People Are Obsessed with This Genius $11 KitchenAid Attachment Organizer

It clears clutter and keeps your best KitchenAid attachments within reach at all times.

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Kitchenaid Mixer Triple Attachment Moun Via FusedLine/

If you’re always looking for clever ways to organize your baking supplies, clear clutter and streamline kitchen storage, this genius KitchenAid mixer attachment organizer is going to really impress you.

It clears your best KitchenAid attachments from counters and overcrowded drawers. Better yet? It keeps them on display in an artistic way that’s always within reach.

What is a KitchenAid mixer attachment organizer?

Instead of just tossing your beater attachments in a drawer or your KitchenAid stand mixer bowls for storage, this brilliant product uses a space-saving under-cabinet mount system. The KitchenAid mixer attachment organizer comes with room for either one or three beater attachments—the choice is yours. Hundreds of positive customer ratings say this specific model is the least damaging option for cabinets because the screws hide inside prong mounts. In our kitchens, it’s become a baking essential right next to loaf pans and quality ingredients.

If you’re not committed to screwing this device into your cabinetry, you can opt for a double-sided tape version, too. That option uses professional-grade tape to firmly hold your mixer attachments for years to come.

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How to Use a KitchenAid Mixer Attachment Organizer

Whether you’re using a fancy new KitchenAid Light and Shadow stand mixer or one of the brand’s original colors, this attachment organizer is a breeze to use. Installation is easy and doesn’t require any significant level of handiwork. Either mount the strip with the included shallow screws to your cabinetry or shelves or opt for the extraordinarily strong double-sided tape. Both options are clearly presented before you add this accessory to your cart, and both effectively store your favorite KitchenAid stand mixer accessories. (Psst! Have you tried the KitchenAid bread bowl?)

Either way, installation takes less than five minutes and allows you to make all your favorite KitchenAid stand mixer recipes faster than ever since you’ll be able to skip the hassle of searching for components. The lightweight PLA plastic construction also comes in three neutral shades. This makes it easy to wipe down when it comes time to clean the kitchen. If you own a KitchenAid, you need an appliance slide mat, too.

The Best Etsy User Reviews

“This is perfect!” writes enthusiastic Etsy purchaser MMS11291 of the accessory that brought her best stand mixer to the next level. “I waited a few months to leave a review to make sure it was still stuck on the cabinet and I’ve had no issues at all. Very sturdy and has helped organize my kitchen so well.”

Adrian Brown, another KitchenAid mixer attachment organizer fan says it is “Such a simple, elegant solution to a storage problem! I can keep all the attachments together, and they aren’t taking up precious drawer space—especially the whisk.” Adrian chose the silver shade and suggests it to anyone with light-hued kitchens.

Where to Buy the KitchenAid Mixer Attachment Organizer

Kitchenaid Mixer Triple Attachment Moun Via FusedLine/

Since this KitchenAid mixer attachment organizer is custom-made with a 3-D printer and isn’t an official product from KitchenAid itself, the only place to score one is on Etsy. It’s definitely one of the kitchen organizing ideas that will save your sanity. Plus, it’s a feel-good purchase because you’ll be supporting a small business offering American-made goods from Seattle, Washington. Prices start at just $11 depending on the options you choose, so you can’t afford not to buy it.

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