14 Tea Advent Calendars for the Coziest December Yet

From morning to night, these tea Advent calendars keep you warm throughout the holiday season. Bring your favorite blanket and book for a cozy tasting experience.

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The Tea Advent Calendar For TwoVIA MERCHANT

‘Tis the season to curl up by a crackling fire in your softest sweater with your favorite show and a delicious, steaming cup of tea. We’re all about making this December the coziest it can be, and that’s where these tea Advent calendars come in.

With a range of flavors from around the world, a tea Advent calendar is our favorite way to welcome winter weather and snuggle into the holidays. From luxurious blends to organic favorites, we tracked down the best Advent calendars that meet every preference and budget. Bonus: they make wonderful gift ideas. I mean, who doesn’t love discovering a new tea flavor every morning or evening? (You can also brighten up their evenings with these boozy Advent calendars.)

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 Vahdam2 Tea Bags
Madi Koetting/Taste of Home

For a Little Bit of Everything: Loose Leaf Tea Advent Calendar

The Vahdam tea Advent calendar brings loose-leaf teas sourced from Indian gardens to your cup. Sip on several different varieties of chai, including sweet cinnamon masala chai and vanilla spice chai, along with green teas and herbal tisanes to help you warm up, wind down and feel all cozy inside.

“While some Advent calendars boast larger-than-life packaging, I appreciate the simple yet stunning calendar-like feel of Vahdam’s countdown,” says Associate Shopping Editor, Madi Koetting. “Hang it on the wall or keep it nestled alongside your favorite cookbooks (like me). Though I’m usually a coffee drinker, starting my day with these high-quality teas is so refreshing. Plus, most of them are caffeinated to keep you in the holiday spirit all December long.” Just make sure to have an infuser handy for easy steeping.

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Davidstea Tea Bags
Kim Bussing for Taste of Home

For the Explorer: 24 Trips of Tea

Don’t judge a book by its cover, unless it’s this gorgeous 24 trips Advent calendar. Inside the book-like calendar, 24 separate drawers are filled with teas that capture adventures around the world. Take it from me, the flavors are strong—even just opening the box will unleash floral tea scents—and it’s a dynamic lesson into the global tea scene. I loved discovering tastes I’m not familiar with, which is also perfect for people who love to stimulate their culinary curiosity. Most of the teas have different brewing times and water temperatures, so pay attention to the instructions to get the most out of your leaves.

While there are 24 teas, each bag contains enough for two servings, which makes it far more enjoyable for a couple, friends or family. You’ll end with a special black tea for Christmas Eve morning that is subtly sweet. Pair it with the Bonne Maman Advent calendar to make mornings even merrier.

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 Sipsby Tea Bags
Kim Bussing for Taste of Home

For Hanukkah: DIY 8 Nights of Tea Calendar

This might be the cutest Hanukkah countdown you’ll ever find. It includes eight nights of tea, featuring a combination of loose-leaf and tea bags. Plus, it comes with a tea infuser, pom-pom garland, tassels and clothespins to hang each tea during the eight nights of Hanukkah. The teas range from options for starting your day to winding down, and each comes with information about caffeine levels, steeping time and the flavors to expect.

Speaking of, the teas range in flavor and occasion, and the Snickerdoodle Rooibos is the kind of seasonal surprise that I love to find in an Advent calendar. Each tea includes brewing instructions and tips for how best to enjoy it, and the different brands that are represented can point you to new favorites after the holiday season.

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Advent Calendar Jubilee

For the Sweet Tooth: Adagio Advent Calendar

But what about drinking your gingerbread instead? This tea jubilee Advent calendar transforms your favorite holiday treats, like a cranberry nut muffin, almond cardamom cake or a candy cane, into 24 delicious teas. There’s nothing like a little merriment in your cup during the festive season. Choose from loose-leaf tea or tea bags. Note that flavors may differ depending on your choice.

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24 Days Of Tea Advent Calendar

For the One Dreaming of Paris: Gourmet Tea Advent Calendar

This gourmet collection is carefully curated by a Parisian tea brand, with 24 brews for each day leading up to the holidays. Inside, you’ll find a range of limited-edition and single-estate teas, plus caffeinated and caffeine-free options. Each comes in a cotton tea bag, all packaged in a beautiful box begging to be gifted to those who always have at least three beverages on their desk.

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 Clipper Tea, Christmas Advent Holiday Tea Calendar

For the Minimalist: 24 Cups of Organic Teas

This 24-day tea Advent calendar features five distinct, popular tea flavors at an accessible price point. Each tea bag comes individually sealed in a simple calendar, ideal for those craving the countdown experience without the bells and whistles (or steep price point). Sip on flavors like green tea and lemon, strawberry and elderflower, and chamomile and lavender tea to usher in good dreams. Pair it with a chocolate Advent calendar for some extra sweetness.

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24 Days Of Tea Advent Calendar

For the Adventurous Palette: 24 Days of Very Merry Tea

What do jelly donut, brown sugar bourbon and sweet potato pie all have in common? They’re just a few of the blends hidden inside this very merry tea countdown. Every day, open a little gold tin filled with loose-leaf tea. While some tea Advent calendars include sachets of loose-leaf or ready-to-steep tea bags, we appreciate all the little details packed inside this box. Just make sure to have your favorite infuser nearby. This pick truly features some of the best DavidsTea the brand has to offer.

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Teas From Around The World Advent Calendar

For the Wanderlust-Filled: Teas from Around the World

Maybe this tea countdown doesn’t check a new country off the bucket list, but it does let you explore premium teas from some of the world’s leading estates. Curated by tea sommeliers whose job it is to hunt for the best teas across different countries, including Korea and Japan, all 24 teas included are loose-leaf and most are single-estate. Speaking of sommeliers, check out these wine Advent calendars to supplement the festivities.

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 Tea Forte Advent Styled
Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

For the Holiday Decorator: Warming Joy Advent Calendar

Craving an Advent calendar that makes a statement? Tea Forte’s sleek, chic tea countdown is just as much holiday decor as it is a delicious way to start (or end) your day. Shaped like a Christmas tree, this gourmet tea Advent calendar blends in perfectly with your seasonal decor. The ruby, tartan-wrapped pyramid houses 24 of the brand’s iconic pyramid tea infusers. Enjoy holiday flavors like winter chai, cherry marzipan and caramel nougat, as well as classic options like Earl Grey, jasmine green and citrus mint. Each infuser makes between 8 to 12 ounces.

“This is my favorite tea Advent calendar,” shares Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski. “Not only is the packaging beautiful, but the tea pyramids are so much fun to unwrap. The experience is way more elevated than a standard tea bag. Plus, the flavors are so. much. fun. You truly never know what you’re going to get—and every day is different. I look forward to this calendar all year long.”

Cuddle up in your sweats and your favorite holiday movie then double up on your festive beverages with a hot cocoa Advent calendar.

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Pukka Herbs Herbal Tea Advent Calendar 2023

For the Eco-Conscious: Organic Tea Advent Calendar

The Pukka Advent calendar keeps it clean with organic ingredients and creative flavors, like peppermint and licorice or blends of fennel and cardamom. The teas are more than tasty. Some are designed to stimulate and energize, while others are warming or help you digest (which we can always use during holiday meal season). Pukka is one of my go-to tea brands, and this set is a great introduction to their selection.

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The Tea Advent Calendar For Two

For the Lovebirds: Tea Advent Calendar for Two

Do you know what every Advent calendar needs? More than just one sampling per day. This calendar for two does just that, offering multiple samples of tea per day for 24 days, which is ideal for couples, families and roommates. Tea bags arrive in a luxury box with little drawers for each blend, which range from refreshing flavors to spicy, wintry options. To warm up even more, add a whiskey Advent calendar to the mix.

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12 Days Of Sipping Tea Gift Set

For Tea Time With the Bestie: 12 Days of Sipping Advent Calendar

Did someone say, tea time? This tea gift set was meant to be shared and includes two bags for each type of tea. Enjoy refreshing blends like ginger peach or mint and seasonal blends that are the equivalent of a crackling fire on a snowy day (peppermint bark, anyone?). The hardest part is having to share this assorted countdown—it’s that tasty.

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 Numi Organic Tea Advent Calendar 2023

For the Sentimentalist: Organic Christmas Tea Countdown

With this organic tea countdown, you don’t just get a new organic blend every day for 24 days. You also get inspirational quotes to help sprinkle some extra peace and joy into the season. Each tea bag is full-leaf, and you’ll get to explore a range of familiar teas, like ginger lemon, to ones the casual tea drinker may not know as well, like chocolate Pu-erh.

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Fortnum & Mason Tea, Christmas Tea Lover's Advent Calender

For the Tastemaker: Tea Lover’s Advent Calendar

Packaged in an ornate box, this tea lover’s Advent calendar features luscious blends and infusions for those who love the finer things. Each tea comes in a silky bag, and you’ll sip on flavors like chamomile and bee pollen, gin and tonic odditea and elderflower, strawberry and rose infusion.

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