16 Things You Never Thought to Make with a KitchenAid

Move over, cookies and cakes. There are new KitchenAid mixer recipes in town. We'll show you how to make the most out of the oh-so-versatile stand mixer with just three basic attachments.

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Making meatballs can be tough on your wrists—especially when whipping up a big batch. Save your energy by letting a stand mixer do some of the work. Simply toss the breadcrumbs, eggs, seasonings and any other add-ins from your favorite recipe into the mixing bowl. Use the paddle attachment on a low speed to combine the ingredients. Then, add the meat until mixture is lightly but thoroughly incorporated.

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Shredded chicken

Whether you’re shredding chicken for a crowd or a single sandwich, let your stand mixer do all of the work. No forks required. Simply toss cooked, boneless chicken into the mixing bowl, secure the paddle attachment and turn the mixer on a low speed. Voila! In just a few seconds you’ll have effortless pulled chicken.

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Guac lovers, listen up. The days of mixing your favorite chip dip by hand are over. Make guacamole in a stand mixer by placing halved avocados, lime juice and your favorite seasonings in the mixing bowl. Use the paddle attachment on a medium speed to combine. Then, stir in diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and any other add-ins you’d like.
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Pizza dough

No bread machine? No problem. You can still make easy homemade doughs—no kneading required. Just attach a dough hook to your mixer and let it work its magic. Your dough is done when it’s smooth and elastic.
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Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a holiday favorite, but they can take a toll on your time (and energy!) when mashing by hand. Lighten up your workload by making oh-so-creamy potatoes in your stand mixer. The paddle attachment makes quick work of boiled potatoes, butter, milk and any add-ins you desire. Just mix the spuds on a low or medium speed until you reach the desired consistency.
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Stuffed shells filling

Stuffed shells are a comfort food classic, but they can be tedious to assemble. Make the task easier by preparing the filling in your stand mixer. Blend the cheese, seasonings, egg and any other add-ins on a medium speed with the paddle attachment. Once combined, scoop the mixture straight from the bowl into the cooked shells.
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No appetizer spread is complete without a good dip, but it takes time to chop and combine all of those ingredients. Use your stand mixer to speed up the process. When making spinach and artichoke dip, for example, mix together the cream cheese, mozzarella, seasonings and other base ingredients until smooth. Then, throw in the spinach, artichokes and other veggies. In just minutes you’ve made a creamy-yet-chunky dip that’s ready to pop in the oven.
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Macarons don’t have to be intimidating. The secret is to get your egg whites perfectly whipped—and a stand mixer can help you do just that. Let the egg whites reach room temperature, then beat with the whisk attachment until stiff peaks form.

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Scrambled eggs

We know that scrambled eggs are super easy to make by hand. But when whipping up a big batch for company you’ll appreciate your stand mixer’s power. Simply crack the eggs into the mixing bowl, secure the whisk attachment, and add your desired amount of milk and seasonings. Blend for a minute or so until the eggs are fluffy and light.
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Pulled pork

Take the mess out of pulled pork by shredding the meat in your stand mixer. Use the paddle attachment and a low speed to tear apart warm meat. Just be sure to cut the roast into medium-sized pieces before attempting to shred it—placing a whole roast in the bowl will overwhelm your machine.
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Meat loaf

Meat loaf oftentimes requires that you mix the ingredients multiple times. When you use a stand mixer, you’ll cut down on both prep time and dirtied dishes. Start by beating the eggs. Then add in the milk, bread and other ingredients. Finally, add the meat and mix well. With just one bowl you’ve made a hearty dinner.
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Cheesecake filling

Cheesecake filling can be a real pain to mix by hand—especially if the ingredients are cold. Minimize the muscle by mixing up your filling in a stand mixer. Just blend all of the ingredients until super smooth and pour into your prepared crust.
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Add extra flavor to your butter with herbs and spices. Just place softened butter in the mixer, add your seasonings, and let the mixer evenly incorporate. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, make the butter from scratch by placing heavy cream in the stand mixer. Whip it on high speed until butter starts to form. Drain away any excess liquid, and that’s it! You have fresh, homemade butter.
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It’s tough to combine stiff ingredients—like ice cream and butter—by hand. Use your stand mixer to create these sweet Polish treats. Trust us, your arm will thank you.
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Lasagna filling

Lasagna is a labor of love, but that doesn’t mean it has to take hours to make. Speed up the process by preparing at least one of the fillings in your stand mixer. Create the cheese layer by blending together ricotta, eggs, mozzarella and more with a paddle attachment on medium speed.
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Homemade marshmallows are SO much better than the store-bought kind. And with the help of your stand mixer, they’re not too challenging to make. Once you’ve brought all the ingredients to a boil, pour the liquid into your stand mixer and beat on high until the mixture is thick and has doubled in volume.

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