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12 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea drinkers love their accessories. We've rounded up top-rated tools and gear for brewing, sipping, and traveling with tea, plus a few whimsical ideas, just for fun.

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Cat Tea Cup with Infuservia

Cat Tea Cup with Infuser

Infuse your cup of tea with good humor. Cat lovers will enjoy this whimsical mug ($13) with a fish-shaped infuser nestled in the belly. Plus, the glass sides let you keep an eye on the strength of the brew inside.

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Colorful Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettlevia

Colorful Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle

Pro tea drinkers know it’s quicker to boil water in an electric kettle than on the stovetop. This stainless steel kettle ($40), available in a range of colors, brightens up your countertops.

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Silly Socksvia

Silly Socks

Not every tea gift has to be strictly useful. These cheeky socks ($12) invite tea sippers to kick back and relax! Let family and friends fetch a fresh cup. Get more food-inspired fashion accessories.

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Stovetop Safe Tea Potvia

Stovetop Safe Teapot

Glass teapots with built-in infusers are a popular way to brew loose-leaf tea. This teapot ($17) makes it even easier: it’s stovetop safe, so you can use it to boil, brew, and serve tea, all with one vessel. Use it to brew one of these tea recipes you haven’t made yet.

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Travel Mug and Brewervia

Travel Mug and Brewer

Sometimes, you’ve gotta sip your tea while racing out the door in the morning. This insulated thermos ($28) keeps tea warm during long commutes, and it includes an infuser for on-the-go brewing.

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Electrici-Tea Mugvia

Electrici-Tea Mug

I can’t resist including this mug ($16), perfect for fans of science, history, and fun. Drop your tea bag into the mug, and the tag becomes the “kite” of Ben Franklin’s famous experiment.

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Iced Tea Makervia

Iced Tea Maker

On a hot day, nothing beats an ice-cold cup of tea. This iced tea infuser ($23) brews two quarts of tea, which makes plenty to share (or not!).

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Animal-Shaped Silicone Tea Infusersvia

Animal-Shaped Silicone Tea Infusers

Brew tea straight in the mug with a silicone tea infuser. These animal-shaped infusers ($16) lounge against the rim, crane their necks upward, or perch over the varieties, adding a charming touch that’s guaranteed to start conversations in the break room. Don’t miss 12 more kitchen accessories for animal lovers.

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Sampler Packsvia

Sampler Packs

Die-hard tea enthusiasts never tire of trying new varieties of teas. Every category of teas, like black and herbal, has countless sub-varieties with their own unique flavor profiles. This pack of 48 distinctive teas ($14) might just include their next favorite. You’d be surprised at what recipes you can make with tea.

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Honey Sticksvia

Honey Sticks

Honey dissolves into tea more easily than sugar, and its stronger flavor complements most types of tea. (It also has some impressive health benefits.) These honey sticks ($12) are perfectly sized for cups of tea, and they’re easy to bring along on work or travel.

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Perfect Tea Spoonvia

Perfect Tea Spoon

Sized to hold exactly one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea, this sturdy spoon ($9) gives tea makers control over the ratio of their brew. Sometimes, a simple tool, well-designed, is the gift they’ll use every day. Have a vintage tea set? Here are a few genius ways to upcycle it.

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Tea Organizervia

Tea Organizer

It’s a pleasure to select a tea from this bamboo display box ($30), which keeps tea bags organized and makes it easy to see when your stash is running low.

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