11 Smart Ideas for Organizing Your Baking Supplies

If you're digging through the pantry to find sprinkles or searching high and low for your muffin tin, it's time for a change. Discover our best ideas for organizing baking supplies.

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Kitchen Bakers Rack
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Designate a Baking Cabinet

The first step of organizing baking supplies is gathering them all together. Designate one kitchen cabinet, pantry shelf or better yet, a bakers rack, as a baking supplies hub. We love this wooden bakers rack for the job. It boasts a wide countertop area, four shelves, a wire basket and S-hooks for hanging measuring cups or pretty supplies. A kitchen island cart is also a smart kitchen storage idea for baking gear.

It’s tempting to spread things throughout the kitchen wherever they fit, but having a central baking station will simplify your baking—and cleanup.

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Clear Shaker Jars
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Streamline Sprinkles and Spices

Use a paper plate or a funnel to transfer all your baking spices and sprinkles to matching clear jars, and store them together for easy access. Trust us, just seeing that rainbow display of sprinkles every time you bake will put you in a cheerful mood! If storing in a drawer or cabinet, check out these spice storage ideas, too.

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Magnetic Measuring Cups And Spoons
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Simplify Measuring Cups

Ever get frustrated rooting around a messy drawer, looking for the right measuring cup? Instead, opt for magnetic measuring cups that stack together with ease. You can also hang measuring cups on hooks, but the magnetic option is ideal for storing them in a drawer or pantry bin.

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Silicone Cupcake Liners

Scale Down the Cupcake Liners

Did you know there are reusable, silicone baking cups? Not only do they help scale down that overflowing collection of cupcake liners, they’re endlessly reusable. They’re one of our favorite reusable items that save money and reduce waste.

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Kitchen Bakeware Rack
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Stand Up That Bakeware

Stacking baking containers can cause a cluttered mess in your cabinet. Instead, use an organizing rack like this adjustable bakeware organizer. It keeps baking pans and sheets upright and easy to pull out the moment a cookie craving strikes.

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Sea Grass Baskets
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Grab Some Baskets

We’ve never met an organizing job that can’t be solved by some baskets. These seagrass baskets are ideal for storing baking supplies or ingredients. Dedicate one for cookie cutters and another for piping supplies or electric mixer attachments. Unlike some pantry storage containers, they aren’t see-through, so everything stays concealed whether it’s on the bakers rack, cabinet or pantry shelf.

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Pantry Storage Containers
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Consolidate Baking Ingredients

Investing in a set of clear storage containers is a pantry organization tip you’ll thank yourself for later. This set covers all your bases: A brown sugar container with a brown sugar saver; flour keeper with a level for measuring; large granulated sugar container; powdered sugar container with a dusting spoon; and two more containers for sprinkles, chocolate chips or baking soda. We tried these TikTok viral flour and sugar containers and they’re a game changer for bakers.

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Acacia Wooden Lazy Susan Via Amazon.com Ecomm

Put a Lazy Susan to Work

A rotating tray isn’t just for the dinner table. Grab one or two and set them on a shelf to store oils, sprays and flavoring extracts. It’s a simple way to corral all those little jars and bottles, and you can grab what you need with one quick spin! You can’t go wrong with these lazy Susan turntables for organizing baking supplies, either.

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Display Pretty Items

Don’t feel pressure to keep everything behind a cabinet door. If you have a collection of beautiful cake stands, pastel mixing bowls or attachments for your pride-and-joy stand mixer, let them shine on a pegboard! Display them with a little potted plant to make an attractive vignette. This method clears up some storage space for your less attractive items, and adds some unique decor to your kitchen.

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Cupcake wrapper storage
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Stack Odds and Ends

Mason jars are a smart idea for organizing baking supplies like cupcake liners and cookie cutters. Stack them up tall and slide them into the jar. They won’t topple over, and you’ll be able to see the quantity and colors that you have in stock. Here’s how to organize the pantry with mason jars.

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Wrought Iron Hooks
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Rack Your Rolling Pins

Time to display the rolling pins! These wrought iron hooks are incredibly durable to hold even your finest rolling pins. Arrange the hooks vertically on the wall for a beautiful rolling pin display that frees up pantry or cabinet space.

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