage bags for consolidating leftover rice, pre-made salads or sandwiches and even soup. Pro tip: Place ’em in a deep fridge bin to keep the reusable bags together in one place.

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Fridge Labels Via Etsy
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Fridge Labels

Once everything has a home, it’s time to label! Cute and functional, these sticker labels are ideal for labeling fridge organization bins, produce keepers or the fridge’s crisper drawers and door shelves. Labels not only help identify what’s in each container, but they also can be used for expiration dates and to help everyone in the family know where items belong. Labels double as a genius freezer organizer idea, too.

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