11 Best Tea Subscription Boxes for Sipping

Updated: Apr. 26, 2024

We tested 11 different subscriptions and over 30 different flavors and blends to find the best tea subscription box options for tea newbies, seasoned sippers and everyone in between.

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Cozy, comforting and flavorful—there’s nothing like a steaming mug of tea. From herbal concoctions to loose leaf and iced varieties, there are almost limitless different blends, flavors and brews out there. When it gets overwhelming to find new favorites (or you’re simply tired of stocking up on your tried-and-true blends each month), a tea subscription is an easy (and inexpensive) way to shake up your cup.

According to tea epicure Tony Gebely, tea subscriptions aren’t just for experienced tea drinkers. Instead, they’re useful for both those looking for new flavors and those curious about different brews. “Tea subscriptions are a great way for those new to tea to try a wide array of teas without buying large quantities of each. It’s also a great way to explore new types of tea and tea regions for those at any experience level,” he says.

These subscriptions also make excellent food gifts for those who appreciate comforting cup. Trying out a tea subscription box is a lot like enjoying a tea advent calendar every month. From less caffeinated options to exotic flavors and small batch blends, we found the best tea subscription for every type of tea drinker, whether you’re a brew newbie or a seasoned sipper.

Tea Runners
Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home KATIE BANDURSKI/TASTE OF HOME

Best Overall Tea Subscription

Tea Runners


  • High quality tea with unique flavors
  • Four box options: Black, Pure, Herbal or Original
  • Loose leaf, with tea bags for steeping
  • Each box includes four different flavors
  • Origins, steeping notes and ingredients included
  • Sleek, highly giftable packaging
  • Provides up to 50 cups of tea
  • Affordably priced


  • Box only comes with 10 tea bags

Our pick for the overall best tea subscription is Tea Runners, thanks to its approachable-yet-uncommon flavors, affordable price and incredible quality. Choose from four box options: Black, Pure, Herbal or Original. Each box includes four sampler pouches of tea, 10 tea bags and a postcard with some basic info about the club, tea origins and steeping instructions. Inside Senior Editor Katie Bandurski’s box, each tea impressed with its freshness and flavor.

She likens Moonlight Jasmine to “a warm summer night,” whereas Floral Nectar Black impressed with its subtle finishing florals. Even the Majestic Earl Grey impressed Katie, who isn’t a big fan of Earl Grey. “This is so delicious—much fresher than any Earl Grey I’ve had before,” she notes.

Tea Runners

Because of the myriad options available, Tea Runners is equally appealing to both beginners and seasoned drinkers. The Original Box is a great way to start experimenting and figuring out what flavors/types of tea you like. Then, you’d have the option to dive further into a specific type with the Black, Pure or Herbal box.

While the tea is loose leaf, each box comes with 10 tea bags for steeping, which Katie notes is not quite enough to get through all the tea. “You’ll need to supplement with another pack or a reusable option. I like this toucan or baby Nessie, but you could use plain ol’ stainless steel if you’re boring,” she says.

Verdant Tea

Best Tea Subscription for Experienced Drinkers



  • Unique brands and blends
  • Supports small farmers
  • Provides at least 75g of loose leaf tea
  • Each box contains 3 to 10 teas
  • Includes tasting notes and brewing tips


  • Flavors and brewing methods may be too adventurous for casual drinkers

Those looking for a more nuanced cup, turn to Verdant Teas. Partnering with small tea farmers, Verdant’s mission is to connect tea lovers with brands and blends that expand their horizons and support small growers.

To test this subscription box, we turned to David-Christopher Galhea, a devout tea enthusiast who shares the history, processing and tasting notes of popular teas (with a heavy dose of irreverent humor) on his YouTube channel, Strip Teas. Despite being an extremely discerning tea drinker, he was pleasantly surprised by the Verdant Tea subscription box, which he calls a good fit both for new tea drinkers and those with some experience under their belts.

Verdant Tea

David-Christopher describes Verdant’s selection of white, green, black and oolong teas as “diverse in their varieties but with more unique twists on the conventional types seen in the West.” He explains, “Dragon pearls are commonly rolled balls of green tea, but Verdant tea provided pearls in both white and pu’er varieties, which were a ton of fun to explore.”

He was impressed by Verdant’s teaware, too: “The gaiwan (porcelain steeping cup) was BEAUTIFUL, exquisitely crafted and perfect for the gongfu steeping method, which prioritizes short steeps and small sips for deeper appreciation and a calm, meditative drinking experience.”

David-Christopher recommends trying the Osmanthus-Scented Dragonwell green tea and Autumn Reserve Tieguanyin oolong.

Atlas Black Tea

Best Tea Subscription for New Drinkers



  • Varied-yet-familiar selection
  • Choice of pure, blended, herbal, green or a variety
  • Each box offers two different teas
  • Loose leaf, with compostable bags
  • If you don't love a flavor, your next one is free
  • Includes informational card
  • Affordable


  • Steep information sometimes misses the mark

If you’re familiar with our favorite coffee subscriptions, this name likely looks familiar. An extension of our beloved Atlas Coffee Club, the Atlas Tea box provides two types of loose-leaf tea every four weeks (or enough for 30+ cups of tea). Atlas offers a selection between pure and flavored teas and caffeine-free blends, or a combination of both. Each box comes with compostable bags for steeping, though drinkers should feel free to brew with your own steeper if desired. While folks cannot select the specific teas in each box, the choice of herbal or traditional tea tailors it to a number of tastes.

Each package of tea offers a description, tasting notes, caffeine content, and preparation tips including the tea and water quantity and recommended brewing temperatures and times. Our tester, David-Christopher, notes that this makes it an excellent choice for tea newbies. An included postcard gives an informative passage about a key ingredient that speaks to the cultural identity of that given country (e.g., the history and significance of lemongrass in Thailand).

 Atlas Tea

“Of the six teas provided, I received two herbals, one oolong, two greens, and one black tea,” says David-Christopher. “If you’re a casual tea-drinker looking to up your game from store-bought bags to loose leaf, this is a great place to start. At $14 per month for two loose-leaf, solid quality teas, Atlas Tea is a stellar value.” Now all that’s left is getting a fancy honey dispenser to display with your tea equipment.

Simple Loose Leaf

Best Budget Tea Subscription

Simple Loose Leaf


  • Very affordable
  • Options to receive two, three or four teas per box
  • Choice of caffeine-free herbals, black tea, green tea or a variety
  • Option to create a tea profile on the website for more tailored blends
  • Free gift with 3 months or more
  • Includes informational postcard with origins and club info


  • Not as diverse of a selection

Not sure what kinds of teas you enjoy, or just looking to top up your monthly selection? Opting for a budget-friendly tea box doesn’t mean settling for boring brews. At least, according to Simple Loose Leaf’s subscription box. Choose from two, three or four teas per box, with the priciest option ringing up at only ~$19 — a total steal! Each box contains a choice of caffeine free herbals, black tea, green tea or a variety.

Katie’s box arrived with Apple Cinnamon Herbal (which she likens to apple pie), Tropical Coconut Oolong, a balanced Blueberry Le’Mint and a simple-yet-complex Yi Mei Ren Black. She notes that it’s a good option for those looking to expand their horizons, but don’t know a ton about the different blends and brewing methods.

Simple Loose Leaf

“The Wide Variety Box is a great way to start experimenting and figuring out what flavors and types of tea you like,” says Katie. “Then, you’d have the option to dive further into a specific type with the Caffeine Free Herbals, Black or Green options.”

Another draw of the tea subscription is the ability to tailor each box to your taste if you order through the brand’s site. Simply fill out the quiz that goes through tasting essentials like flavors, caffeine levels and types. Through the site, you also enjoy a bonus set of reusable cotton steeping bags for each type of tea.

“I can’t believe how affordable these are,” reiterates Katie. “For the freshness and variety, truly a steal. Especially since I know you can spend that much at the grocery store for one of a tin you’re not even sure you’d like!”


Best Social Tea Subscription

Adagio communiTEA


  • Includes access to a community-only chat of fellow tea enthusiasts
  • 30 different teas per box
  • Ratings, reviews, information, brew instructions available online
  • Access to the tasting calendar; enjoy each day's flavor alongside other members
  • Very affordable at around ~$20 per month
  • Mix of approachable and exotic flavors


  • Box itself includes little information, since the community is online

Those looking for likeminded teafolk, listen up! Adagio’s communiTEA box offers more than just a selection of yummy brews. Each monthly box comes with a large variety of pre-selected single-packaged loose-leaf teas. This is intentional, since the program is set up to be a monthly community-based experience. CommuniTEA members follow a set calendar to steep and review teas each day, encouraging dialogue, reviews and tons of different perspectives. Each box contains 30 different flavors of loose-leaf teas in individual one-cup packages — that’s a lot to try! 

Only one small pamphlet is included in the box, encouraging you to leave your reviews on the community website. I wish they had included a print-out of the calendar, as it was a little hard for me to tell the order they encouraged the community to drink the tea,” says Deputy Editor Nicole Doster. “However, once you got to their website, there was a massive amount of information, including a description of the tea, where it was harvested, how to steep it and many reviews (sometimes in real time) from community members who have tried it.”


Some teas are more approachable and familiar like Lemongrass, Green Chai or Mango, while others are more complex like Code King Tea, a mix of ”kukicha and hojicha tea.The teas themselves have specific brew instructions, including temps and times, which might be best for the experienced tea drinker. That said, it’s also a fine choice for those new to the beverage, as there’s a huge active community that can help troubleshoot and give recommendations. 

I’d say this is a good pick for tea fanatics and those looking to explore new varietals in a virtual group setting,” notes Nicole. “I was especially impressed with the community around the teas—it feels like a darling secret community for tea lovers. If you log into their site, each day you can participate in a very active chat that contains tea drinkers from around the world discussing the tea of the day, occasional endearing life updates and fielding questions about the box.”‘

The Tea Spot Sipping Club

Best Non-Caffeinated Tea Subscription

Tea Spot


  • Choice between caffeinated or non-caffeinated teas
  • Affordably priced
  • Each box contains 25 servings of tea (both loose and bagged varieties)
  • Exclusive online Facebook group for subscribers
  • Good for exploring flavors and brew methods
  • 10% of profits donated


  • No additional documentation included with origin information

While lots of people enjoy tea for the energy-boosting benefits, those who prefer caffeine-free teas still have plenty of options. Enter Tea Spot, which offers three teas each month. I appreciate that you can choose between caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties. Both come with a bag of 15 pyramid bags and two smaller bags of loose leaf.

In my box I received a strawberry tea, a lemon sage tea and an orange smoothie blend, which made for a fun and varied brewing experience. Though all were fresh and fragrant, the orange smoothie was the my favorite. I opened up one of the bags and was able to spot dried oranges and fresh-looking herbs inside, which was impressive. I love that the scent and flavor are both very orange-y, without being too sweet.

Tea Spot

While a few brands offer similar caffeine-free experiences, Tea Spot also has its own inline community via a private Facebook group where tea drinkers can learn more about tea’s origins, functional benefits, and brewing tips. Even better, each box comes with free shipping, making it an affordable option for someone who likes both bagged tea and loose leaf or wants to experiment with brewing methods.

Free Your Tea

Best Quarterly Tea Subscription

Free Your Tea


  • Choose 4 teas bimonthly or 6 teas quarterly
  • Includes 100 tea bags
  • Tailored to your preferences
  • Option to pay per shipment or prepay for the year
  • Four Seasons (seasonal) and Varietea (curated) options also available
  • Each box offers 100-150 cups of tea
  • All subscribers can order specific teas rather than an assortment


  • No origin information or brewing instructions included

For some folks, a monthly delivery of tea is simply too much. That’s why we recommend Free Your Tea’s quarterly subscription for those looking to enjoy new or familiar flavors on a less frequent basis. A great option for tried-and-true tea drinkers, this tea subscription box comes with a choice of six teas quarterly or four teas bimonthly. Each box offers 100 tea bags, plus enough loose leaf to brew 100-150 cups. That’s a lot of tea!

The personalization options—including the chance to submit detailed information on your favorite types of tea, from flavor to caffeine content to ingredients—make this an excellent pick for tea drinkers that already know their preferences. There’s also the option to try their seasonal and curated options for a more “mixed bag” experience if you’re experimenting with flavors and types. While the price is a bit steeper (get it?) than other options, it does include a lot of tea, and billing takes place quarterly.

 Free Your Tea

Katie’s assortment included Passion Fruit Black, Cherry Black, Coconut Mango Green, Apricot Black, Botanical Black and Pineapple Black. The bright and juicy taste of the Passion Fruit and Pineapple Black made these two options her favorite. While she didn’t have much of a variety in her box, she notes that this is a positive for those who have preferences in place. “I think this is better for tried-and-true tea drinkers,” she says. “It’s good to know exactly what you like—because you’ll be getting a lot of it!”

For the casual sipper, the number of servings in each shipment may be too generous. But for folks that like the enjoy a few cups a day, the quality and quantity makes this a winner.


Best Tea Subscription for Stocking Up



  • Very inexpensive
  • Available as a monthly or weekly subscription
  • Pick your favorite flavor
  • Easy to brew


  • Only four flavors

Those hunting down a tea subscription box to top off their selection can’t go wrong with Partners. Home of some of our favorite espresso beans, Partners also offers a small selection of four specialty teas—including Apple Cider, Lemon Ginger, Moroccan Mint and Partners Breakfast—which can be set up as a weekly or monthly subscription. Each delivery contains 16 tea bags in a single flavor, though you can stack subscriptions to enjoy a variety if that’s your cup of tea.

While it’s not quite the same as the exploratory tea subscriptions above, it is a handy way to stock up on your favorite blends, especially if you’re not quite adventurous enough to enjoy surprise blends or complicated brewing instructions. There’s no option for loose leaf teas, so it’s a pretty straightforward cup—perfect for casual drinkers. It’s also a great companion to a soup gift basket when someone is under-the-weather.


I’ve tried all of the Partners flavors, and my personal favorite is the Apple Cider. It smells like apple pie and tastes like a warm, cozy cider. A very fall-centric flavor, this is definitely going to be my go-to come autumn. At around $10 per shipment, it’s as affordable as the specialty teas in the grocery store, and you don’t have to worry about running out.

Republic Of Tea

Best Tea Subscription for Exploring

The Republic of Tea


  • Each box includes large sample of up to 36 tea bags
  • First box arrives with a steeping tea mug
  • Choice of assortments, caffeine-free, full-leaf, green or wellness blends
  • Monthly shipment calendar available for viewing prior to purchase
  • Inexpensive compared to other subscriptions


  • No personalization options

Hello, citizen—have you heard of The Republic of Tea? Known for their premium brews and staggering number of blends (we’re talking over 400 flavors), The Republic of Tea may be the most well-known brand on this list. This tea subscription box is excellent for explorers, given that each month’s shipment comes with one of their gourmet samplers. Those that prefer a more tailored approach can try their other subscriptions, including a caffeine-free version, black tea, green tea, full-leaf varieties or wellness blends.

Choose between a six or 12 month subscription. Each box contains up to 36 bags, but most commonly they come in an assortment of 24 bags. One of the things I appreciate most about this subscription is that there’s a calendar available right on the listing page, so you can see what each month offers before you purchase. No matter which subscription you choose, the first month comes with a Daily Green Dancing Leaves Mug and steeper set, which is a very thoughtful inclusion.

Republic Of Tea

I’ve tried many of their flavors over the years, but their double matcha green tea is my favorite. While brewing, it offers that beautiful green hue that the tea is famous for. It’s also very flavorful, with a unique matcha flavor that some dislike and some adore (I personally love it!)

Magic Hour

Best Tea Subscription for Gifting

Magic Hour


  • Comes with a surprise gift each month
  • Monthly access to an optional Zoom class with the founder
  • Choice of portion size and tea container
  • Choice of month-to-month or 3-month subscription
  • Budget option without the class and gift available


  • Only wellness/herbal teas available
  • Pricier than other options, unless you try the tea only box

Magic Hour’s tea subscription box isn’t just a tea club—it’s a monthly dose of self care. Choose between the Monthly Magic box which includes a monthly gift along with the caffeine-free wellness blend or a budget option that only includes just the tea. This monthly shipment arrives beautifully packed inside a fun branded box, making it a stunning gift for tea lovers.

Each box includes a beautifully drawn Tarot card that explores the Hero’s Journey archetypes along with a coordinating loose leaf blend. I love that subscribers get to choose their portion size (available in an apothecary jar, pouch, travel jar or sampler pouch). The larger of the two brew 60-75 cups, while the smaller sizes offer enough for 10-15 cups.

Magic Hour

Each box comes with a special gift, in addition to the reusable tea container. As you sip on the herbal wellness blend, sit down for a monthly class with founder and Master Blender, Zhena, who explains the teas and Tarot inclusions. Or, opt for the tea-only box without the gift and class for a lower price.

My box arrived with two loose leaf teas (one of which arrived in a gorgeous, reusable glass apothecary jar), plus a tea bath blend and a tote bag. The additional inclusions make this a stunning comfort gift or birthday gift for a tea lover. The tea itself is very fragrant and fresh. I received the Lovers blend and one called High Priestess, which ended up being my favorite of the two. It’s minty, floral and SO flavorful.

While this pick may be too pricey to enjoy monthly (unless you opt for the tea-only box), it absolutely oozes quality and I love that you can choose your tea container each month. There’s even a QR code with return instructions for the recyclable packaging—sustainable!

Brews For Rescues

Tea Subscription With the Best Mission

Brews for Rescues


  • 50% of profits put towards animal rescues
  • Included is a toy and treat for your furry friend
  • Each box comes with two tea blends
  • Tea is fresh, fragrant and delicious


  • No choice of tea type

The only thing better than a tea subscription box is a tea subscription box you can share with your furry friend. Brews for Rescues is a box for animal lovers. Each month comes with two different loose leaf blends named after cat and dog breeds, along with a toy and handmade treat for your fur baby. Choose from a one, three, six or 12 month subscription.

As a dog and cat lover, it warms my heart that Puppy Paws Coffee & Company donates 50% of the net proceeds to animal rescue organizations. Each box comes with a list of many of the organizations, and the brand also posts a full list on their website for transparency. But that’s not the only reason to snag a subscription—the tea is also well worth sipping on!

Brews For Rescues

Out of the Lykoi Lavender Black and Ragamuffin Yerba that I received, the Yerba was my favorite. It’s fragrant, visibly fresh and brews up a simple but far from boring brew. Because the box comes with a treat and toy for your pet, subscribers can choose between a kitty or puppy box. Each box also has a fun inclusion for you—mine was a paw and bone-shaped ice cube tray. Cute!

My sister’s puppy loved the included rope ball toy and peanut butter dog treats, and I love that the box has such a wonderful mission behind it.

Group Shot of variety of tea boxes

What to Look for When Shopping for a Tea Subscription Box

According to Tony, the most important consideration is similar to wine clubs: Taste. Try to choose an option that includes blends and caffeine levels you prefer, unless you’re open to experimenting. “Tea subscription boxes vary widely,” he says. “Some focus on flavored teas, some on pure teas, some on specific tea regions. So be aware of the teas that the company you purchase from sells and ensure that they offer a list of teas they have sent in the past so you know what you are getting.”

Another consideration is quality. Tony suggests starting out with a shorter subscription until you are sure that the quality of tea meets your expectations. “Tea companies have a range of tea grades to choose from when sourcing, so quality can vary greatly even if two companies are selling tea of the same name,” he says.

Why You Should Trust Us

I’ve tested dozens of foods and drinks for Taste of Home, informing pieces like the best coffee concentrates and the best gift of the month clubs. Not only am I Taste of Home’s resident food and drinks expert, but I’m also a total tea head. As a bona fide tea fiend since high school, I love looking a new flavors and experimenting with brewing methods on a regular basis.

To inform this piece, I also spoke to tea epicure Tony Gebely. Tony is a world-renowned tea expert whose profound passion for tea has taken him on a global journey, transforming a personal interest into a celebrated career in the world of tea. His adventure began with an eye-opening university trip to Southern China, igniting a relentless pursuit of tea knowledge.  In 2009, he began sharing his tea explorations with the world through his award-winning blog, World of Tea which later became Tea Epicure.

How We Found the Best Tea Subscription Boxes

In order to find the best flavored coffee brands, we took into consideration our own experience with tea subscriptions, noting any experiences that particularly stand out. From there, we researched other popular and under-the-radar options that looked like a great fit and boasted excellent reviews. What appeals to me most about tea is how customizable each cup becomes in different hands. In looking for the best tea subscription box, I took this into consideration, looking for brands that offer a range of brewing methods, tea types and flavors. One of our editors carefully tested each box, evaluating it using the following criteria:

  • Packaging/Shipping: How did the package arrive? Is it secure? Gift-ready?
  • Variety/Quality: How many different box options are there? What types of teas come in the box, and are there customization options? Are there any extras included (e.g. mugs, steeping bags, etc.)?
  • Brewing: Are brewing instructions included, and how difficult are the instructions to follow?
  • Flavor: This one is self explanatory!
  • Value: How does the quality and number of servings compare to the cost?

Overall, we sipped on over 30 different flavors to find the 11 best tea subscription box options for every type of tea sipper.