5 Best Drink Organizers for Your Fridge

Updated: Mar. 26, 2024

We found the best drink organizers for your fridge so you can grab water, soda, juice and wine with ease!

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We all have our favorite drink of choice—some alcoholic, some fruity, some bubbly. However, the cardboard boxes that your favorite soda or sparkling water comes in can quickly make organizing your fridge tricky. Plus, they make it much harder to save space. After all, there’s only so much room in your fridge door!

That’s where purchasing a drink organizer for your fridge can save the day. These type of organizers can help you learn how to organize your fridge with little hassle.

What to Look for When Buying a Drink Organizer for Your Fridge

There are some key considerations to keep in mind when looking for great fridge or freezer organization ideas. You’ll want to consider:

  • Visibility. Look for clear or open-ended containers so you can quickly view all the drinks you have at your disposal. Plastic or glass are great materials for fridge organizers, as they’re easy to clean (and are often dishwasher-safe).
  • Size: You’ll need to make sure you’ve picked the right storage solution for your fridge and drinks. Depending on which drinks you’re trying to organize, it may be best to opt for a stackable design or one wide container to fit it all. We’ve selected drink organizers that fit everything from small cans to tall wine bottles.
  • Accessibility: You’ll want to pick a drink organizer where you’ll be able to quickly grab your drink. With the original packaging for sodas or sparkling waters, you’re always digging in a cardboard box. An organizer keeps every option at your fingertips.
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Toh Ecomm Water Bottle And Drink Holder For Kitchen Via Amazon.com via merchant

Best Overall Drink Organizer

iDesign Water Bottle Fridge Storage Container

Balancing value, function and size, this water bottle fridge storage container by iDesign will fit anyone’s needs. Don’t let the name fool you—thanks to its size, this refrigerator drink organizer fits more than just water bottles! Verified Amazon user, Victoria, describes how the containers are perfect for her water and energy drinks. The best part about this organizer is how versatile it is. With a raised ridge in front, you won’t have to worry about your beverages spilling out.


  • Great value and quality
  • Can fit almost any drink
  • Pairs well with other fridge and freezer solutions


  • Wine or taller bottles won’t fit

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Toh Ecomm Display Technologies Drink Organizer Via Amazon.com via merchant

Best Drink Dispenser

Display Technologies Visi-Fast Drink Organizer

The Display Technologies Visi-Fast drink organizer is an excellent solution if you want a vending machine in your fridge. No more reaching toward the back of your fridge to get your drinks! The great thing about this drink organizer’s design is its huge capacity to hold up to 80 cans or bottles. You can adjust the organizer if you need room for your other food storage solutions, too.

It holds 12- to 16-ounce drinks, and you can fit most water bottles, teas and beer. You could even store food such as yogurt cups, canned fruits or containers for soups.


  • Dispenser-like structure lets you have multiple drinks on one shelf without knocking over others
  • Detachable, so you don’t have to take up the whole shelf
  • Sturdy quality, so you’ll know your drinks won’t move


  • On the larger side
  • On the pricier side of drink organizers

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Toh Ecomm Soda Can Holder Via Amaozn.com via merchant

Best Stackable Drink Organizer

Two-Set Stackable Soda Can Dispenser

Pair this set with a great produce keeper and you’ll have an amazingly organized fridge. This stackable refrigerator organizer set from Amazon comes with a removable top, so you can either stack them together, or place any yogurt, fruit cup or can on top for more storage. With its low price, you can even buy another set to have four soda can dispensers.


  • Stackable, so you can use any tall space in your fridge instead of shelf space
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Some Amazon reviewers noted that the material was “flimsy” and not very durable

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Toh Ecomm Soda Can Holder Via Target.com via merchant

Best Soda Can Organizer

Brightroom Soda Fridge & Pantry Organizer

Target always has great home decor, and its Brightroom collection has great storage solutions. This soda fridge and pantry organizer is no exception! You’ll be able to see what drink options you have and store them easily. With its open top, you can even use it to organize your freezer and store frozen vegetables or snack foods.


  • Great value
  • Narrow frame and size lets it fit in almost any fridge
  • Clear, so you’ll see exactly what you’re grabbing


  • Not stackable

How We Chose the Best Fridge Drink Organizers

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