Tea Recipes

Looking for something to sip? Try one of our iced or hot tea recipes! You’ll also find milk and green tea recipes, plus more healthy tea recipes.

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Surprising Recipes You Can Make with Tea

These tea recipes are for anyone who can’t get enough black, chai or green tea.

We Tried Costco Bubble Tea. Is It Worth the Hype?

Costco bubble tea means you no longer need to head to a boba shop.

Pink Drink

Whether you've seen it at the beach or on your favorite Instagram account, the Starbucks Pink Drink is still one...

If You Love Bubble Tea, You Need to Try This Jelly Drink Hack

Did you know you can make an imitation bubble tea with gummy candies? It's an easy and fun hack.

Matcha Martinis Might Just Be the Latest Up-and-Coming Cocktail of 2023

Bright green in color, the matcha martini is a beautiful, eye-opening and of-the-moment cocktail.

This Geometric Cast-Iron Teapot Comes in 6 Colors for a Cool Kitchen Addition

Whether it's English breakfast or Earl Grey, brew up a cuppa in style with this pretty cast-iron teapot from Amazon.

What Is No Joe January? Why You Should Consider Giving Up Coffee in January

People are giving up coffee for a host of reasons this month. Here's what you need to know.

What Is High Tea?: Your Guide to 3 Types of Tea Traditions

Find your answer to "What is high tea?" and more with this explainer on the time-honored traditions of English tea.

How to Steep Tea

It's time to cozy up and learn how to steep tea. We'll tell you how to make a cup (or...

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We Tried 7 Brands and Picked the Best Iced Tea

This summer, cool off with the best iced tea. Our Test Kitchen sampled seven popular brands to find the most...

15 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Hunting for gifts for tea lovers? We found clever gadgets, pretty tools and other ways to brighten their favorite drink.

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The Best Chai Tea to Spice Up Your Morning

Our culinary experts found the best chai tea options from loose leaf teas to spicy sachets.

How to Make Thai Tea

Thai iced tea is a creamy drink with a distinct flavor, loved by many around the world. It's the perfect...

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How to Make Bubble Tea (Boba Tea) at Home

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, first appeared in Taiwan but has recently exploded in popularity in the US....

This Tea Forte Iced Tea Pitcher Takes Summer Gatherings to the Next Level

Ready, set, steep! Summer gets way more refreshing with this pretty iced tea pitcher on your counter.

Blueberry Iced Tea

1 review

I enjoy coming up with new ways to use my slow cooker in the kitchen. If it’s going to take...

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What Is Sun Tea?

For many people, learning how to make sun tea was an essential part of growing up—but is this nostalgic method...

This Is the White Peach Iced Tea Recipe You’ve Been Waiting For

For the ultimate summer sipper, combine the flavor of fresh, juicy fruit with the refreshing taste of iced tea with...

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How to Make Perfect Iced Tea at Home

We'll teach you how to make iced tea three different ways: the traditional hot brew method, cold brew and harnessing...

The Best Iced Tea Bags for Summertime Sipping

Keep your cool this summer by sipping on a refreshing beverage made with one of these popular iced tea bags.

How to Cold Brew Tea and Make It Taste Great

For a sweeter, smoother steep, learn how to cold brew tea like a pro.

10 Soothing Teas to Keep on Hand

Make a cup of calming tea to relax and de-stress in mere minutes.

Cherry Limeade Sweet Tea

1 review

Sweet tea and cherry limeade are two of my favorite summer libations, so I decided to combine them—the results are...

What Is Chai Tea, Anyway?

Wondering what *is* chai tea? You're not alone. We're breaking it down for you, from its health benefits to a...

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What Is Matcha, Anyway?

Curious about matcha? Learn more about what's brewing with this bright green tea powder.

The Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Tea

Having a cup of tea can help soothe a sore throat. But research shows that the health benefits of tea...

8 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea (And How to Make Your Own)

Do you add cinnamon to your tea? You should! It makes for a spicy cup that tastes great, and there...

Is Green Tea Healthy?

Is green tea healthy? It's been linked to preventing just about every ailment—from cancer to puffy eyes—so let's take a...

This Is Why You Should Add Ginger and Lemon to Your Tea

Making a simple homemade tea with ginger and lemon isn't just tasty—these two simple ingredients boast major health benefits.

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31 Tea Recipes You Haven’t Made Yet

Whether you crave a refreshing glass of pineapple iced tea or a soothing pumpkin chai latte, these delicious hot and...